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Stoughton man charged after allegedly urinating in almond milk at a Stop & Shop – Boston

A Stoughton man is facing charges, including attempted poisoning, after he allegedly urinated in almond milk at a Stop & Shop in Brockton last Tuesday.

Along with the poisoning charge, Billy J. Smith Jr., 34, is being charged with disorderly conduct and vandalizing property. Authorities recovered several containers of almond milk and Bai juice drinks from the store. Those were sent off to a lab to check for fingerprints, while a container of almond milk was being sent away for a urine analysis, according to a police report.

We’re Spending 19 Hours a Day Looking at Screens Since the Quarantine Started – People

The Tesla Model 3 was the top selling car in California in the first quarter of 2018 . . . that’s the first time an electric car has been on top of the list.  (Full Story)

A Guy Is Facing Charges for Hitting a Highway Worker with a “Large Pickle” – TheSmokingGun

 Apparently, the new trend is:  Buying a large steel CATTLE TROUGH and using it as a pool.  The troughs work like above-ground pools, and they have a sort of rustic farmhouse look that works with some people’s hipster design style.  (Full Story)

Minnesota’s Attorney General increased the charge against the officer who killed George Floyd from third-degree murder to second-degree murder . . . and the other three officers on the scene have now been arrested as well.  And the county medical examiner’s report was released . . . it concluded Floyd died from a heart attack, and that he was positive for coronavirus.  (Full Story)

A Butcher Says His Meat Vending Machine Is a Hit – NYPost

Cool Ranch Doritos are finally available in Canada again after a shortage caused by coronavirus.  The supply was low because, before the pandemic, there wasn’t huge demand for them in Canada . . . and once it started, suddenly everyone wanted them.

Chris Trousdale, one of the five members of the early 2000s boy band Dream Street, has died. He was 34 years old and just over a month away from his July birthday when he passed away on Tuesday. Jesse McCartney who was in Dream Street as well said it was complications from the virus. Last I checked it was unconfirmed

AMC Theatres, the biggest movie theater chain in the world, said it has “substantial doubt” it can stay in business amid the coronavirus pandemic.. The chain expects that losses will total between $2.1 billion and $2.4 billion in the first quarter. “We are generating effectively no revenue,” the company said on Wednesday in a regulatory filing. “We believe we have the cash resources to reopen our theatres and resume our operations this summer or later,” AMC said.  Other than that, the company says liquidity will depend on a number of factors. The coronavirus has caused movie theaters to close and many blockbusters have been delayed for months. Former theater-goers are also watching more movies at home through streaming services. 

BUT Cinemark plans to open in four phases on June 19, starting with a five theater test in Texas. After that, the company plans to open a third of its theaters the next week. The company wants to have all of its U.S. locations reopened by July 10.  Cinemark guests won’t have to wear a face mask but it will “encourage” them to do so. Yet the employees will be directed to wear face covers. They would implement seat-buffering technology, allowing guests to physically distance themselves from others when purchasing tickets online. Cinemark will also ramp up its cleaning policies, reduce social interactions at the box office and concession stands and install screen shields between customers and workers. The chain also said it would supply hand and seat cleaners for guests, stagger movie times to reduce foot traffic and join other companies, like Amazon, in screening staff before their shifts. It will also run an initial maximum seating capacity of 50 percent with six feet between patrons.

Lili Reinhart is opening up about her sexuality.On Wednesday, the Riverdale actress came out as bisexual while showing her support for the LGBTQ+ For #BlackLivesMatter protest in West Hollywood, Calif. Taking to Instagram to spread awareness, she encouraged fans to walk alongside her for the cause and proudly identified herself as bisexual. “Although I’ve never announced it publicly before, I am a proud bisexual woman,” she shared on her Stories, along with a flyer with details surrounding the event. “And I will be joining this protest today. Come join.” 

LEA MICHELE has issued an apology after SAMANTHA WARE accused her of making her life “a living hell” on the set of “Glee” . . . including once saying that if she had the chance she’d “[poop] in her wig.”vIn an Instagram post, Lea said, quote, “While I don’t remember ever making this specific statement and I have never judged others by their background or color of their skin, that’s not really the point . . .”What matters is that I clearly acted in ways which hurt other people.  Whether it was my privileged position and perspective that caused me to be perceived as insensitive or inappropriate at times or whether it was just my immaturity and me just being unnecessarily difficult, I apologize for my behavior . . .”We all can grow and change and I have definitely used these past several months to reflect on my own shortcomings.”vIt’s loosely an apology and acknowledgement that she hurt Samantha . . . but it’s worth noting that she doesn’t specifically mention Samantha or directly apologize.vSamantha seems to have responded by fixating on the word “perceived” and suggesting Lea should put her money where her mouth is with a donation.vMeanwhile, other cast members are also distancing themselves from Lea. vNaya Rivera reportedly un-followed Lea on Instagram . . . Heather Morris said she was “very unpleasant” to work with . . .vAnd her other former co-stars including Amber Riley (Mercedes), Alex Newell (Unique), and “Supergirl” star Melissa Benoist (Marley) have shown support for Samantha. 

