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Donny Fandango


Monday-Friday 10:00am-2:00pm

Donny rounds out your morning and gets you through lunch with less talk and more awesome Alternative Rock! Donny Fandango hosts the music-centric Point mid-day show.

Listen every weekday at noon for Donny's Lunch Hour - a special hour of programming...maybe it will be WAY BACK... maybe a Last Letter Game... maybe something completely new!

Plus Donny hosts New Music Sunday. Featuring a ton of the newest Alternative music and artists from all over the world, tune in Sundays from 7p-9p for New Music Sunday.

Get caught up on Donny's blog HERE

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WATCH: The Unlikely Candidates play unplugged in the Point Studio

The Unlikely Candidates stopped by the Point Studio on Thursday (November 14) before their show at The Old Rock House in St. Louis. Check out this awesome acoustic version of their song “Novocaine” recorded LIVE on 105.7 The Point. CHECK IT OUT: “Novocaine” by The Unlikely Candidates LIVE in the Point Studio


WATCH: A Self-Indulgent Conversation with LUDO

Donny Fandango recently hosted “A Self-Indulgent Conversation with LUDO” – a LIVE PODCAST from the Point Lounge at Delmar Hall in St. Louis on Sunday, November 3rd, 2019 to benefit the St. Louis Area Foodbank. St. Louis natives, LUDO, wrapped up 3 SOLD OUT shows on Friday and Saturday night and then sat down for…


GOLDFINGER recalls getting arrested in STL at Warped Tour ’95

Frontman John Feldmann, Mike Herrera (MxPx), Nick Gross, Charlie Paulson, and The Point’s own Moon Valjean of GOLDFINGER chat with Donny Fandango backstage at WayBack Pointfest on August 31, 2019. Donny and the guys recall how Goldfinger was arrested at the St. Louis Warped Tour in 1995, discuss The Knife, and when fans can expect…


Art Alexakis of EVERCLEAR talks solo album, fatherhood, battle with MS

EVERCLEAR’s Art Alexakis stopped by the backstage video lounge at WayBack Pointfest to chat with Donny Fandango. Art discusses how his new solo album came about, fatherhood, his battle with Multiple Sclerosis, and much more! The Backstage Video Lounge at WayBack Pointfest is brought to you by Dakota Grizzly – Midwest Makers – Discover your…


COWBOY MOUTH talks St. Louis & New Orleans connection, ‘Jenny Says’ and more!

Fred Leblanc from Cowboy Mouth caught up with Donny Fandango backstage at WayBack Pointfest. Donny and Leblanc discuss how New Orleans influenced the band, the current state of Cowboy Mouth, and much more! The Backstage Video Lounge at WayBack Pointfest is brought to you by Dakota Grizzly – Midwest Makers – Discover your hometown, Men’s…


WATCH: FOALS pick out some of their favorite vinyl with Donny

Yannis Philippakis and Jimmy Smith of FOALS took some time out during their last St. Louis visit to go record shopping with fan Alex and Donny Fandango at Music Record Shop. Check out some of the records that Yannis and Jimmy of FOALS picked out. Plus, Yannis shares how he got into vinyl, why he…


Seether addresses rock music being ignored, new music, and more

Seether stopped by the Backstage Video Lounge at Pointfest to chat with The Point’s Donny Fandango. Shaun Morgan of Seether gives some insight on the process of touring, writing, and publishing albums. Plus Seether addreses rock music being ignored in the mainstream, and much more. Pointfest Backstage Video Lounge courtesy of Dakota Grizzly – Midwest…


Coheed And Cambria talks motivation for writing fiction and more at Pointfest

Claudio Sanchez from Coheed And Cambria stopped by the Dakota Grizzly Backstage Video Lounge to chat with our own Donny Fandango. Claudio addresses the uproar over his hair before the last St. Louis show, talks about translating his personal experience into fiction for Coheed lyrics, and much more. CHECK IT OUT: Donny Fandango chats with…


WATCH: The Interrupters go record hunting with Donny

The Interrupters had a little down time when they were in St. Louis a few weeks ago, so they decided to go record hunting with one of their fans Sarah and Donny Fandango at Music Record Shop. Watch Donny, Sarah, and The Interrupters pick out some of their favorite vinyl!


WATCH: Revivalists go record shopping with Donny & a St. Louis fan

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The Revivalists took some time out of their busy schedules to take a lucky Point winner out record shopping at Music Record Shop a few weeks ago while they were visiting St. Louis for a rescheduled Point HoHo Show at The Pageant. Check out the video below of Donny, Becca, and The Revivalists picking out…