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Man charged for running naked in Fiddler’s Run, leaving child at hotel – Morganton

A man received charges Wednesday after allegedly running around a parking lot naked and leaving his child alone in a hotel room.

Derrick Anthony Davis, 38, formerly of Valdese, was charged with misdemeanor child abuse, felony possession of a Schedule II controlled substance, possession of drug paraphernalia and indecent exposure, said Capt. Keith Bowman with the Morganton Department of Public Safety.

People Are Happier When They Make Big Decisions by Flipping a Coin – StudyFinds

Beards Evolved So Men Could Absorb a Punch to the Face? – NYPost

TikTok clip shows bugs and worms living on your strawberries – Metro

U.S. Birthrates Fall to Record Low – WSJ

New research finds ‘Dr. Google’ is almost always wrong – MedicalExpress

Most People Can’t Remember the Last Time They Put on Real Pants – TheSun

Saint Louis Zoo to reopen June 13; guests must wear masks, make reservations – KFVS12

The CDC now says coronavirus, quote, “does not easily spread” from “touching surfaces or objects.”  They changed their website on May 12th with that info, but people are just noticing it now. 

A nurse in Tula, Russia has been disciplined for wearing a see-through PPE gown . . . and just wearing a bra and underwear underneath.  There were reportedly “no complaints” from her patients.

A Krispy Kreme in Long Beach, California had to shut down its “free donuts for graduating seniors” promotion earlier this week when it caused a massive traffic jam outside the store.

Pier 1 Imports is ending, quote, “all retail operations” as a result of the pandemic.

BRIAN AUSTIN GREEN has been pretty gracious about his split with MEGAN FOX . . . and about the fact that she might be giving her business to MACHINE GUN KELLY. He even suggested that they’re, quote, “friends at this point,” and added, quote, “I don’t want people to think that [they] are villains or I was a victim in any way with any of this . . . because I wasn’t.” But Megan and MGK have been spending a lot of time together, and now she’s the very sexy love interest in his new video, “Bloody Valentine”.  So if Brian’s hoping they’re going to work things out again, he might be wrong this time. On that note, a so-called “source” told “Us Weekly that Brian is, quote, “not in a good place.”

Remember that Fyre Festival that went massively sideways? The founder Billy McFarland, went to prison. People lost tons of money and there were several who MADE money by just doing social media to promote it. They went off scott free. Kendall Jenner was one of them. Hailey Beiber was another. A trustee for festival creditor’s is trying to recoup some of that cash. Kendall Jenner was paid $275,000 to do Instagram postings. The trustee said that equated to fraud because she was paid by people who KNEW the festival couldn’t be pulled off.  Jenner’s agreed to pay $90k to the trustee in the Fyre Festival bankruptcy case after the trustee sued to recoup the dough for the festival’s creditors who got screwed. The judge has yet to sign off on the terms of Kendall’s settlement.

We have ourselves a winner of season 3 for the masked singer. Here is the performance from last night. the clues are… Photo: iced tea pitcher;she  lives in Atlanta, and sweet tea is the house wine of the south.  She is a frequent guest on Jenny’s SiriusXM radio show. Quote: “I’m not just a voice, I’m a mogul”; a string of business success including the restaurant, a web series and even a line of sex toys. Photos: separate images of a crown and a bee can be read together as “Queen Bee”; that is a nickname for Beyonce, who came to fame as part of Destiny’s Child. Photo: The number “285”; this is the area code for Atlanta…“I’m the Night Angel because, years ago, someone close to me passed. And it ripped my world apart”; in 2009, Her fiance, A.J. Jewell, was killed in an altercation outside the nightclub where he worked. And The Winner of “The Masked Singer” Season 3 Golden Mask Is … “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star, Kandi Burruss.  If you don’t know, Kandi was in the female group Xscape, but stopped singing, to focus on writing huge hit songs, like TLC’s “No Scrubs”.

Now that everyone on Season 3 has been revealed, here is the full lineup of contestants and their true identities: Night Angel (Kandi Burruss), Turtle (Jesse McCartney), Turtle (Bow Wow), Kitty (Jackie Evancho), Astronaut (Hunter Hayes) Banana (Bret Michaels), Kangaroo (Jordyn Woods), White Tiger (Rob Gronkowski), T-Rex (Jojo Siwa), Swan (Bella Thorne), Bear (Sarah Palin), Taco (Tom Bergeron), Mouse (Dionne Warwick), Elephant (Tony Hawk), Miss Monster (Chaka Khan), Llama (Drew Carey) and Robot (Lil Wayne). Between those 18 celebrities, “The Masked Singer’s” Season 3 contestants have a “combined 69 Grammy Award nominations, 88 Gold records, 11 Super Bowl appearances, three stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, more than 160 tattoos and one title in the Guinness Book of World Records.” Fox renewed the show for Season 4 earlier this month and said it hopes to begin production this August.

Julia Roberts, Hugh Jackman, Millie Bobby Brown and other stars will be turning over their social media profiles to medical professionals and other experts for one day as part of the  #PassTheMic initiative–to focus on “health and economic experts … discussing a global response to the global COVID-19 pandemic.” Roberts kicks off the #PassTheMic initiative on Thursday with Dr. Anthony Fauci. The celebs participating in the #PassTheMic campaign have millions of followers: Roberts, Jackman and Brown alone have a combined 71 million Instagram followers. Others involved include Penelope Cruz, David Oyelowo, Sarah Jessica Parker, Rainn Wilson and Shailene Woodley. 

OPRAH WINFREY is donating $12 MILLION for COVID-19 relief, and the money will be split between all the places she’s called home over the years:  Chicago, Baltimore, Nashville, Milwaukee, and Kosciusko, Mississippi, where she was born.

She says, quote, “My thing is, look in your own neighborhood, in your own backyard to see how you can serve and where your service is most essential.  That is the real essential work, I think, for people of means.”

SYLVESTER STALLONE is hosting a live screening of “Rocky” this afternoon to benefit coronavirus relief efforts.

Remember 41 year old Nick Cordero, the Broadway actor with Covid 19 that had his leg amputated and was in a medically induced coma and they were slowly bringing him back out of it…he condition has taken a turn for the worse as of yesterday morning. according to his wife, Amanda Kloots.

As COVID-19 restrictions are being eased in parts of the country a study by Performance Research asked Americans if they’d rather see a new movie in a theater, or as a digital rental at home . . . and people are NOT ready for theaters. Only 13% said they’d brave a theater now. 70% said they’d rather watch from their couch, while 17% said they’re not sure. Some of those who are “not sure” might make their decision based on social-distancing policies . . . like capping the number of people in the theater.  The survey didn’t specify whether or not there’d be any policies in place. Coming out of the pandemic, 52% said they’ll attend fewer large public events . . . and 60% said that the idea of attending a big public event “will scare me for a long time.” It may take a while for some people to feel comfortable.  37% said they plan to attend movie theaters less often, and 10% say they may never go again. As for face-masks, it seems like people are more comfortable WITH them than without. 61% say mandatory face coverings at live events would increase their likelihood of attending, as opposed to just 16% who say it would decrease it. But ultimately, sports and entertainment venues might not have that much control over putting attendees at ease. 90% say the most important factor is . . . a cure for COVID-19.

Streaming services are SURGING.  Some have handled it better than others.  Here’s how the top services stack up:

1.  Netflix, .07 problems per hour watched, or ONE issue every 857 minutes.

2.  A tie between Hulu and Amazon Prime, both with .11 problems per hour watched, or one every 545 minutes.

4.  Disney+, .12 problems per hour, or one every 500 minutes.

5.  YouTube TV, .13 problems per hour, or one every 462 minutes.

6.  “Others”, .17 problems per hour, or one every 353 minutes. 

Raven Symones net worth? It’s hard to believe this is possible . . . but RAVEN-SYMONE revealed that she hasn’t spent ANY of the money she made from “The Cosby Show”. She was asked if she meant ANY of it, or just recent residuals . . . and she said, quote, “I haven’t touched my ‘Cosby’ money.” Raven-Symone played Olivia on the last three seasons of “The Cosby Show” . . . starting when she was just three years old.  She’s done a lot since then, but it’s hard to believe she’s hasn’t dipped into ANY of the “Cosby” coin. 

According to, she’s now worth $55 million. put together a list of feel good stories out of Hollywood you may not have ever heard.  Here are 12 highlights:

1.  Chris Evans’ mom cried after seeing him as the OLD Steve Rogers in “Avengers: Endgame”, because apparently, he looked exactly like HER father.

2.  Thanks to “Rocky”, Sylvester Stallone got his dog back.  Stallone said that before he made it big, he was so poor that he was forced to sell his dog, Butkus, for $40.  When he sold his “Rocky” script, he immediately went to buy him back, but had to pay $15,000.  Butkus went on to play Rocky’s dog in the movie.

3.  Director Martin Scorsese put his own mom in “Goodfellas”.  She played the mother of Joe Pesci’s character.  And Mrs. Scorsese also made the spaghetti and meatballs in the scene.  (His mom actually appeared in several of his movies.)

4.  Robert Downey Jr. had a custom car built for Chris Evans, and he gave it to him as a parting gift for their time together in the Marvel movies.  It was a Captain America-themed 1967 Camaro.

5.  Keanu Reeves had John Wick spare two assassins out of respect.  As the story goes, Keanu felt so humbled while practicing with martial arts legends Cecep Arif and Yaya Ruhian for “John Wick: Chapter 3”, that he refused to let them die in the movie.  They might be the ONLY bad guys that Wick doesn’t kill in the franchise.

6.  Robin Williams helped Steven Spielberg get through “Schindler’s List”.  Spielberg had a really tough time while filming it . . . so once a week, Robin would call him and perform 15 minutes of stand-up to cheer him up.

7.  The creator of “Grey’s Anatomy”, Shonda Rhimes, sent everybody from the show on a luxury vacation to celebrate the 350th episode.  That included the cast AND the crew.

8.  In an interview before “Guardians of the Galaxy” came out, Chris Pratt admitted that he walked away with some Star-Lord gear . . . specifically so that if the movie was a hit, he could visit children’s hospitals in character.

9.  Director Michael Bay helped find a home for Britain’s “loneliest dog.” 

Michael was in the U.K. filming “Transformers: The Last Knight”, and he heard about Freya, an epileptic dog that spent over six years in an animal shelter without finding a home.

Michael put Freya in the movie . . . where she shared a scene with Anthony Hopkins . . . and immediately afterward, the dog was adopted.

10.  Viggo Mortensen owns two horses he rode in “The Lord of the Rings”.  He bought one after striking up a friendship with it on the set, and then bought the second one so the first wouldn’t be lonely. 

Viggo also bought the horse from the movie “Hidalgo”.

11.  When James Gandolfini found out that he was the only actor on “The Sopranos” who was getting money from DVD sales, he gave every other actor a cut of his DVD profits.

12.  Sophie Turner and her family fell in love with Lady, her character’s “dire wolf” on “Game of Thrones”.  So, when Lady was done “acting,” Sophie’s family adopted her.  FYI:  Lady’s real name is Zunni.

Don’t start shouting out answers…”Rolling Stone” put together a list of the greatest debut singles.  They did NOT count solo debuts by already well-known artists, but singles by new bands that happened to include established artists WERE fair game. They also stuck to MAINSTREAM releases . . . so I will give you the artist and you give me their debut single until we get to #1 then youre guessing

1.  “. . . Baby One More Time”, Britney Spears

2.  “I Want You Back”, The Jackson 5

3.  “Anarchy in the U.K.”, The Sex Pistols

4.  “Sucker M.C.’s / It’s Like That”, Run-DMC

5.  “Maybellene”, Chuck Berry

6.  “Radio Free Europe”, R.E.M.

7.  “Good Times Bad Times”, Led Zeppelin

9.  “Blitzkrieg Bop”, The Ramones

12.  “Old Town Road”, Lil Nas X

15.  “Rock Lobster”, The B-52’s

16.  “Creep”, Radiohead

21.  “Love Me Do”, The Beatles

33.  “Alive”, Pearl Jam

56.  “MMMBop”, Hanson

66.  “Ocean Eyes”, Billie Eilish

85.  “Undone – The Sweater Song”, Weezer

100.  “Achy Breaky Heart”, Billy Ray Cyrus


Josh Hamilton is 39.  Former Cincinnati Reds outfielder who can’t carry more than $10.00 on his person and must always travel with a team “buddy” because he loves to party!

Gotye is 40.  Somebody That I Used to Know.

Judge Reinhold is 63.  Billy Rosewood in the “Beverly Hills Cop” movies

Mr. T is 68

Al Franken is 69

Ronald Isley is 79.  Lead singer of The Isley Brothers

Today’s BURTON BIRTHDAY OF THE DAY….He killed 17 men and boys from 1978 to 1991.  His murders also sometimes included him eating part of the bodies.  He was sentenced to 16 different terms of life imprisonment.  He was murdered in prison when two inmates beat him over the head with a metal pipe.  But, no one seemed to really care.  Jeffrey Dahmer would have been 60 today. 



Jennifer Love

Today’s birthday girl has seen more ween than Dr Hawatmeh at South County Urology during March Madness in 99 fine films including:

  • Gooey Buns Volume 16
  • Built For Filth
  • Milk Nymphos Volume 2
  • DP Fanatics
  • SexToy Story
  • 3 Is A Crowd
  • Quad Desert Anal Fury
  • And who could forget….her unforgettable role in….The VIP Room & Tasty Cakes


The Dallas Cowboys have reportedly offered quarterback Dak Prescott a five-year contract extension that would make him the highest-paid quarterback in the NFL annually.  A source said QUOTE “From what I know of the situation, and I know from some people who are in the know that he’s been offered five years, $175 million. He wants a four-year deal. If they do agree to a five-year deal they would like a really big number at the end of that fifth year to cover their butts for what the market might be at the position five years from now.”

While Pittsburgh Steelers fans were happy to see video that longtime quarterback Ben Roethlisberger is throwing the football again after a serious injury, the Governor of Pennsylvania, Tom Wolf, had some critical words. During a press conference, Wolf criticized Roethlisberger’s recent trip to get his haircut and beard trimmed. The area where the shop is located is currently in the “yellow” phase of reopening, which does not include barbershops and hair salons. The barbershop owner Carlos Norman later said that his shop is still closed, and he cut Rothlisberger’s hair for free, as they are friends.

The NHL is reportedly planning to use two cities as hubs for a potential 24-team tournament this summer.  Discussions had previously centered on using four cities to help play resume. The NHL is scheduled to host a call with the NHL Players Association executive board today, and return-to-play proposals will be discussed.  While nothing is close to finalizing between the players and the league, the current plan provides a framework for the two sides to work with.  Instead of finishing out the current season, the league would move to a 24-team Stanley Cup Playoffs with a drastically different format than a normal postseason.  Based on conference standings when play was halted, the Bruins, Lightning, Capitals, Flyers, Blues, Avalanche, Golden Knights and Stars would all receive first-round byes—though they would play each other in a three-game tournament so they aren’t sitting idly by. Meanwhile, the remaining teams would play against each other in a best-of-five series for the official first round of the playoffs. All following series would move back to the normal best-of-seven format. 

Here’s how the remaining matchups would look:

Western Conference
No. 5 Edmonton Oilers vs. No. 12 Chicago Blackhawks
No. 6 Nashville Predators vs. No. 11 Arizona Coyotes
No. 7 Vancouver Canucks vs. No. 10 Minnesota Wild
No. 8 Calgary Flames vs. No. 9 Winnipeg Jets

Eastern Conference
No. 5 Pittsburgh Penguins vs. No. 12 Montreal Canadiens
No. 6 Carolina Hurricanes vs. No. 11 New York Rangers
No. 7 New York Islanders vs. No. 10 Florida Panthers
No. 8 Toronto Maple Leafs vs. No. 9 Columbus Blue Jackets 

What this plan does not cover is where games would take place, how many teams would be in each location, what testing procedures would be put in place and how to navigate heavy restrictions placed on entry through Canada’s borders with the United States. 

3ICE, a new three-on-three hockey league, will be arriving next summer — and it has already assembled a world-class group of coaches. On Wednesday, the league announced that it has agreed to deals with eight head coaches for the season starting in 2021. The list consists of Guy Carbonneau, Grant Fuhr, Ed Johnston, John LeClair, Joe Mullen, Larry Murphy, Angela Ruggiero and Bryan Trottier. The eight coaches collectively have 28 Stanley Cup titles, 29 All-Star Game appearances and five Olympic medals between them. Six of the eight — Carbonneau, Fuhr, Mullen, Murphy, Ruggiero and Trottier — are also members of the Hockey Hall of Fame. The league will feature a three-on-three format similar to the NHL’s overtime system. Teams will consist of seven players — six skaters and a goalie — along with one head coach. The eight teams will not be franchises located in specific cities, but rather will travel around the country together to contest bracket-style tournaments in a different location each week. The locations have not yet been determined, although there is reportedly a shortlist of over a dozen cities across the Northeastern US, Midwest and Canada.

Denny Hamlin claimed the checkered flag of a shortened Toyota 500 at Darlington Raceway in Darlington, South Carolina—the track’s second NASCAR Cup Series race in a four-day span as Kevin Harvick won The Real Heroes 400 on Sunday. The Toyota 500, which featured 16 lead changes, started late because of a rain delay and ended 20 laps early because the rain returned. The event, the first Wednesday NASCAR race since 1984, was held without any fans in attendance to accommodate public health safety protocols. Sunday’s Real Heroes 400 marked the first Cup Series race since March 8. Hamlin began the 2020 Cup Series with a win at the Daytona 500 on Feb. 17, making him the annual race’s back-to-back reigning champion and making this his second 2020 Cup Series victory. Kyle Busch finished second followed by Kevin Harvick, Brad Keselowski, and Erik Jones. 

Major League Soccer announced yesterday that the 2020 All-Star Game, Campeones Cup and Leagues Cup have all been called off as the league continues to deal with the coronavirus pandemic. The regular season has been suspended since March with no clear date to return as the pandemic continues in the United States and Canada. Some teams have been allowed to return to small training, pending local lockdown measures. The main event of the three canceled, the All-Star Game, was originally scheduled for July 29 in Los Angeles. For the first time, it was going to be the MLS All-Stars vs. Liga All-Stars. MLS said the 2021 MLS All-Star Game and festivities will still take place in Los Angeles. MLS remains hopeful of playing an All-Star team from the Mexican league next season, saying that the two sides will continue discussions. 

Football is back. Well, technically, football practice is back. Actually, it’s not practice at all. In reality, football training is back. And it won’t be the football training players are used to. For the first few weeks, in fact, there will be no footballs used at all. The NCAA Division I Council’s ruling Wednesday to lift a nationwide ban on on-campus activities from June 1 to June 30 will soon have players flooding back to campuses for voluntary workouts.  The workouts are considered voluntary, meaning no on-field coaches can have interaction with athletes, but strength staff members are expected to be able to supervise activity.

An unidentified NFL player is suing United Airlines and alleging that he was sexually assaulted and harassed by a woman on a recent flight  The lawsuit, filed in Los Angeles claims United Airlines did not respond adequately during the flight and did not cooperate with authorities.  The incident reportedly took place on Feb. 10 on a redeye flight from Los Angeles to Newark.  The player, who was wearing a face mask, claims a female on the flight made “multiple unwanted sexual advances” towards him and questioned the mask on his face. After stating he was wearing it for COVID-19 concerns, she said he looked “frightening.” Flight attendants did not move the female until a fourth complaint was made by the player. Her actions reportedly escalated to ripping off the player’s face mask and grabbing his penis. The player claims the female was intoxicated and taking prescription pills at the time of the incident.  The goal of the lawsuit is to “shine a light on how assaults can, and are, being made on men, and not just women.”