Streams of “[Eff] tha Police” by N.W.A have nearly quadrupled during the nationwide protests.  It’s up 272% from May 27th through June 1st, compared to the five days before George Floyd’s death. Other songs that have surged include:  Childish Gambino’s “This Is America”, and Kendrick Lamar’s “Alright”.

Bill Murray’s 27-year-old son Caleb was arrested at a protest in Massachusetts on Monday.  He was charged with disorderly conduct, a threat to commit a crime, and three counts of assault and battery on a police officer. According to the police report, he was uncooperative, and was also accused of spitting on and biting an officer.  He’s been released on $10,000 bail. 

Photographer Mark Seliger is auctioning off a bunch of his most famous celebrity portraits to raise money for COVID-19 relief.  And several of them are NUDES.  (His last name is pronounced SELL-ig-err.) He did the famous naked-but-covered-up photo of Jennifer Aniston in 1995 . . . the black-and-white one where she’s seated with her arms and legs crossed.  He also did a nude portrait of Julia Louis-Dreyfus, and a nearly full-frontal one of Lenny Kravitz. All three are up for sale, along with 22 NON-nudes of celebrities like Kurt Cobain, Oprah, Jerry Seinfeld, Tom Hanks, Johnny Cash, Billie Eilish, Brad Pitt, and President Obama. Jen posted about it on Instagram and thanked Mark for making her a part of it.  She also explained where the money’s going. All proceeds will benefit the National Association of Free & Charitable Clinics.  They’ve been providing free coronavirus tests and medical care all across the country. The auction is called “Rad Art 4 Aid.”  It runs through next Friday on the Christie’s auction house website.  Last we checked, the high bid on Jen’s portrait was $8,000.

The third “Bill & Ted” movie is supposed to hit theaters this August.  We’ll see if that still happens.  Early last month, screenwriter Ed Solomon said the first trailer was a few weeks away, and we’re still waiting. But co-stars KEANU REEVES and ALEX WINTER DO have something new out this week.  They’re both in the new virtual graduation video for San Dimas High School near L.A. . . . the same school they went to in the movies. There’s a 45-second clip buried 18 minutes in, where they congratulate all the seniors and mix in some “Bill & Ted” references. First they drop a line about the “Wyld Stallyns”, their band in the movies.  Then they talk about how “San Dimas High School football rules” . . . and tell them all to “be excellent to each other.” You can check it out on YouTube.  Search for “SDHS Graduation of the Class of 2020,” and skip to 18-and-a-half minutes in.

The band behind Joe Exotic‘s songs on ‘Tiger King’ got some good news.  Vince Johnson of The Vince Johnson Band — half of the music duo who wrote and performed Joe’s tracks featured on the Netflix series — just inked an exclusive licensing and distribution deal with BMG Rights Management and Create Music Group. As part of the agreement, all those Joe tunes (which are actually Vince’s) will be compiled onto an album for the first time and be released on streaming services everywhere in the coming months. There’ll also be some new tunes, including one called ‘Killer Carole.’  I don’t think they’ve signed to a label yet but this is a good first step.  Vince lost his longtime music collaborator — Daniel Clinton — who helped him pen a lot of the songs on ‘Tiger King,’ after he passed away from a heart attack late last year.

SHARON STONE went on Instagram to tell everyone NOT to be “overreactive” to the chaos happening around them.  BUT . . . you should consider creating a PANIC ROOM in your house to protect yourself.  She even filmed a handy step-by-step tutorial . . . you know, in case you’ve never created a panic room before.  You can do it in SIX easy steps . . .

  1. First, determine the best room in your house for a panic room.  Sharon suggests a bathroom for three reasons:  It probably has the “least windows” . . . you may feel “the most tucked-in there” . . . and it’s the place you can “lock yourself in the most.”  (Having a toilet with you is also a plus.) 
  1. Make it comfortable, by placing some blankets and pillows in the tub.  She doesn’t say what to do if it’s just a half-bath . . . but we’re assuming you can just lay the blankets on the floor next to the toilet. 
  1. Stock up on food and water.  Sharon suggests bringing a cooler for water, and, quote, “a few non-perishable things that you can eat . . . some fruit or some protein bars.”   
  1. Don’t forget your technology.  Be sure to bring your “computer and cell phone chargers in there,” along with your computer itself, and your “extra cell phone.” 
  1. Block ANY means of entry.  Some bathrooms DO have a window, and if that’s the case, Sharon says you’ll want to board that up. 
  1. Finally, DON’T PANIC in this new panic room.  And if you think you’re going to panic, be sure to also have your panic medications with you. 

She ends by saying, quote, “Stay safe, don’t be over-reactive.  This will come and go, like all things do.” 


T.J. Miller is 39.

