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Anheuser Busch just launced yet another hard Anheuser-Busch Just Launched Yet Another Hard Seltzer . . . and This One Tastes Like Classic Cocktails – PRNewswire

Half-Time High School May Be Just What Students Need – Bloomberg

Heinz Ketchup Has Released a 570-Piece Puzzle . . . That’s All Red – Delish

Man tracked down stolen car, shot 2 teens who were inside – KSDK

Disney World opens bookings for July – Fox2Now

Specific rules to reopen St. Louis area businesses released – Fox2Now

Some people protested outside of a courthouse in Clearwater, Florida yesterday over gyms being closed.  And the majority of them protested by doing squats and push-ups.

There’s a popular new hairstyle in east Africa called . . . the “coronavirus.”  It’s a bunch of braided spikes designed to look like a coronavirus under a microscope.  It’s similar to the hairstyle Coolio rocked in the ’90s, if you’re trying to picture it.

People can get nostalgic for the WEIRDEST stuff right now.  Apparently so many people miss airplane food that there’s a company delivering unused snack trays from JetBlue to people.

A federal judge has ruled that strip clubs can get emergency loans just like any other business . . . they can’t be excluded just because they’re sexually oriented.

A nurse in Montreal was starting a new job at a nursing home and wanted a coronavirus test so she didn’t expose any of the residents in case she had the virus.  But she couldn’t get tested unless she had symptoms . . . so she LIED and faked symptoms, and then wound up testing positive.

Adam Sandler recorded a song about sleeping through lockdown

Community creator Dan Harmon didn’t want to raise expectations but he DID seemed to imply that there could indeed be a film on the way for the show. “I can say that there are conversations happening that people would want to be happening and that I’m very, very excited about the coming months,” he said. The show last aired about five years ago and ran for six seasons. It’s now streaming on Netflix. 

The cast and crew behind the Back to the Future film franchise had a virtual reunion to raise money for Project Hope. It was hosted by actor Josh Gad, featured stars Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd. Lea Thompson, Mary Steenburgen, Elisabeth Shue and Claudia Wells. Director Robert Zemeckis, screenwriter Bob Gale, theme song writer Huey Lewis, and composer Alan Silvestri were also present. Director and writer J.J. Abrams showed up as a surprise guest to ask some questions. When Gad asked the group what a good time-traveling idea would be, LeaThompson gave us the obvious answer

Buzzfeed asked “”What’s one TV series that you started but never finished, and why?” Here are 10 great  

1.      Breaking Bad. “I know that everyone loves it, but I couldn’t make it through. I even gave it three full seasons.”

2.      Mad Men. “I saw the first few episodes and it was good! I love Jon Hamm, John Slattery, and adore Kiernan Shipka. It’s just not at the top of my list. I might finish it one day, but so many other shows came before it that I might end up watching it on my deathbed.”

3.      Once Upon A Time. “I watched all the way up until the last season. Once most of the main characters were gone and everything changed, I just couldn’t watch it anymore.”

4.      Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. “I only made it a few episodes in. All of the characters were kind of annoying and I didn’t get the hype.”

5.      Dexter. “The funny thing is that I actually love that show and will rewatch every season up until the last one. I started watching the series late, so I knew how the series ended, and instead of watching the end and being disappointed, I end it where I liked it. So in my head, it had a better ending!”

6.      Riverdale. “I watched the entire first season and then a couple episodes of season 2, then it just got way too wild and unrealistic for me.”

7.      This Is Us. “I started this because everyone was talking about it. I know it’s a drama, but it was WAY too much.”

8.      The Office. “I watched the first three seasons hoping it would get better, but it never did. All of my friends love it so much, but I couldn’t stand how obnoxious the characters were. I found it really mean-spirited and annoying.”

9.      Gossip Girl. “I tried so hard. I watched a few seasons, but it just irritated me. I don’t understand why so many people love it — everyone is absolutely horrible. And what high school is actually like that?”

10.  Pretty Little Liars. “It went on and on and on and I was just like, ‘Jesus, just tell me who A is ffs!’”

King of Queens stars Kevin James and Leah Remini both posted about Jerry Stiller, whose death was announced early Monday. “I was lucky enough to work with Jerry Stiller, playing his daughter for 9 years on The King Of Queens, but even luckier to know him, the man, the husband, the father, the grandfather,” actress Leah Remini wrote on Instagram . James also posted. “One of the most kind, loving, and funny people to ever grace this earth.. Stiller was 92 years old when he died, reportedly of natural causes. He played Arthur Spooner on the CBS sitcom for nine seasons.

Reality TV star Daniel Silva is expected to be arrested in connection with a car crash that killed 25-year-old YouTube star Corey La Barrie on Sunday.  First responders were called to a crash site in L.A. Sunday night, where a McLaren sports car had hit a street sign. The passenger in the car, La Barrie, was in life-threatening condition, while the driver, allegedly Silva, reportedly suffered a broken hip. The pair were transported to the hospital where La Barrie was later pronounced dead. Sunday was La Barrie’s 25th birthday, and witnesses told police the pair had both attended a party earlier in the night, where Silva was seen drinking. The McClaren was said to be traveling at a high rate of speed before the crash. 

