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Man breaks into cancer ward, downs two bottles of sanitiser – falls asleep on bed – Dailystar

A man caused mayhem when he broke into a cancer ward and urinated after necking bottles of hand sanitiser.

Police were called when a horrified cleaner found David Dudley Miller, 39, slumped in a bed at the Diana, Princess of Wales Hospital, in Grimsby, North East Lincolnshire.

 69% of couples are having less sex than usual during the quarantine.  Experts think it’s because all the anxiety over the situation is affecting people’s sex drives.

The public health department in the Netherlands is advising single people to make an arrangement with one “sex buddy” so you can safely see each other and get-it-on as the pandemic continues.

Coronavirus survivors should wait 30 days before having sex again, official in this country says – FoxNews

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A Couple Had Sex on Railroad Tracks and Were Lucky Enough Not to Get Run Over – theScottishSun

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Pioneering sportscaster PHYLLIS GEORGE died last Thursday, after a long fight with a blood disorder.  She was 70. Phyllis was Miss Texas 1970, Miss America 1971, and the First Lady of Kentucky from 1979 to 1983.  And she also hosted “Candid Camera” in the mid-’70s. But she’s best-known for co-hosting “The NFL Today” on CBS, beginning in 1974.  She was one of the first women to have a nationally prominent role in TV sports coverage.  And ESPN’s Hannah Storm has called her “a true trailblazer” for being an inspirational role model for women who wanted to pursue sportscasting

Legendary comic actor FRED WILLARD died on Friday of natural causes.  He was 86.  His daughter Hope said he passed “very peacefully.” Fred was in a TON of stuff, but he was best known for his improv skills, like in the Christopher Guest mockumentaries “Waiting for Guffman”“Best in Show”“A Mighty Wind”“For Your Consideration”, and “Mascots”.  He was also in “This Is Spinal Tap”, which was directed by Rob Reiner. Fred was the station manager in the “Anchorman” movies . . . and the CEO of the Buy-N-Large Corporation in “Wall-E”, the only live-action character in the movie. On TV, he had a recurring role as Hank MacDougall on the later seasons of “Everybody Loves Raymond”, and he played Phil’s father on several episodes of “Modern Family”.  He’s also in the upcoming Netflix show “Space Force”

Geno Silva, the character actor who played The Skull, the hitman who takes out Al Pacino’s Tony Montana in the explosive climax of Scarface, has died. He was 72. Silva died May 9 at his home in Los Angeles of complications from frontotemporal degeneration, a form of dementia, his family announced. During his four-decade career, Silva also could be seen in Luis Valdez’s Zoot Suit (1981) — he was in the 1979 Broadway production opposite Edward James Olmos — Robert Towne’s Tequila Sunrise (1988); Steven Spielberg’s Amistad and The Lost World: Jurassic Park, both released in 1997; David Lynch’s Mulholland Drive (2001); and F. Gary Gray’s A Man Apart (2003).  On television, he was a regular on the 1993 Fox drama Key West and appeared on episodes of Hill Street Blues; Miami Vice; Walker, Texas Ranger; Star Trek: Enterprise; and Alias. In Scarface (1983), his foreboding character never speaks a word while he guns down Montana with a shotgun from behind at the end of the Brian De Palma-directed classic. One poll placed The Skull No. 7 on a list of the best henchmen in movie history

Also, A new “Scarface” movie is in the works . . . but presumably without Al Pacino. The original came out in 1932, and was directed by Howard Hawkes.  Then, director Brian De Palma re-imagined it with Pacino in 1983, and that version is still popular, almost 40 years later. Some interesting people are working on the new version.  It’ll be written by Joel Coen and Ethan Coen, the guys behind “Fargo” and “The Big Lebowski”.  And it’ll be directed by Luca Guadagnino, who did the gay coming of age romance “Call Me By Your Name” and 2018 version of “Suspiria”.

