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Drunken Attleboro man broke into zoo because he wanted to ‘look at the monkeys’ – WHDH

A drunken Attleboro man was arrested earlier this week after police say he broke into a zoo in the city to “look at the monkeys” that live on an island exhibit. Joseph Villa, 52, was arrested around 11 a.m. on Tuesday as he walked along a city street after officers found his wallet at the Capron Park Zoo and reviewed surveillance video from the night before, Attleboro Detective Lt. Timothy Cook confirmed.


St. Louis Zoo opens online reservations for tickets – Fox2Now

A Guy Claimed He Swallowed a Cell Phone Charger . . . Turns Out He’d Jammed It Through His Urethra – IndiaExpress

A Guy Says He Wound Up with an Entire Fish in His Rectum from “Sitting on It by Accident” – DailyMail

E-cigarettes may help adults quit smoking, but boost teen risk for starting – UPI

One in Five People Say Their Driving Skills Got Rusty During the Quarantine – DailyMirror

The World Health Organization says there’s now evidence that people without symptoms are not driving the spread of coronavirus.  While asymptomatic people CAN spread it, the main way it’s being spread is by infected people with symptoms.  Of course, if more research and data proves this is true, the implications are HUGE for re-opening and resuming day-to-day activities.  (Full Story)

The National Bureau of Economic Research has confirmed that the pandemic has officially launched the U.S. economy into a recession.  We had been in the longest period ever of economic expansion, going back to June of 2009.

Satellite data of car traffic to hospitals in Wuhan, China last fall shows that coronavirus may have been spreading back then.  A researcher from Harvard who studied the data says, quote, “Something was happening [there] in October.”

Can a DOG sniff out coronavirus in your armpit?  A new study out of France found trained detection dogs COULD find it at least 83% of the time.

A place called “Sex Island” out of Las Vegas is throwing a “post-coronavirus sex orgy” with prostitutes in two weeks.  Men can pay $4,500 for, quote, “weed, unlimited alcohol, and sex with two girls per day.”  50 tickets are available.

Because of the rush of post-quarantine DIVORCES, China has passed a new law that requires couples who want a divorce to have a one month “cooling off” period before it’s processed.  People are NOT happy.






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The current state of baseball is an absolute mess. Fans went from believing baseball would be back before most other sports, to thinking that this year may never even happen. Negotiations are still taking place, but the players and owners have yet to see eye to eye. Players have been vocal about their disagreements and issues with the league and the owners. So what is the latest leaked proposal from the league?  MLB has reportedly made a proposal of 75 percent Prorated salary. 76 game season. Playoff pool money. No draft pick compensation for signing player. Season finishes September 27th. Post season ends at end of October.  The league also said that there were significant moves towards players demands and effort to play more.  And the players – very vocally on Twitter – laughed at that proposal.  Looks like we are still a ways away from baseball.

We are getting clearer dates for the timeline in the NBA.   The tentative start dates in mind for each round of the playoffs as it moves closer toward its 22-team restart of the 2019-20 season in Orlando are rapidly approaching. The league’s players union held a conference call yesterday and revealed the play-in tournament for the No. 8 seed in each conference will be on Aug. 16 and 17, if necessary. From there, the first round of the playoffs reportedly will start on Aug. 18, the second round would start on Sept. 1, the conference finals on Sept. 15 and the NBA Finals would begin on Sept. 30. The final day of the NBA Finals, if it went a full seven games, would be Oct. 12.

The NBA and its players association agreed to conduct testing for performance-enhancing drugs during its restarted season. The league will reportedly not test for recreational drugs during this time. When the season was initially suspended due to the coronavirus in March, the NBA and NBPA agreed not to conduct tests during the hiatus. The 2019-20 season is now set to return in July with 22 teams playing at least eight games in Orlando. It will be more than four months between games for players since the season was initially suspended. Players typically undergo four random drug tests during a season and two in the offseason.

VANESSA BRYANT is really shooting for the moon in the wrongful death lawsuit she filed over the deaths of KOBE and their daughter Gianna.  Vanessa is suing Island Express Helicopters and the chopper pilot, who was also killed in the crash last January, and her lawsuit states that she wants, quote, “hundreds of millions of dollars.”

While that might sound excessive when you first hear it, the lawsuit says Kobe’s future lost earnings would be in that range . . . and it’s hard to argue that point.

Tennis legends Andre Agassi and Carlos Moya faced off Monday in the Tennis Channel All-Star Fantasy Showdown, a virtual and simulated showdown of the game’s greatest players. Agassi won the match in straight sets 6-3, 6-3.  According to “the network used a panel of experts to put together the tournaments, seed the draws and research archives to select each head-to-head classic match that will determine which players advance throughout the week. Among them will be nine matches that have never been seen on U.S. television.” Agassi was justifiably the favorite against Moya with a resume that included eight Grand Slam titles, a gold medal in the 1996 Olympics and several stints as the top-ranked player in the world. Other men’s players will include Rafael Nadal, Roger Federer, Novak Djokovic, Pete Sampras, Andy Murray, Andy Roddick, and more.

College football’s latest steps toward an on-time return are being taken. The NCAA College Football Oversight expects to submit a detailed four-phase plan later this month for football activities to begin in July. A draft version of that plan includes a recommendation that coaches could begin interacting with players as soon as the first week of July. Football activities leading to fall camp practice would be modeled for mid-July. That would give teams starting Aug. 29 over six weeks to prepare for the beginning of the 2020 season. The vast majority of teams starting a week later would begin football activities on or around July 24.

Texas Tech confirmed Monday there have been recent positive COVID-19 tests within the men’s basketball team, but the athletic department could not specify how many positive tests or who tested positive.  The Big 12 announced June 1 that voluntary on-campus activity would be permitted for basketball programs beginning July 6.  However – the Texas Tech basketball team and their coaching staff did participate in protests last week.