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Man arrested for jumping drawbridge in southwest Detroit as it was rising – WXYZ

Detroit police say a man jumped a draw bridge as it was rising up on Fort St. on Wednesday night.

According to police, the 26-year-old Allen Park man was driving a Dodge sedan around 7 p.m. when he crossed the draw bridge as it was going up.

A Video of a Woman Twerking on Top of a Casket Is Going Viral – DailyDot

TikTok users are shaving down their teeth with nail files. Dentists say it could cause permanent damage. – Insider

Discover awards Steve’s Hot Dogs in Tower Grove East $25,000 – Fox2Now

Coronavirus claims another tradition: Edwardsville Halloween parade – STLToday

Halloween Candy Sales Are Actually Up This Year? – PRNewswire

People Get Burned Out on Work When They’re Just 32 Years Old – SWNSDigital

Speeding Tesla driver caught napping behind the wheel on Alberta highway – CBC

Roseville Man Suing Starbucks After His Genitals, Hands Burned With Tea – CBSLocal

‘UFO’ sighting in New Jersey was actually just the Goodyear Blimp – 9News

$300K in counterfeit goods seized in Richland – Counton2

Three People Stop at a Donut Shop After a Robbery . . . Where Cops Are Taking a Donut Break – KRCTV

A Drunk Driver Crashes into a Sign . . . That Says “Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over –NBC2

Man in Lincoln steals money from cash register after showing the clerk his ID – KearneyHub

A Female Sumo Champ in Pennsylvania Breaks into a House to Get Back Her Cat Named James Bond – TapInfo

A Police Helicopter Pilot Gets a Burglary Alert from His Doorbell Cam and Hunts Them Down – JournalOnline

Cheer star Jerry Harris was reportedly arrested yesterday and charged in federal court with producing child pornography. The news comes after he was sued earlier this week by underage male twins from Texas who allege the 21-year-old Harris solicited sexually explicit photos from them. That lawsuit also alleges that the abuse lasted for more than a year and that Harris victimized the boys through “sexual harassment, exploitation, manipulation, intimidation and sexual abuse.” This past Monday, the FBI also executed a search warrant at Harris’ home in Naperville, Illinois, outside Chicago. He also did some red carpet work for Ellen

In a new interview, Steve Harvey had nothing but great things to say about Ellen DeGeneres. “I’m going to say this about it: Ellen DeGeneres, the person that I know, that I’ve known for a number of years, that I saw back in the comedy club days, when we used to split time with the same management, all of this and what’s happening now, Ellen, the person, is probably one of the coolest and kindest people I’ve met in this business,” Harvey says. The actor and TV host made his comments during an interview with PEOPLE (the TV Show!) after he was asked what he’d say to DeGeneres, who has been under fire lately due to misconduct allegations on her TV show, if she was a guest on STEVE on Watch

“Forrest Gump” author WINSTON GROOM died Wednesday in his home state of Alabama.  He was 77.  There’s no word on the cause of death. If you’ve seen the movie but never read the book, you might be surprised to learn some of the stuff that’s in it.

For instance, Forrest is 6-foot-6 and 242 pounds by the time he’s 16.  Groom originally envisioned him being played by JOHN GOODMAN.

And he’s a little rougher around the edges than in the movie.  He has more of a sex life, for one thing . . . and he swears.  At one point he’s in a band with Jenny, and he smokes pot.

Given his size, Forrest isn’t a runner like he is in the movie.  And he never runs from bullies as a kid . . . he PUNCHES them.

Forrest actually meets Bubba at the University of Alabama, not in Vietnam.

But he flunks out after one year, and he and Bubba end up in the Army together.  It’s not Bubba who teaches Forrest about shrimpin’ . . . it’s a Vietnamese man he meets during the war.

Bubba does die in the war, and Forrest does end up giving his shrimp company to Bubba’s family, and some employees.

Forrest also has more jobs in the book . . . including astronaut, chess champion, and a professional wrestler called “The Dunce”.  He also plays the monster in a “Creature from the Black Lagoon” remake starring RAQUEL WELCH.

Forrest learns how to play chess from the chief of a cannibal tribe he spends time with after his mission to Mars with an orangutan named Sue.

By the end of the book, Forrest still has Sue by his side.  He’s working as a one-man band in Savannah, Georgia, where he reunites with Jenny and meets his son Forrest Jr.

But they don’t end up together.  Instead, Forrest and his ape settle in New Orleans, where he continues performing for change.

And Jenny doesn’t die . . . she marries another man.  In fact, she actually left Forrest while pregnant with Forrest Jr. because she saw him kissing another girl.