The director of “Trick ‘r Treat”“Krampus”, and “Godzilla: King of the Monsters” put together a supercut of horror and science fiction movie clips that perfectly sums up everything we’ve been going through over the last few months. It includes clips from “Alien”“They Live”“The Terminator” 1 and 2, “Jaws”“I Am Legend”“The Thing”“The Shining”“I Am Legend”“Night of the Living Dead”“Dawn of the Dead” (the original AND the remake) . . . “The Birds”“Rosemary’s Baby”“Invasion of the Body Snatchers”“Shaun of the Dead”“The Mist”“Cabin in the Woods”“Halloween”“Poltergeist”“28 Days Later”, and more.

Tara Reid is done with that Sharknado BS…she is going “Tiger King.” At least she is being considered for the role of Carole Baskin, in the live-action movie of the hit Netflix documentary series. While both women are bottle blondes with big blue eyes, the leopard print-loving Baskin, 58, is more than a decade older than Reid, 44. There are currently several scripted “Tiger King” productions in the works — including a series starring Nicolas Cage as Exotic.

ABC announced American Idol will be back for its fourth season on the network. The show had been on Fox until April 2016, when ABC won a multi-network bidding war for its rights. The current judges, Katy Perry, Luke Bryan and Lionel Richie, as well as host Ryan Seacrest are all expected to return.  American Idol named their latest winner last night. On last night’s “American Idol” finale, LIONEL RICHIE dusted off his old standby “We Are the World”.  But this time he did it IDOL-STYLE, with this season’s Top 11, plus a collection of past stars . . . including: Fantasia Barrino, Jordin Sparks, Katharine McPhee, Kellie Pickler, Phillip Phillips, Ruben Studdard, and Scotty McCreery. 

Former Dancing With the Stars and Bachelorette star Hannah Brown took to Instagram Sunday to apologize for a post she made Saturday night, in which she could be heard using the n-word while singing along to DaBaby’s “Rockstar.”: “I owe you all a major apology. There is no excuse and I will not justify what I said. I have read your messages and seen the hurt I have caused. I own it all,” Brown wrote. “I am terribly sorry and know that whether in public or private, this language is unacceptable. I promise to do better.”  

On Friday’s episode of her show Wendy at Home, Wendy Williams cheered the divorce between Mary-Kate Olsen and Olivier Sarkozy. Olsen recently applied for an emergency divorce, but New York City Courts are not handling divorce paperwork because of the coronavirus pandemic. Her request was denied.

A reboot of Blake Edwards hit 1979 comedy 10 is happening at Warner Bros.  The original movie, which starred Julie Andrews, Dudley Moore and Bo Derek, followed a Hollywood composer going through a mid-life crisis who becomes infatuated with a newly married woman. 10 was a huge box office hit back in the day making close to $75M at the domestic box office.

Here are the 14 Craziest Musician Acting Cameos . . . according to “Rolling Stone”:

1.  TOM WAITS on the fake talk show “Fernwood 2Night” (1977)  (Sadly, this show starred the recently departed Fred Willard.)

2.  THE CLASH in “The King of Comedy” (1983)

3.  BO DIDDLEY in “Trading Places” (1983)

4.  LOU REED in “Get Crazy” (1983)

5.  BOY GEORGE on “The A-Team” (1986)

6.  MILES DAVIS in “Scrooged” (1988)

7.  THE FLAMING LIPS on “Beverly Hills 90210” (1995)

8.  IGGY POP on “The Adventures of Pete & Pete” (1995)

9.  TOM JONES in “Mars Attacks” (1996)

10.  AIMEE MANN in “The Big Lebowski” (1997)

11.  BOB DYLAN on “Dharma & Greg” (1999)

12.  BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN in “High Fidelity” (2000)

13.  ELVIS COSTELLO in “Two and a Half Men” (2004)

14.  JUSTIN BIEBER on “CSI” (2010 – 2011)

That No Kid Hungry rejected a $200,000 donation from Tekashi 6ix9ine due to his rap sheet . . . but another charity called Kooking 4 Kids will take it.  The director says, quote, “If there’s an individual that wants to help address hunger in Los Angeles, we welcome it.  How that person wants to live their life is for them to decide.”  No word yet from 6ix9ine.

