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Rizzuto presents: The Number Two Show with Rafe Williams. This irreverently humorous talk show extends the conversations on the Rizzuto Show to YouTube and delivers hilarious hot takes, wild anecdotes, and captivating interviews, all designed to keep you entertained during your most private moments. Rafe turns the 'throne' into a front-row seat at a one-of-kind comedy show, making your toilet time amusingly productive. The #2 Show is available to watch on YouTube or to listen on your favorite podcast directories. Be sure to like, subscribe, and leave us a review!

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5 Worst NFL Fans | #2 Show Ep. 06

Welcome to another episode of The Number Two Show with Rafe Williams! Today, we dive deep into the wild, wonderful, and sometimes weird world of NFL fandom. What makes grown adults turn into tribal warriors for their favorite team? How sacred is NFL Sunday to you? We’ve got it all, from bank-robbing Chiefs fans to the most annoying fan bases. And you won’t believe who tops the list.

🔥 Episode Highlights 🔥
– The transformation of NFL fans into something more than mere mortals 🎭
– Introducing Xavier Chisaholic Babadar: the fan who went to the extreme for his team 💣🚔
– TOP of the TANK segment: A countdown of the Top 5 most annoying NFL fan bases. Who made the cut? 🤔
– Tales of Cheese Heads, Bills Mafia, and why Eagles fans needed a jail in their stadium 🧀🪓🚔
– An honest look at the Dallas Cowboys and their shiny, yet empty, palace 🏟️

If you can’t get enough of the hits, fumbles, and the pure, unadulterated passion that comes with NFL fandom, this episode is a touchdown for you! 🏆

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See you next time, and may the odds be ever in your team’s favor! 🏈

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Mukbang 101 with Chelcie Lynn | #2 Show Ep. 5

Welcome back to The Number Two Show! Today, we dive deep into the culinary abyss of Mukbangs—eating extravagant amounts of food in front of a camera for entertainment. But what makes a successful mukbang? Is it the food, the host, or the sheer audacity of it all?

🌟 Special Guest: The Queen of Mukbang,  @ChelcieLynn  (Trailer Trash Tammy) joins us to spill the tea (or should we say, gravy) on what makes her videos so irresistible. From charisma to comfort food, Tammy lays down the law of muk banging!

🌭 Fire in the Hole: Taste My Wiener Edition 🌭
Watch as Tammy goes 3 for 3 in a blind taste test of hot dogs! Can she tell homemade from gas station, or turkey from pork? Let’s just say, we tried to trick her, and we failed miserably. Plus, a Lady and the Tramp-style feast you won’t want to miss!

🤔 Why We Can’t Stop Watching
We also explore why mukbangs are so captivating. Is it culinary hedonism? A feast for the eyes and soul? Or are we just desperate to be distracted from our own reality?

⬇️ Got a Forbidden Food Fantasy? ⬇️
Tell us what outrageous food challenge you’d like to see tackled in the next episode! Drop your suggestions in the comments.

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Top 5 Wrestling Heels Revealed | #2 Show Ep. 4

Welcome to ‘The Number Two Show,’. In this episode, we dive deep into the fascinating world of wrestling heels—those magnetic villains who make the sport so compelling.

📌 What You’ll Learn:
The history and evolution of wrestling heels
Top 5 Wrestling Heels of All Time, featuring legends like Rowdy Roddy Piper, Ric Flair, and Vince McMahon
Exclusive insights from wrestling expert and special guest Warhorse

📌 Main Highlights:
SummerSlam 2023 recap
The role of heels in shaping wrestling narratives
The psychology behind loving to hate the heel
Comparisons of wrestling heels to iconic villains in literature and film

🔥 Keywords:
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Bucket List & Des Rocs | #2 Show Ep. 3

🚽 Welcome to Episode 3 of The Number Two Show! 🚽

📣 Special Thanks to Our Guest: @DesRocs
Check him out:

In this episode, we flush down the great philosophical questions of life from our sanctuary—the bathroom! Strap in as we deep-dive into the murky waters of “Bucket Lists,” that ancient art of scribbling down your wildest dreams on toilet paper!

Life’s an adventure waiting to be written, and here on The Number Two Show, we write it one flush at a time. Thanks for joining the movement!

🚽 #DontForgetToFlush
00:00 Cold Open
02:08 Main Topic
04:43 Des Rocs | Tiny Stall Concert
08:23 The Wrap Up

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Rizzuto’s Close Call | #2 Show

🔍 Dive into the wacky world of the workplace as Rafe Williams gives you an unfiltered, humorous peek into the lives of those that reign supreme: the bosses! Will we ever decode the enigma that is the micromanager? Or discover the whereabouts of the ever-elusive ghost boss? Tune in to this hilarious “office safari” and find out!

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📌 Highlights:
0:00 – Introducing the wild world of bosses
1:20 – The iconic ‘Welcome to the jungle!’ moment (or not)
2:15 – The micromanager who’s closer than you think
3:05 – Spotting the rare Ghost Boss
3:50 – The ‘too-cool-for-school’ Parent Boss
5:00 – Special Guest: Scott Rizzuto spills secrets
6:45 – Rafe’s final thoughts and a surprising revelation about Scott

In this episode:

Dive into the quirks and comedic sides of different boss types 🦁
A special appearance from Scott Rizzuto, the voice behind your morning drive 📻
Rafe’s unique brand of wit, wisdom, and yes, bathroom humor 🚽
💬 Which boss type have YOU encountered? Ever got caught sipping like Frank? Or been haunted by midnight boss emails? Share your funniest boss story in the comments! And if you’re feeling cheeky, tell us: Do you love your boss? Hate ’em? Or… something more complicated? 😉

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The Bathroom: America’s New Phone Booth? | #2 Show

Welcome to the first-ever episode of the ‘Number Two Show’, where we flush down into intriguing topics, straight from the comfort of a bathroom stall. Our hilarious host, Rafe Williams, tackles a topic we’re all guilty of — using phones in the bathroom. On this episode of The #2 Show we discuss: A deep dive into how and why we’ve turned our restrooms into entertainment hubs. Historical perspectives: from rotary phones in the bathroom to today’s waterproof smartphones. The evolving debate on phone etiquette in public restrooms. Health and hygiene: Did you know your phone might carry more bacteria than the toilet seat? Some hilarious side notes about shampoo bottle reading, old magazines, and even a cheeky reference to Amsterdam. Dare to get to the bottom of this (pun intended)? Watch till the end, have a chuckle, and join us in the comments! If you enjoyed The Number 2 Show, don’t forget to LIKE, SHARE & SUBSCRIBE! And yes, remember to sanitize those hands before hitting any button. 🤣 Keep it clean and stay tuned for more episodes of The #2 Show!
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