Soccer 101: A St. Louis City SC Podcast

Welcome to Soccer 101, the safe space for St. Louis to learn about soccer. Join Moon Valjean and Matthew Rocchio for a weekly conversation to help educate you about the game of soccer, MLS and St. Louis CITY SC with some help from our friends in the game.

Latest Episodes

MLS Cup Playoff Look-In (with a little schadenfreude on the side)

Moon & Rocchio are back after the international break just like the MLS Cup Playoffs to breakdown the Eastern & Western conference semi-finals, their favorites in this weekend’s conference final matchups, definitely not enjoying the SKC loss too much, an egregious missed call against the cross-state rivals, a completely objective argument as to why Bradley Carnell should’ve won MLS Coach of the Year, whether or not the Western final is the REAL final and why Moon & Rocchio are both betting on Crewe to beat MLS Coach of the Year winner (and STL-native) Pat Noonan.
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First Offseason Thoughts + A Salve For Our Wounds

Following a disappointing sweep out of the playoffs at the hands of CITY’s rival, Sporting KC, Moon & Rocchio are back to break down their thoughts from game two, how this loss affects or changes their view of the season, the different angles that Moon & Rocc are coming at with the off-season thoughts, finding a salve for our wounds, Carnell & Lutz’s comments from CITY’s post-season presser, the changes we want to see CITY make in the offseason, the biggest roster needs for CITY & a look at the remaining matches in the MLS Cup Playoffs + our favorites going forward.
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What Went Wrong on Sunday & Can CITY Force a Game 3?

Moon & Rocc are back to break down what went wrong in Sunday’s 4-1 drubbing at the hands of Sporting KC, why the play of CITY baffled both Rocc & Carnell, a new word of the day on the podcast (Aggregate!), Coach Moon has an issue with CITY’s level of effort, the starting XI changes they want to see, getting down into the mindset behind Löwen’s positioning, questions about the backline & why they’re keeping the faith in Carnell.
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The Rivalry Returns to CITYPARK!

Moon & Rocchio are back before this weekend’s historic first-ever playoff match for STL CITY SC to bring you a little international news, CITY end of season award finalists, how Löwen won Moon over, how the MLS fell back in the recent revolution of fullbacks/wingbacks, a dark plan for the weekend by Moon, our best XI for the game, whether or not it makes sense for SKC to play for a shootout in either Game 1 or 2, Bürki’s incredible insight into a locker room that’s been locked in since the preseason and their predictions for the game. (Moon went 2-1, Rocc went 3-1)
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‘Decision Day’ Playoff Scenarios, Adeniran on 101 & Money Won’t Buy Wins in MLS

Moon & Rocchio are back as CITY is set to finish up their regular season slate in just a few days to break down every single angle & scenario on “Decision Day” that could affect CITY’s league standings and the playoff rankings, Sam Adeniran’s visit to the ESPN studio, his comments on the locker room excitement for the playoffs, our reactions to the recent articles on the MLS salary rankings, CITY winning the West with the 3rd-lowest payroll, the recent news on the sale from Manchester United, what about the end of the regular season & start of the playoffs has us most excited & our new favorite defender on CITY shows some moves…
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Playoff Spots are Up for Grabs + Time to Scoreboard Watch

Moon & Rocchio are back to break down all the happenings around a busy MLS despite all the quiet around CITY. We still have another 10 days before the next CITY match, but PLENTY is happening all around the league. CITY is now blocked out of the #2 overall spot in the league standings–how did that happen? Moon dives into some of the current playoff matchups he does and doesn’t want to see, Rocchio breaks down how likely every will change across the last three days worth of matches–and of course, how all of that affects a currently-idle STL CITY squad. The playoffs are right around the corner and we have answers to all the questions you haven’t even thought to ask…
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MLS Playoff Rundown & ‘Derby-Que’ Round 3

Moon & Rocchio are back after a big 2-1 comeback win over MUFC to talk about the big play from Klauss and the Goal of the Week from Blom, CITY continuing to impress everyone with their depth, if CITY could possibly pull their foot off the gas in the final three game, a quick rundown of the current playoff scenario’s with just three CITY games left, if Moon is supportive of the “Darby-Que” nickname for the Sporting KC rivalry, our expectations for this weekend’s matchup & a big Sunday for CITY2 with the first every CITYPARK playoff game.
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Soccer 101 – Some Draws Are Wins, I Guess?

Moon & Rocchio are back for another episode of Soccer 101, this time covering two games as CITY notches two draws in the span on five days with a 1-1 ties in Houston and the first scoreless tie in CITY history. We learn that some draws are kind of like wins—I guess? Plus: How much the CITY offense continues to grow and change thanks to coach Carnell, why this podcast is now exclusively a Markanich-fanboy show, Burki playing with a new kind of confidence, CITY clinching the playoffs & if CITY can jump on a down Minnesota squad that will be clawing for all 3 points on Saturday.
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Can CITY SC overcome their away trouble against DYNAMO’s defense?

Welcome back to Soccer 101 STL! Some BIG changes this episode as Moon Valjean is joined by 101 ESPN’s Matthew Rocchio to begin another era in St. Louis soccer. Moon welcomes Rocchio to the show, a quick discussion on which new CITY SC player has impressed the most since league play restarted, which games to watch this weekend as St. Louis looks to clinch a playoff spot, & diving into the big question for tomorrow: can a troubled CITY SC away offense get a win against a stingy Dynamo Defense?

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Head Coach Bradley Carnell Hangs With The Show

We speak with STL CITY SC Head Coach Bradley Carnell. We talk all things CITY, who’s best at ping pong and the internal competition on the training grounds. Of course we asked him about Messi coming to the MLS as well and how CITY will deal with that! Follow Moon and Michelle on all socials @MoonValjeanHere @msmallmon. Moon can also be heard on The Rizzuto Show @RizzShow and is a multiplatinum artist, musician and producer with @GreekFire @GoldfingerMusic @TheTeenageDbags. Be sure and listen to Michelle on ESPN radio and Small Talk on Apple Podcasts.
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