The acoustic guitar that the late rock icon Kurt Cobain played during his famous MTV “Unplugged” session is expected to fetch $1 million at auction. Yes that guitar that his kid Francis Bean supposedly gave to her now ex husband.  The 1959 Martin D-18E guitar will be auctioned June 19-20 in Beverly Hills, which will also include other Cobain memorabilia, including another guitar he used on the band’s 1994 In Utero tour, the silver lame shirt he wore in the “Heart Shaped Box” video, and more. CEO of Julien’s auctions said the acoustic guitar, “has earned its rightful place in history as the instrument played by one of rock’s most influential musicians and icons in one of the greatest and most memorable live performances of all time.” The album MTV Unplugged in New York went #1 and also won a Grammy. The $1 million expected for the guitar is just a starting estimate, and it could easily eclipse that mark. 

Joe Exotic’s legal team has created a slick new video that asks President Trump to pardon him for hiring a hitman to kill Carole Baskin. TMZ reports that the video lays out a case claiming that the Tiger King star was framed. The video was made in Fort Worth, Texas, where Joe (real name: Joseph Maldonado-Passage) is currently behind bars in federal prison. The footage features splashy scenes of not just Joe himself, but also tigers (duh), motorcycles and the Exotic team’s tour bus, which is emblazoned with the message “President Trump Please Pardon Joe Exotic.”  

The people behind “Tiger King” are ramping up production on a follow-up season that will go beyond Joe Exotic and Carole Baskin. And the new episodes may take on the 2003 mauling incident that ended SIEGFRIED & ROY’s Las Vegas show. ROY HORN just died of complications from the coronavirus last Friday.  But supposedly, this was in the works before that . . . and if you’re looking for a next chapter after taking on Joe Exotic, Siegfried & Roy would be a logical step. The “Hollywood Reporter” says the new season would, quote, “act as a higher-minded corrective” to the first seven episodes, which have been criticized by some for glorifying animal abuse. But a spokesperson for the show’s production company is denying they’re going to switch to a “more conservational” approach with future episodes. To be clear, these new episodes are different from the upcoming “Tiger King” projects involving Kate McKinnon, Nicolas Cage, and Rob Lowe.

Loudwire put together a list of 25 “legendary” rock albums . . . “with no weak songs.” (The site notes that the greatest records aren’t necessarily the most consistent . . . like how even THE BEATLES’ “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band” has one less-than-stellar track in “Good Morning Good Morning”.) Here are the 25 that they consider to be flawless, from start to finish . . . listed in alphabetical order by artist:

1.  AC/DC, “Highway to Hell”, 1979

2.  Alice in Chains, “Dirt”, 1992

3.  The Beatles, “Magical Mystery Tour”, 1967

4.  David Bowie, “The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust . . .”, 1972

5.  Deep Purple, “In Rock”, 1970

6.  Deftones, “White Pony”, 2000

7.  The Doors, “The Doors”, 1967

8.  Fleetwood Mac, “Rumours”, 1977

9.  Guns N’ Roses, “Appetite for Destruction”, 1987

10.  The Jimi Hendrix Experience, “Are You Experienced”, 1967

11.  King Crimson, “In the Court of the Crimson King”, 1969

12.  Led Zeppelin, “Led Zeppelin IV”, 1971

13.  Nirvana, “Nevermind”, 1991

14.  Pearl Jam, “Ten”, 1991

15.  Pink Floyd, “The Dark Side of the Moon”, 1973

16.  Queens of the Stone Age, “. . . Like Clockwork”, 2013

17.  Radiohead, “OK Computer”, 1997

18.  Rage Against the Machine, “Rage Against the Machine”, 1992

19.  Rainbow, “Rising”, 1976

20.  The Rolling Stones, “Exile on Main St.”, 1972

21.  Rush, “Permanent Waves”, 1980

22.  Soundgarden, “Superunknown”, 1994

23.  Van Halen, “Van Halen”, 1978

24.  Weezer, “Weezer (The Blue Album)”, 1994

25.  The Who, “Who’s Next”, 1971

Hank Azaria has been doing character voices on “The Simpsons” for 32 years.  He was a guest with Conan last night and was asked what voices are the toughest on his vocal cords. And what voice is his favorite to do. Tyra Banks took to Twitter on Friday to acknowledge some old clips of her as a judge on America’s Next Top Model that recently re-surfaced have not aged well.. One of the videos showed Banks yelling at 2006 winner Dani Evans because of the gap in her front teeth. In another, Banks argued with contestant Tiffany Richardson, who tried to appear stoic and joke around after being eliminated.


Rami Malek is 39

Malin Akerman is 42

Jason Biggs is 42

Kim Fields is 51.  Tootie in “The Facts of Life”

Tony Hawk is 52

Scotty Schwartz is 52.  The kid who got his tongue stuck to the pole in “A Christmas Story” 

Stephen Baldwin is 54.  Baldwin brother

Emilio Estevez is 58

Ving Rhames is 61

Kix Brooks of Brooks & Dunn is 65.