Eagles legend Don Henley helped raise more than $45,000 for a Texas food bank . . . simply by writing out the lyrics to his hit song “Desperado”.  It wasn’t an original document . . . he just wrote them down LAST MONTH. Still, someone was willing to pay $33,600 for it.  And he raised another $12,600 for an acoustic guitar signed by Don and the current Eagles lineup.  On top of that, the auction house made a $25K donation, and they waived their fees.

It’s hard to believe this is possible . . . but RAVEN-SYMONE revealed that she hasn’t spent ANY of the money she made from “The Cosby Show”. She was asked if she meant ANY of it, or just recent residuals . . . and she said, quote, “I haven’t touched my ‘Cosby’ money.” Raven-Symone played Olivia on the last three seasons of “The Cosby Show” . . . starting when she was just three years old.  She’s done a lot since then, but it’s hard to believe she’s hasn’t dipped into ANY of the “Cosby” coin. 

According to, she’s now worth $55 million.


Jack Johnson is 45

Tina Fey is 50

Rob Base is 53

George Strait is 68.  The King of Country. 

Today’s BURTON BIRTHDAY OF THE DAY…he played himself in The Naked Gun, The Benchwarmers, and a TON of TV shows….his nickname?  Mr. October.  Reggie Jackson is 74 years young today. 




Today’s birthday gal has seen more WANG than a Chinese census taker as she’s starred in 97 fine films including:

  • Bad Times For Good Girls
  • Bare, Bound, & Struggling
  • Doctor Patient Privilege
  • I Can’t Believe They Tied Me Up
  • There is NEVER Enough Tickling
  • Lesbionage Volume 2
  • Tickle Em Till They Squeel
  • And who could forget…her unforgettable role in…I Tied Ya Up…Now Lets See Ya Try and Get Free Bitch


The NHL and NHLPA are reportedly “making progress” on a 24-team Stanley Cup playoff if the league returns to the ice amid the coronavirus pandemic. No formal announcement is on the schedule but things are progressing. The proposed reconfiguration of the playoffs would end the 2019-20 regular season and have the top 24 teams make the postseason. A proposed structure would break the 24 teams into four divisional groups for a round-robin style first round:

Atlantic: Boston Bruins, Tampa Bay Lightning, Florida Panthers, Toronto Maple Leafs, New York Rangers and Montreal Canadiens. 

Metropolitan: Washington Capitals, Pittsburgh Penguins, Philadelphia Flyers, Carolina Panthers, New York Islanders and Columbus Blue Jackets. 

Central: St. Louis Blues, Colorado Avalanche, Nashville Predators, Dallas Stars, Winnipeg Jets and Chicago Blackhawks

Pacific: Las Vegas Golden Knights, Edmonton Oilers, Calgary Flames, Vancouver Canucks, Arizona Coyotes and Minnesota Wild

Under that proposal, teams would play five games in nine days against their divisional opponents. The NHL would then use a percentage of the points accumulated in the round-robin round and the regular season to seed the playoffs, with the top two teams in each round. Seeds 3-6 in each division would then play a best-of-three series to determine which teams would advance to the standard 16-team format, which would be played as normal. No games are likely to resume until at least July. The NHL is planning a three-week training camp, and with no formal agreement in place, it’s likely negotiations will extend into next month.

New York Giants cornerback DeAndre Baker and Seattle Seahawks cornerback Quinton Dunbar have issued apologies after being arrested on multiple charges. Baker was charged with four counts of armed robbery and four counts of aggravated assault with a firearm, while Dunbar was charged with four counts of armed robbery. Both Barkers and Dunbar’s attorneys passed along a statement and apology from Dunbar after he was released. Baker and Dunbar were both allegedly involved in an armed robbery that took place Wednesday in Florida. Both players turned themselves in to police Saturday and were released from jail on bond. Baker had a $200,000 bond, while Dunbar had a $100,000 bond. The report says Baker brandished a firearm at a party and instructed Dunbar and another unidentified person to take cash and valuables from others in attendance.