The judge signed off on it so Lori Loughlin will serve her 2 months behind bars at a medium security prison. Here is a description… Inmates at the Victorville prison camp are housed in “open bay” dormitories, two- and four-person cubicles, and four-person rooms. Job positions involve driving, working in food and trash services, plumbing, painting, grounds keeping and education. The institution also operates an auto parts warehouse employing three-dozen female inmates providing inventory services. The porn parody should be released by noon today. Her husband, fashion designer Mossimo Giannulli, will serve his five-month sentence at the low-security federal prison for men at Lompoc in Santa Barbara County. Prosecutors said the evidence showed Giannulli, 57, was the more active participant in the scheme.  Both are being required to serve two years of supervised release with 100 hours of community service.

The Emmys air Sunday on ABC.  JIMMY KIMMEL is the host, and the ceremony will be VIRTUAL. Check this out… NIN TRENT REZNOR and ATTICUS ROSS won their first Emmy for doing the “Watchmen” score.  It was part of yesterday’s Creative Arts Emmy Awards.  They’re now a Tony away from being “EGOT” winners, which means you have an Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, and a Tony.) (RITA MORENO JOHN GIELGUD AUDREY HEPBURN MEL BROOKS ANDREW LLOYD WEBER, JOHN LEGEND)

Also “Time” magazine has put together a list of who WILL win every category, along with who SHOULD win.

Here they are:

1.  Best Drama:

          Who will win:  “Succession”, HBO

          Who should win:  “Succession” or “Better Call Saul”, AMC

2.  Best Comedy:

          Who will win:  “Schitt’s Creek”, Pop TV

          Who should win:  “The Good Place”, NBC

3.  Best Limited Series:

          Who will win:  “Watchmen”, HBO

          Who should win:  “Watchmen” or “Mrs. America”, FX

4.  Best Actor in a Drama Series:

          Who will win:  Brian Cox for “Succession”, HBO

          Who should win:  Jeremy Strong for “Succession”, HBO

5.  Best Actress in a Drama Series:

          Who will win:  Jennifer Aniston for “The Morning Show”, Apple TV+

          Who should win:  Zendaya for “Euphoria”, HBO

6.  Best Supporting Actor in a Drama Series:

          Who will win:  Billy Crudup for “The Morning Show”, Apple TV+

          Who should win:  Matthew Macfadyen for “Succession”, HBO

7.  Best Supporting Actress in a Drama Series:

          Who will win:  Helena Bonham Carter for “The Crown”, Netflix

          Who should win:  Sarah Snook for “Succession”, HBO

8.  Best Actor in a Comedy Series:

          Who will AND should win:  Eugene Levy for “Schitt’s Creek”, Pop TV

9.  Best Actress in a Comedy Series:

          Who will AND should win:  Catherine O’Hara for “Schitt’s Creek”, Pop TV

10.  Best Actor in a Limited Series or TV Movie:

          Who will win:  Hugh Jackman for “Bad Education”, HBO

          Who should win:  Mark Ruffalo for “I Know This Much Is True”, HBO

11.  Best Actress in a Limited Series or TV Movie:

          Who will win:  Regina King for “Watchmen”, HBO

          Who should win:  Regina or Shira Haas for “Unorthodox”, Netflix

12.  Best Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series:

          Who will win:  Dan Levy for “Schitt’s Creek”, Pop TV

          Who should win:  William Jackson Harper for “The Good Place”, NBC

13.  Best Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series:

          Who will win:  Alex Borstein for “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel”, Amazon

          Who should win:  Yvonne Orji for “Insecure”, HBO

A bunch of celebrities got together last night to read the “Fast Times at Ridgemont High” script for charity.   Who played who…, Julia Roberts played Stacy, Brad’s sister and Linda’s best friend . . . Shia Labeouf was Jeff Spicoli . . . Dane Cook was Mark Ratner . . . Matthew McConaughey was Mike Damone . . . and Ray Liotta was Mr. Hand. Morgan Freeman, not surprisingly, was the narrator. BRAD PITT read the Brad Hamilton part, and his ex-wife JENNIFER ANISTON was Linda Barrett, the girl Brad LUSTS after. So the scene where Brad gets busted JOing when Linda comes in the bathroom.

CHARLIZE THERON was on that Drew Berrymore show and said she doesn’t need a man to be happy, so if you set your sights on her, you better bring your A-game. She said she hasn’t been on a date in 5 years and Drew said the same thing…so

FREDDIE PRINZE SR. . . . not JR. . . . once tried to kill JOHN TRAVOLTA, because he was upset that Travolta had taken over his spot on the covers of teen magazines in the ’70s. And he was going to do it with a CROSSBOW. This is according to one of Freddie’s friends, JIMMIE WALKER, who was J.J. on “Good Times”. In the upcoming Showtime show “The Comedy Store”, Jimmie claims Freddie called him one day and said, “We’ve got to kill John Travolta.  I’m going to kill this guy!  I’m the biggest star on TV . . . Everyone knows me.  I’m the funniest guy.” Jimmie couldn’t talk him out of it, so they drove to Travolta’s apartment, but he wasn’t home.  Still, Freddie shot three arrows into Travolta’s door. Jimmie says, quote, “I’m sure to this day [he’s] thinking, I wonder what happened [with] those shots fired through my door?”  Travolta hasn’t commented. Freddie committed suicide in 1977 when he was 22 . . . and his son FREDDIE PRINZE JR. was just one year old.

Disney’s decision to put “Mulan” on Disney+ and charge $29.99 for it seems like a great business decision in retrospect. An analytics firm says 29% of U.S. households with a Disney+ subscription bought the movie.  They estimate that means about 9 million households . . . which would add up to $261 million. That’s just in the U.S.  “Mulan” was released theatrically in regions where Disney+ isn’t available. Meanwhile, Christopher Nolan’s new movie “Tenet” was released theatrically . . . and it has only made $207 million worldwide.

Marvel has found its new “She-Hulk”. . . but the word “hulk” hardly describes her. 5-foot-4-inch TATIANA MASLANY from the sci-fi series “Orphan Black” will star in “She-Hulk” on Disney+.  There’s no word when it’ll debut. In the comics, She-Hulk is Jennifer Walters, an attorney and cousin of Bruce Banner.  She gets her powers thanks to an emergency transfusion from him.  But when SHE Hulks out, she keeps her intelligence, personality, and emotional control. The Hulk himself, MARK RUFFALO, Tweeted, quote, “Welcome to the family, cuz!” FYI, Tatiana isn’t all that short by Marvel superhero standards.  In fact, she’s the same height as Scarlett Johansson, and only two inches shorter than Tom Holland

Elton John has a new boxed set full of rarities and unreleased songs coming called Elton: Jewel Box. Along with the announcement, he also shared an unreleased song, “Sing Me No Sad Songs,” with lyrics that actually foreshadow two of his big future hits: “Sad Songs” and “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart.” Elton: Jewel Box is due November 13.

Prince’s estate released a previously-unheard song called “I Need a Man”.  Back in the day, he offered it to Bonnie Raitt. Some guy on Twitter claims every song by THE WEEKND uses the same four notes, and he posted a video to prove it.  He played portions of the songs “Tell Your Friends”, “Often”, “Reminder”, “Starboy”, and “Heartless” on a mini electric piano. But some fans came to The Weeknd’s defense. One said, quote, “So the man found his key signature . . . some Broadway singers even have parts written specifically for them in their preferred key signatures.” Another said, “To be fair every artist has a register and key they are most comfortable in, Weeknd just happened to use that fact to his advantage.  Can’t knock the hustle . . . it’s not an uncommon thing for artists.” Another person joked, quote, “It’s The Weeknd, writing another melody would be work and WEEKNDS aren’t for work.”


Jason Sudeikis is 45.  

Jada Pinkett-Smith is 49.

Lance Armstrong is 49

Frankie Avalon is 80

Katrina Bowden is 32.   “30 Rock”.

Jimmy Fallon is 46.  “Tonight Show” host

Cheri Oteri is 58

Bill Medley of the Righteous Brothers is 80

Phillip Phillips is 30.  “American Idol” winner.

Gunnar and Matthew Nelson are 53.

Nuno Bettencourt is 54.  Guitarist in Extreme.

Gary Cole is 64.  Kent Davidson on “Veep” and Andrew Klein on “Entourage”.

George R.R. Martin is 72.  Brilliant “Game of Thrones” author.

Today’s BURTON BIRTHDAY OF THE DAY….he was a Little Rascal…and eventually when he became an adult her grew up to be Baretta…and then…as he grew up even more he possibly probably became a murderer.  Here’s a funny quote from Danny Bonaduce: “He is innocent…even if he DID do it…”  That’s Italian logic at it’s finest….Robert Blake is 87 years old today. 




Today’s birthday girl has been on her back more than an terrible limbo contestant in 168 fine films including:

  • Camel Hoes
  • How The West Was Hung
  • Cotton Panties: Half Off
  • Eager Beavers
  • Holly Hollywood AKA Filthy Whore
  • Asses of Face Destruction
  • Say Aloha To My A-Hola
  • And who could forget…her unforgettable role in…Awww Man…That Is Definitely Your Wife.


The Cardinals picked up a loss yesterday against the Pirates.  Austin Gomber picked up the loss in the 5-1 final.  Today the Cards and Pirates have a doubleheader.  The day game will see Carlos Martinez get the start at 3:05 and  even though they will remain in Pittsburgh, the Cards will be the home team in Game 2 and Daniel Ponce De Leon gets the start. 

The Chicago White Sox are heading to the postseason for the first time since 2008. After a come-from-behind victory over the Twins have the White Sox as the second Major League Baseball club, after the Los Angeles Dodgers, to clinch a playoff spot. The Tampa Bay Rays became the second American League team to clinch a playoff spot Thursday, joining the  White Sox. Tampa defeated the Baltimore Orioles 10-6 to earn its way into the postseason field of eight.

Wednesday night’s Indians and Cubs game was interrupted for a rather unique reason: a drone on the field. The device entered the ballpark near the bleachers and ended up on the grass in center field. Umpires quickly called time and had players leave the field, after which the drone took off, hung around a bit more and then flew off again. The device caused a 7-minute delay, but then play resumed.

The Tampa Bay Lightning are heading back to the Stanley Cup Final. For the first time since 2015, one of the NHL’s premier teams will have an opportunity to play for a championship after finishing off the New York Islanders 2-1 in OT in Game 6 of the Eastern Conference Final. The Lightning will now take on the Stars for the Stanley Cup and that series gets started Saturday at 6:30PM.

Last night the Miami Heat got a come from behind win against the Celtics for the second time in a row and now lead the Eastern Conference Finals 2 games to none.  Game three of the series is scheduled for Saturday.  Tonight the Denver Nuggets take on the LA Lakers in Game 1 of the Western Conference Finals.  Tipoff is scheduled for 8PM. 

Last night in Thursday night football the Cleveland Browns got the win over the Cincinnati Bengals 35-30.  Baker Mayfield threw for just over 200 yards and 2 scores.  Joe Burrow tossed his first 3 TDs of his career in the loss.  In addition to the 2 passing TDs the Browns also had their running back duo of Nick Chubb and Kareem Hunt rush in for 3 scores. 

The Kansas City Chiefs announced a fan who attended their season-opening victory over the Houston Texans tested positive for COVID-19.  The team explained how the health and safety and contract tracing protocols set up at Arrowhead Stadium limited the potential exposure to others inside the venue: “The individual and the individual’s group were seated in the lower level of the stadium. By design, the stadium’s COVID protocol plan limited potential exposure to a single seating zone within the stadium. All staff with known interactions with the positive case were required to wear personal protective equipment, including a mask. Additionally, the protocols in place at the stadium require all attendees to be wearing masks inside the stadium.”

Jackson State is reportedly going prime time. The school is finalizing a deal with Deion Sanders to make him the school’s next head football coach.  The two sides had to work out an apparel issue, as Jackson State is a Nike school and Sanders is under contract with Under Armour. Sanders will have his work cut out for him in turning around a Tigers team that has not enjoyed a winning season since 2013.

UFC president Dana White announced yesterday that they have signed former Bellator lightweight world champion and local fella Michael Chandler.  White didn’t confirm when Chandler will make his debut, but the 34-year-old will serve as a backup should either Khabib or Gaethje be unable to make the main event of UFC 254 on Oct. 24. Chandler said: “Eventually hard work pays off, you just have to still be standing there when it does. I’m humbled by the opportunity and can’t wait to go prove what I have been saying for the past 11 years; that I’m the best 155er in the world.”

Speaking of UFC, St. Louis’ own Tyron Woodley will take on Colby Covington tomorrow night at UFC Fight Night.  Woodley is coming off back to back losses for the first time in his career.

Naomi Osaka, who won her second U.S. Open and third Grand Slam title last Saturday, revealed on social media that she will not participate in the French Open due to a hamstring injury. Osaka suffered a left hamstring injury in her Western & Southern Open semifinal win over Elise Mertens on Aug. 28. Osaka was good enough to go for the U.S. Open and won all seven of her matches, capped by a three-set victory over Azarenka in the final.

And finally…Winged Foot is one of the most difficult courses in U.S. Open history.  Justin Thomas is better. The world No. 3 carded a five-under 65 in his opening round Thursday, taking a one-stroke lead over Patrick Reed, Thomas Pieters and Matthew Wolff. Rory McIlroy, Louis Oosthuizen and Lee Westwood round out the top five at three under.  With one shot, Patrick Reed turned his opening round of the 2020 U.S. Open in the right direction. Reed double-bogeyed No. 5 to drop to two over before a birdie on No. 6. And then…this…here is his tee shot on the par-three seventh