Billy Squier is 70

Steve Winwood is 72

Today’s BURTON BIRTHDAY OF THE DAY…while he only has a few hits that HE actually sang, he is a SUPERSTAR composer.  Dude has written SEVENTY Top 40 hits including, The Look of Love, What’s New Pussycat, and What The World Needs Now Is Love….Burt Bacharach is 92 years young today.  




Today’s birthday girl has had her intimate areas beat up more than the entire cast of Jackass in 46 fine films including:

  • Belly Button Fetish
  • That’s a Big Black Beast
  • Face Time
  • Dad’s Worst Nightmare
  • I Wanna Get Faced
  • Suburban Sex Party Volume 3
  • The Adventures Of Shorty Mac
  • And who could forget…her unforgettable role in…Brownie Addict Volume 3


Major League Baseball owners approved a proposal that commissioner Rob Manfred plans to present to players Tuesday on a return-to-play scenario that aims to have baseball back in home stadiums by early July. The meeting between MLB and the MLB Players Association today will set the stage for what both parties expect to be an intense negotiation. Although MLB could benefit long-term from being the first American team sport to return, the logistics of starting the season remain convoluted and require player support. Money is at the heart of the return, sources said. Owners, fearful of deep financial losses with fan-free stadiums, agreed in a conference call Monday afternoon to a plan that includes a 50-50 revenue split with the players

Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes is the consensus favorite to win the 2020 NFL MVP Award, with  Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson on his heels.

Mahomes is 4-1 to win what would be his second regular-season MVP award in the past three years. Jackson, last season’s MVP, is 13-2 at Caesars to win the award again this year. Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott is next at 9-1, followed by Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson at 12-1. Panthers running back Christian McCaffrey, at 40-1, has the shortest odds of any non-quarterback. The last non-quarterback to win the award was then- Vikings running back Adrian Peterson in 2012. Overall, 16 running backs have won the Associated Press NFL MVP, compared to 42 quarterbacks. No receiver has won the award.

The Miami Dolphins and quarterback Tua Tagovailoa agreed to a four-year, $30.3 million contract, which includes a $19.6 million signing bonus. The Dolphins selected Tua with the fifth overall pick in the draft. Expected by many to be the No. 1 overall selection coming into his junior season, Tua’s career at Alabama abruptly ended when he suffered a dislocated and fractured hip in a November win over Mississippi State. With this contract, it looks like a good bet he will begin the 2020 season as the Dolphins’ starting quarterback. 

The coronavirus crisis has caused major disruptions to the sports, but there could be light at the end of the tunnel. The UK government has published a 50-page document for lifting the coronavirus-enforced lockdown in England which could see the Premier League restart on June 1. A guide for exiting the lockdown was released on yesterday afternoon, with social distancing measures to remain in place as various activities are resumed across the country. Step two of the “roadmap” clears the way for the current soccer season get back underway next month, with all remaining fixtures set to be played behind closed doors until public safety can be guaranteed. The document continues by stating that fans being granted access to stadiums over the summer “may only be fully possible significantly later depending on the reduction in numbers of infections”.

Someone dug up an interview KOBE BRYANT did with the “Washington Post” a few years ago, where he said he almost signed with the Washington Wizards in 2002, just to play with Jordan. Kobe and SHAQ were both on the L.A. Lakers at the time, and hated each other even though they’d won three championships in a row.  So he thought about leaving L.A. and heading to D.C., where Michael played his last two seasons.  He said, quote, “I’ve always been very big on having mentors [and] being around guys who have done it before.”  And added that it would’ve meant he could be around Michael every day and learn from him. Obviously that never happened.  So we can only guess how well they would have meshed.  But Kobe predicted it would have gone well, because they both refused to lose. Quote, “We would’ve put together a great team, and we would’ve won championships.”

Former NBA player Shannon Brown was arrested last week after he allegedly fired multiple shots at two people at his Georgia home. Two people called the police after they claim they were looking to buy a house, and saw a “For Sale” sign on his home. They told police they entered through an open gate, and when they got to the door were told to come in. Once inside, Brown confronted them but allowed them to leave. However, as they were leaving they allege Brown fired five or six shots at them. Cops found a shell casing at the scene and arrested the ex-NBA player for aggravated assault. 

Mike Tyson declared “I’m back” as he cut an ominous figure during an intense training session. The heavyweight boxing legend raised eyebrows when he recently revealed his plans for a return to the ring at the age of 53. He’s open to exhibition fights for charity 15 years after he retired. Evander Holyfield, 57, said he would be up for a trilogy bout with Tyson, who looked in great shape as he showed he can still very much pack a punch in an Instagram clip posted on Monday

The Man” is having a baby. Becky Lynch, one of WWE’s biggest stars, announced yesterday that she is pregnant and stepping away from the ring for “a while.” Lynch is engaged to fellow WWE headliner Seth Rollins.  She said, “I’m torn between joy and sadness because I’m at a place in my life where things are about to change, and I needed to do something about it. “ Lynch told People magazine that she and Rollins found out that she is pregnant in April, and their baby is due in December. She said she has not yet decided on her in-ring future.