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Woman falls into thermal feature after illegally entering Yellowstone National Park – BozemanDailyChronicle

Michigan man taunts FBI on Twitter after sending bomb threat to test response time – MLive

Driver arrested after asking border agents if he could buy weed off them: Sault Police – SooToday

American flies to Germany to meet girlfriend, is caught disguised as a janitor – ThePrint

A Guy Named Speedy Gonzalez Was Arrested After Several Months on the Run – WSBTV

Cops Catch a Suspect When His Flatulence Gives Away His Hiding Spot – NothinghamPost

Punks Popped For Pandemic Video Pranks – TheSmokingGun

A Kiss Landed This Girl In The Emergency Room, Her Tinder Date Came With Her, And The Whole Thing Is Kinda Hilarious – Buzzfeed

Cops Are Looking for a Woman Who Threw Her Poop at Taco Bell Employees – AugustaChronicle

Here’s the Most Popular Cocktail in Every State Right Now – BroBible

Most People Who Are Working from Home Right Now Want to Keep Doing It – YouGov

One-Third of People Have Been Napping While They Work From Home – Zippia

A restaurant receipt from Missouri is going viral after they added a “COVID-19 surcharge” to the bill.  And, of course, trolls are going after the restaurant and its employees HARD.

Bigfoot hunters are worried that Bigfoot is susceptible to coronavirus . . . so they’re sending out the message that you NEED to wear a mask when you go looking for Bigfoot to keep him safe.

The “Coors Light Clone Machine” creates a 30-second video loop of you that you can put on a video chat to step away for a moment.


Andy Murray is 33.  Tennis stud.

Jamie-Lynn Sigler is 39.  Meadow Soprano on “The Sopranos”.  

Ray Lewis is 45

Emmitt Smith is 51

Dan Patrick is 64.  Former ESPN sports fellow

George Brett is 67

Megan Fox is 34.

David Boreanaz is 51

Janet Jackson is 54.

Pierce Brosnan is 67

Jordan Knight is 50New Kids on the Block

Trent Reznor is 55.  Nine Inch Nails 

Craig Ferguson is 58

Enya is 59

Bob Saget is 64

Sugar Ray Leonard is 64

Today’s BURTON BIRTHDAY OF THE DAY….this actor has appeared in a TON of films.  Big ones too.  Heat, Con-Air, Desperado…he even starred in not one but two of his very own starring roles.  Some know him as a former gang member, others know him as a taco shop owner,  we on this show know him for his name that he shares with a knife-like weapon….yes…Machete….Danny Trejo is 76 years young. 


Last we heard from Boosie Badazz, he was busy making fun of Dwyane Wade’s transgender daughter, Zaya. Well, this is worse: The rapper now claims he hired an adult woman to perform oral sex on his sons when they were 12 and 13 years old. “I’m training these boys right,” he said Monday on Instagram Live. “When they was 12, 13, they got head. Yeah, that’s how it’s supposed to be. Hell yeah I got my f**kin’ son d**k sucked.” He added, “Is she grown? She check me out. I know what the f**k she did to them, she checked me out, that b**ch. I’m getting them prepared, man.” He added that he also taught his kids how to put on condoms when they were about 9 or 10 years old. “That’s why they have iPhone 11s. They can watch as much porn as they want,” he also said. “It’s better than them watching cartoons with two men kissing.” Speaking of kissing, Boosie also claimed in an interview last week that he’s been offered a reality TV show much like Flavor of Love.

A mini-series about the daytime talk show The View is in the works.
The scripted show will be based on Ramin Setoodeh’s best-selling book Ladies Who Punch: The Explosive Inside Story of The View. It will be a tell-all style series; Setoodeh did interviews with “nearly every host” of the years-long ABC show. Screen rights have been sold to Picturestart, the production company run by ex-Lionsgate president Erik Feig. The series will doubtlessly feature a cast of almost entirely women; it’s not too early to start thinking about a dream cast.

BTW Meredith Vieira hosted “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire”.  Remember that as I ask you… is this the best gameshow answer ever? on Millionaire Meredith asks the contestant this. The contestant chose Venus, which was wrong.     

 Kim Kardashian wrangled all four of her cute kiddos for sweet group pic and posted it on Instagram, Us Weekly reports. The reality star was surrounded by her pajama-wearing cuties North, Saint, Chicago and Psalm, amid reports that she and her rapper husband Kanye West are not faring well during quarantine. “Kim feels like she needs some space from Kanye,” a source recently told the outlet, adding, “Kim’s been feeling as though he’s been trying to impose his views on her life.” Recent reports also say the couple have been arguing a lot, and West is “really getting on Kim’s nerves.” The source indicated one aspect of the friction is that West has left the parenting duties to Kardashian, who along with her own business ventures, is also in law school. In related West news, a celeb bodyguard Steve Stanulis said on a podcast that West was one of his “least favorite people” to work with, Page Six reports. While appearing on the Hollywood Raw podcast,  the former NYPD cop said West has “ridiculous” rules, and said he was the neediest, moodiest, and worst tipping of all his clients. He also said West was the hardest working.

Former Papa John’s CEO John Schnatter recently did his own version of MTV’s “Cribs” . . . by showing off his $11 million Kentucky mansion on TikTok. Houses that expensive are bound to have some pretty ridiculous features, and it doesn’t take long for you to spot one in Papa John’s house. As soon as you walk in, you’re greeted with a MASSIVE sculpture, depicting two eagles mating.  It’s actually a clock, and the whole thing spins four times an hour.

NBCUniversal said its streaming service will launch on July 15 and offer entire series, including fan favorites like The Office and Parks and Recreation, as well as new original series. Those new shows will include a revamped Saved by the Bell, a Brave New World series based on the novel by Alduous Huxley, Psych 2, the second TV movie based on the series, and In Deep with Ryan Lochte. a reality show starring the Olympic swimmer.

Kevin Hart surprised the winner of his All In Challenge yesterday.  The guy’s name is Henry Law, and he’s an anesthesiologist out of Cherry Hill, New Jersey.  His big win consists of a “big, little, massive part” in Kevin’s next move, an on-site trailer, assistant, and car service.

Here’s Bill Murray talking to Ellen about “Ghostbusters: Afterlife”.and why was he wearing a panda mask?

Remember how GAL GODOT got those celebrities to virtually perform “Imagine” by John Lennon, and it got ROASTED online? Well, some comedians got together to do a parody of that, and they picked a GREAT song:  “Eat It” by “WEIRD AL” YANKOVIC, which itself is a parody of “Beat It” by MICHAEL JACKSON. It was organized by Bob Odenkirk and David Cross of “Mr. Show”, and it also included:  Bryan Cranston, Patton Oswalt, Tony Hale, Al Franken, Fred Armisen, Heidi Gardner from “SNL”, Rachel Bloom from “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend” . . .Amber Tamblyn, Sarah Silverman, who also appeared in that “Imagine” video, and, of course, Weird Al, who was able to make a cameo.

Someone on Twitter posed an interesting question this week:  “If band names were LITERAL, what would be the scariest band to fight?”

The original poster suggested Megadeth and 10,000 Maniacs, but others added some GREAT responses. 

1.  A Flock of Seagulls . . . to which the person added that it happened once to them, and, quote, “I Ran.”  (HI-YO!)

2.  Reel Big Fish

3.  The Police 

4.  The Rolling Stones 

5.  Nine Inch Nails

6.  Poison

7.  Fine Young Cannibals

8.  The Dead Kennedys

9.  Meatloaf

10.  Someone said, quote, “I don’t want to find out what a Hoobastank is.”

11.  Quote, “Not sure I’d want to stand toe to toe with The Sex Pistols.”

12.  Quote, “The Cranberries would put up quite the fight against a UTI.”

13.  Quote, “T. Rex would be a tough out.  Wouldn’t even want to tangle with Dinosaur Jr.”

14.  Franz Ferdinand . . . because, quote, “if you win, then it triggers a world war.”

15.  The Alan Parsons Project . . . quote, “It could be anything.  Could be a book.  Could be a spice rack.  Could be some sort of doomsday machine.  All I know is I’m not willing to roll the dice.”

16.  Presidents of the United States of America

17.  (Careful)  Butthole Surfers . . . “seems pretty intimidating.”

18.  Slayer

19.  They Might Be Giants . . . “because you don’t know.”

20.  A-ha . . . “will always have the element of surprise.”

21.  The Zombies

22.  Earth, Wind & Fire

23.  Foo Fighters

24.  Anthrax

24.  War

25.  Wham!

26.  The Backstreet Boys

27.  The Animals . . . “I guess that’s *all* of them.”

28.  The Killers

And of course, the BEST response was:  …And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead, which is one of the best band names of all time.

One person even suggested these for the LEAST scary:

1.  Korn

2.  Cake

3.  Blind Melon

4.  Limp Bizkit

Disney’s “Frozen” has become Broadway’s first major casualty of the coronavirus pandemic.  The production opened in March of 2018, but yesterday, the producers announced that it will NOT return when Broadway reopens . . . whenever that might be.

This week, No Kid Hungry rejected a $200,000 donation from Tekashi 6ix9ine due to his rap sheet . . . but another charity called Kooking 4 Kids will take it.  The director says, quote, “If there’s an individual that wants to help address hunger in Los Angeles, we welcome it.  How that person wants to live their life is for them to decide.”  No word yet from 6ix9ine.

Eagles legend Don Henley helped raise more than $45,000 for a Texas food bank . . . simply by writing out the lyrics to his hit song “Desperado”.  It wasn’t an original document . . . he just wrote them down LAST MONTH. Still, someone was willing to pay $33,600 for it.  And he raised another $12,600 for an acoustic guitar signed by Don and the current Eagles lineup.  On top of that, the auction house made a $25K donation, and they waived their fees.

A new “Scarface” movie is in the works . . . but presumably without Al Pacino. The original came out in 1932, and was directed by Howard Hawkes.  Then, director Brian De Palma re-imagined it with Pacino in 1983, and that version is still popular, almost 40 years later. Some interesting people are working on the new version.  It’ll be written by Joel Coen and Ethan Coen, the guys behind “Fargo” and “The Big Lebowski”.  And it’ll be directed by Luca Guadagnino, who did the gay coming of age romance “Call Me By Your Name” and 2018 version of “Suspiria”.

It’s hard to believe this is possible . . . but RAVEN-SYMONE revealed that she hasn’t spent ANY of the money she made from “The Cosby Show”. She was asked if she meant ANY of it, or just recent residuals . . . and she said, quote, “I haven’t touched my ‘Cosby’ money.” Raven-Symone played Olivia on the last three seasons of “The Cosby Show” . . . starting when she was just three years old.  She’s done a lot since then, but it’s hard to believe she’s hasn’t dipped into ANY of the “Cosby” coin. 

According to, she’s now worth $55 million.

MLB and the Players Association hope to begin playing regular season games by early July, but a number of logistical hurdles remain.  One of the most troubling hypotheticals related to conducting a 2020 season is what happens if a player tests positive? Commissioner Rob Manfred said during a Thursday night appearance on CNN said that players during the season would be tested frequently. “All of our players would be tested multiple times a week to determine whether or not they have the virus. That testing would be supplemented, less frequently, by antibody testing, as well.” The standard testing will be processed by a lab in Utah that MLB previously used for PED testing. MLB has funded the lab’s COVID-19 testing capabilities. Those test results should be received within 24 hours. In the event of a positive test, however, Manfred said that “our experts are advising that we don’t need a 14-day quarantine.” Instead, the player-testing positive would himself be quarantined until he has two negative tests. As well, MLB would conduct contact tracing, and those individuals coming in contact with the infected player would be immediately tested and receive instant results. All of this means a positive test will not necessarily lead to a 14-day quarantine for that player’s entire team.

The 2020 Major League Baseball season — if it happens — will feature several unique things. Among the strangest possibilities that exist? The highest-paid player this season might be an inactive slugger who has not appeared in a game since July 18, 2016. Former Brewers, Tigers and Rangers first baseman Prince Fielder is in position to hold that distinction if there are no significant changes to the shortened-season pay structure previously agreed to by the owners and players.The owners are also seeking a 50-50 split of revenues, which didn’t sit well.  Angels outfielder Mike Trout is currently slated to be MLB’s highest-paid player this season at $37.7 million. Gerrit Cole is close behind at $36 million. Trout would receive just under $19 million, while Cole’s salary would drop to just over $18 million if the prorated salaries stay in place. Prince Fielder however?  He’d make $24 million. 

Cops in Florida issued arrest warrants Thursday for Giants cornerback DeAndre Baker and Seahawks cornerback Quinton Dunbar on charges related to an alleged armed robbery. Baker has been charged with four counts of armed robbery with a firearm and four counts of aggravated assault with a firearm. Dunbar is charged with four counts of armed robbery with a firearm.  Police say the incident took place Wednesday. A police spokesperson said they have been in contact with a representative for one of the players regarding turning himself in, but no arrest has been made. The Seahawks, Giants and NFL each released statements saying they were aware of the charges but offering no further comment. 

James Harrison recently stirred the pot when he said that he received an envelope from Steelers coach Mike Tomlin to supposedly cover a fine that he had received from the NFL back in 2010. Harrison, the Steelers’ all-time career leader in sacks, had been fined $75,000 for a hit on a former Browns receiver. On Thursday evening, Steelers president Art Rooney responded to Harrison’s claim. “I am very certain nothing like this ever happened. I have no idea why James would make a comment like this but there is simply no basis for believing anything like this.” Harrison’s longtime agent echoed Rooney’s sentiments when asked about Harrison’s claim.  “Absolutely not. Never happened. I would have known that. It didn’t happen.” Harrison made the comments during a recent appearance on a podcast. Harrison said that, shortly after being fined by the league for his hit, Tomlin provided him with some assistance. Harrison said: “I’m not going to say what, but he handed me an envelope after that.”

The NFL could be in for a season where stadiums are either empty or at least partially depleted of fans, which could have some obvious effects on team revenue in 2020. With that in mind, the Rams have made several requests to the league in order to finance SoFi Stadium, which remains under construction: First, an additional $500 million to offset cost overruns; and second, an extension of the time the Rams have to pay back the borrowed money. The Rams’ latest request would have them borrowing up to $900 million for the completion of the stadium.  The team is also seeking to repay that money over 30 years rather than 15, in anticipation of a “gut punch to revenue this fall.” SoFi Stadium is expected to be completed this summer, he added, with the Chargers sharing the venue’s initial $2.2 billion price tag, but a combination of steep budget increases and a “dramatic” dip in projected personal seat license sales for the 2020 season prompted the request for assistance.

Art Howe, who managed the  Astros,  Athletics and  Mets after his major league playing career, is hospitalized in intensive care with the coronavirus. Howe, who is 73, said that he first felt COVID-19 symptoms on May 3 and learned he was positive two days after being tested. After trying to recover at home, he was transported to a hospital by ambulance Tuesday after his symptoms grew worse, and he remained in the ICU on Thursday night. Howe’s initial symptoms included chills that made him shake “like a leaf,” then he felt “total fatigue” in addition to losing his sense of taste.

Heiko Herrlich, the manager of Bundesliga club Augsburg, will miss his team’s first game back since the league halted play after breaking the club’s quarantine rules. Just days prior to his team’s Saturday match against Wolfsburg, Herrlich left the team’s hotel to buy toothpaste at a local supermarket. He said QUOTE “I made a mistake by leaving the hotel. Even though I have followed all hygiene measures both when leaving the hotel and otherwise, I cannot undo this. Because of this misconduct, I will not be leading the training [on Friday] and will not be in charge of the team against Wolfsburg on Saturday.” Saturday’s match would have been Herrlich’s first as the club’s manager, as he was appointed in mid-March, just days before the league’s matches were postponed amid the coronavirus pandemic. All league matches will be behind closed doors from Saturday to Monday, but all of the Bundesliga’s 18 clubs are slated to be in action–pending the outcome of coronavirus tests.