Angelina Jolie is 45.

Russell Brand is 45. 

Horatio Sanz is 51.  SNL

Bruce Dern is 84.

And today’s BURTON BIRTHDAY OF THE DAY….if you need advice on getting it on…and the opinion you want is that of someone who is a tiny little eldery woman…you go to her.  Dr Ruth is 92 years young today.



Today’s birthday girl been plowed harder than an open ice check from Scott Stevens in 91 fine films including:

  • 2 at Once…Or More
  • Welcome to The Anal Zone
  • Hot Cars & Hotter Babes
  • Milk Junkies Volume 6
  • Puck Sluts
  • Young And Super Curious
  • And who could forget…her unforgettable role in….Totally Effed 


On Sunday, the MLB Players Association submitted a proposal to Major League Baseball for a 2020 season that would include a 114-game regular season and expanded playoffs. It took the league a few days to respond, but yesterday, owners rejected the union’s proposal and said they would not send a counteroffer. The owners are said to want a shorter regular season, perhaps as short as 50 or 60 games, with an emphasis on getting to the postseason quickly. The hope is to have the postseason completed before a possible second wave of coronavirus can sweep the country, thus ensuring the league pockets all of the money from playoff television deals. Earlier this week, it was reported that commissioner Rob Manfred would be willing to force a shortened season with prorated salaries if the two sides could not strike an agreement. That season would be about half as long as the players’ desired length. But, as we stand right now, it looks like the two sides are still a ways apart.

The NBA is finalizing details of a plan which is expected to be approved by the league’s Board of Governors on Thursday, paving the way for a return. The board is poised to give the green light to commissioner Adam Silver’s return of basketball which would begin July 31 with a 22-team format, and end in mid-October with a champion being crowned. The plan requires support from three quarters of the league’s 30 teams in order to be approved. In the plan, 22 teams will play 8 regular season games.  Then the teams will be seeded.  There will then be a small play in single elimination tournament to find the 9th seed in each division and a double elimination tournament to find the 8th seed.  I know it sounds confusing, but here is a better explanation.

A new report suggests that NBA teams may be allowed to transport their own home courts to Walt Disney World to use in the league’s new regular season “bubble league.” The idea of transporting a home floor is on the table. Disney is prepared to provide all the courts necessary at ESPN Wide World of Sports, but will welcome teams shipping their own floors if that’s the direction that this goes.”

Remember yesterday when we said that MLS is probably headed for a lockout? Well, Major League Soccer and the MLS Players Association have officially ratified a new Collective Bargaining Agreement, paving the way for a return to play in 2020 while avoiding a lockout. The two sides announced the deal on Wednesday after several days of negotiations that threatened to undo the progress made during the winter months.

As a result of the agreement, the league is cleared for a return to play for a tournament in Orlando that is set to begin in July.

UFC president Dana White said the first event on what he calls Fight Island will be held June 27. White has been working to set up a location to host international fights amid travel restrictions caused by the coronavirus pandemic. White spoke of how much work had gone into the idea, which he hopes will help mixed martial arts grow further. He said QUOTE: “Let me tell you about Fight Island. Fight Island is so f—ing expensive and so f—ing crazy and almost impossible to pull off. You are talking about planes flying people in and the restrictions and you have to quarantine people. It’s f—ing insane to even be trying to do this but I promise you we will do it and we will pull it off.  The first fight on Fight Island is probably around June 27.” The UFC has continued despite COVID-19, holding five events without fans since March.

It’s not often that an NFL receiver will publicly call out his quarterback for something, but that’s exactly what Michael Thomas did to Drew Brees on Wednesday. The Saints receiver clearly wasn’t happy after seeing an interview that Brees did. During the interview, the Saints quarterback was asked what his thoughts were on the subject of players potentially kneeling again during the national anthem for the 2020 season.  Brees then made it very clear that he’s against that form of protest because he views it as disrespectful to the American flag.  Brees also added that standing with your hand over your heart is an equally good way of showing unity.  Since making the comments, Brees has faced some major backlash, including some that came from two of his own teammates: Thomas and Emmanuel Sanders.  They both tweeted their displeasure with their QBs comments.  Saints safety Malcolm Jenkins posted a very emotional video on Instagram in response to Brees’ comments and said that if he didn’t understand what was wrong with what he said, then he is “part of the problem.” Even other athletes chimed in.  Lebron James, Richard Sherman, Ed Reed and others took to social media to comment.

The University of Missouri football team dedicated Wednesday to leading a peaceful protest and registering to vote in the aftermath of George Floyd’s killing May 25. Head coach Eliah Drinkwitz said: “Today we decided that action is what causes change.  Our integrity is when words and actions come into alignment. So we did that—our players led a powerful walk to the courthouse where we took a knee for 8 minutes and 46 seconds, to honor the life of George Floyd and demand justice. This isn’t political. It’s a human rights issue.” Drinkwitz added that 62 student-athletes registered to vote.