Buffalo Bills defensive tackle Ed Oliver was arrested Saturday night in Houston for driving while intoxicated and unlawfully carrying a weapon. Oliver was pulled over after another driver reported that his Ford Super Duty pickup truck was “failing to maintain a lane and driving dangerously” in a construction zone. Officers found an open beer between Oliver’s legs and after undergoing a field sobriety test, it was determined that Oliver was “impaired but by possibly something besides alcohol.” A pistol was also discovered in Oliver’s vehicle. He was arrested and taken to jail.

NASCAR is back. And Kevin Harvick welcomed its return with a win at The Real Heroes 400 at Darlington Raceway on Sunday. Not only was it a special day for NASCAR fans, having racing back on their televisions, but it was also a milestone for Harvick, who became just the 14th driver in NASCAR history to win 50 races. It was a dominant win for Harvick, who led for 123 laps, more than any other driver. Alex Bowman finished in second place, Kurt Busch took home third, and Chase Elliott and Denny Hamlin rounded out the top five. Racing fans better buckle up, because the Darlington Cup Series happens on Wednesday, the Coca-Cola 600 Sunday, and the Charlotte Cup a week from Wednesday on May 27. That’s four races in 11 days. 

Fans were treated to some live golf Sunday as Rory McIlroy and Dustin Johnson teamed up to beat Rickie Fowler and Matthew Wolff in a skins game at Seminole Golf Club. The TaylorMade Driving Relief charity match had a $3 million purse that served as a fundraiser for those affected by the coronavirus. The two sides each started with $500,000 and were playing for $50,000 to $500,000 per hole in the best-ball format. However, the skins format built the final-hole value to $1.1 million, which wasn’t settled until a closest-to-the-hole tiebreaker on 17. McIlroy won on the final shot, giving him and Johnson a total of 11 skins and $1.85 million, which will go to the American Nurses Foundation. The Fowler-Wolff duo ended up with $1.15 million from their seven skins, going to the CDC Foundation.  TaylorMade, Farmers Insurance and others also donated bonus money based on birdies, eagles and long drives during the day.

Whenever the 97 and 98 NBA Finals are discussed, the on-court greatness of Jazz forward Karl Malone is brought to the forefront. With that comes the allegations Malone has faced for decades about fathering a child with a 13-year-old girl. Malone, of course, was a key player in Utah’s back-to-back championship series appearances, creating a dynamic pick-and-roll combo with John Stockton. He won MVP in the 1996-97 and 1998-99 seasons. But his reported troubled past, which some discovered through social media while watching “The Last Dance” on Sunday night, are unavoidable when analyzing his legacy and the success of those Jazz teams. Malone reportedly impregnated 13-year-old girl Gloria Bell when he was a student at Louisiana Tech before agreeing to an out-of-court settlement with her family regarding child support payments. Such an allegation might have been career-ending had it happened more recently. Malone has never commented publicly on the allegations.

And finally…a great time waster list put out by  It’s the best moment in every Major League ballpark.  There’s a couple obvious ones…like in Baltimore, its Cal Ripken breaking Lou Gehrig’s consecutive game record.  In Oakland, it’s Rickey Henderson getting the steal record and then grabbing the base. At Wrigley…it’s when Babe Ruth called his shot. Rizz we ask you…what is the most memorable moment at Yankee Stadium? Couple of Cardinals moments listed.  First, the most memorable moment from Minute Maid in Houston includes a Cardinal moment…Most Cardinal fans will never forget this…a moment up in KC.   As far as the most memorable moment at Busch Stadium? Check out the full list up on our’s a really good time waster for today.  ((LINK: