How You Got Us Banned Mike!

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Florida scammer spent $11K raised through fake fundraiser for murder victims’ families: Sheriff – TrueCrimeDaily

A Florida woman was arrested for allegedly pocketing money she raised on GoFundMe supposedly intended for the families of three men murdered in July, the Polk County Sheriff’s Office announced Friday.

Joe Biden Told Donald Trump to “Shut Up, Man” During Last Night’s Debate – FoxNews

Kids Have Said “I’m Bored” Six Times a Day During the Pandemic – SWNS

Watching Videos of Cute Animals Has Been Scientifically Proven to Lower Your Stress – NYPost

An Etiquette Teacher Fights Off a Mugger Dressed as a Ninja – NYDailyNews

Someone in a Full-Body Chipmunk Costume Robbed a Pharmacy at Gunpoint – kATC

Airline offering free flights to Orlando for people named Orlando – UPI

Man arrested after returning stolen truck because he felt bad – Fox23

Sex sells and boobs make you pay attention. Kylie Jenner posted some bikini shots on Instagram while directing her 200 million followers to go register to vote at I don’t know what or if she got paid but it is working. About 50,000 hit up the site and traffic just from her was up 1500% on the site. got over an 80% increase in total users of its voter registration and verification tool from the prior day. And that number is rising.

Singer and songwriter Mac Davis died yesterday.  He was 78.  He wrote Elvis Presley’s “In the Ghetto”, and had his own hits, including “Baby Don’t Get Hooked on Me”.  Here’s a montage of both, including HIS version of “In the Ghetto”.  He also starred in the movie “North Dallas Forty” and was the voice of Sheriff Buford on “King of the Hill”. ACM Entertainer of the Year in 1975 and had six Top 10 singles on Billboard’s Hot Country Songs chart. A three-time Grammy nominee, he is also a member of the Songwriters Hall of Fame and the Nashville Songwriters Hall of Fame. (AUDIO)

Helen Reddy, singer of the feminist anthem “I Am Woman” . . . died yesterday.  She was 78.

Ryan Dorsey got emotional about the “assumptions” being made and the “false narrative” he says is being created about his relationship with Naya Rivera’s sister Nickayla, while confirming that she has moved in to help care for his five-year-old son with the late “Glee” star, Josey.(AUDIO)

Today “The Glorias hits Amazon.  Alicia Vikander and Julianne Moore play feminist icon Gloria Steinem in the story of her life.  Janelle Monae is also in it as activist Dorothy Pitman Hughes

“South Park: The Pandemic Special” at 7 central on Comedy Central.

Zendaya made history earlier this month as the youngest person to win an Emmy for her work in HBO’s “Euphoria.” Her upcoming projects include “Dune” with Timothée Chalamet and “Malcom & Marie,” which she stars in alongside John David Washington and was just sold to Netflix for $30 million. Now she will star as Ronnie Spector in the movie of her life called “Be My Baby”. Seems pretty fascinating. It will focus on Spector and the Ronettes group and their signing to Phil Spector’s Philles Records and Spector’s battle to gain back the rights to her music

This goes in the “One More Time for the People in the Back” file:  HUGH JACKMAN is NOT GAY.  And his wife DEBORRA-LEE FURNESS wouldn’t mind if you stopped spreading that rumor. She says, quote, “I see these magazines and they’re so mean-spirited . . . I hope people realize it’s all made up.  It’s just wrong.  It’s like someone saying to Elton John, ‘Oh he’s straight.’  I’m sure he’d be pissed!” But then, of course, she had to add the “not that there’s anything wrong with that” caveat . . . quote, “And so what!  What are we discussing here . . . Is he a vegetarian . . . Is he gay?”(AUDIO)

If you loved the 2019 CGI version of “The Lion King”, you’ll like this:  A PREQUEL is in development . . . and it was written by Jeff Nathanson, who wrote the 2019 version.  And “Speed 2: Cruise Control”. There aren’t many details about the plot . . . but a “source” says Disney is approaching it like “The Godfather: Part 2”, where the story will push forward, while looking back at the past, including exploring Mufasa’s “origin story.” In other words, it’s more of a “follow-up” than a traditional prequel or sequel.  If Mufasa is involved, Scar would be too.  But there was no mention of Simba. And yes, it’s expected to feature new songs sung by animated lions that look like real lions.  There’s no word on casting or a possible release date. The first movie was directed by Jon Favreau, but this one will be handled by Oscar-nominated director Barry Jenkins, who did “Moonlight” in 2016.

The Rosebud Motel from “Schitt’s Creek” is going up for sale next month. The building WAS once a functioning motel in Orangeville, Ontario, Canada, which is about an hour west of downtown Toronto.  The current owner has had it since 2011.  He’s mostly used it to house students in his basketball academy.  Denver Nuggets player Jamal Murray lived there for two years while attending the school. He’s also rented out rooms on Airbnb, and of course the show has rented the place for a month at a time since 2015. It’s unclear how much he’s looking to get for it.

This year’s Bonnaroo was canceled outright–and next year’s edition of the festival is likely going to look very different taking place from September 2-5, 2021, instead of the usual June dates. “By moving the festival to September, organizers are affording themselves extra runaway and setting the stage for Bonnaroo to be one of the first major large-scale music events to take place post-pandemic,” Consequence of Sound notes. “It’s also a strong indication that most other early spring/summer events — e.g., Coachella — will also likely be pushed back.” Stay tuned!

RANDY HOUSER put a heavy dose of irony into a recent Instagram post.  Here’s what he wrote:  “Last year ‘Baby It’s Cold Outside’ was taken off the radio.  This year ‘WAP’ is the Number One song.  Let that sink in.” His message seems to have struck a chord.  The post was liked by Miranda Lambert, Josh Abbott, Randy Rogers, Jason Aldean, Meghan Patrick, Wade Bowen, and Mitchell Tenpenny.

Miley Cyrus released her cover of Blondie’s hit “Heart of Glass” because of “popular demand,” according to Billboard. Cyrus showed fans her version of the song earlier this month. On Sunday, fans including celebs like Adam Lambert and Paris Hilton suggested she released the song on all platforms. UFC fighter Julian Marquez even tweeted that he would walk out to his fight on November 14 if she released the song.  (AUDIO) 

Back in 2016, CHRISTINA AGUILERA was supposed to do a duet with a WHITNEY HOUSTON hologram on “The Voice”.  But her estate pulled the plug because they didn’t like how it looked. Well, a music producer named Scott Storch recently put together a “variety show” featuring various holograms . . . like Tupac, Biggie, Michael Jackson, Billie Holiday . . . and Whitney Houston. It’s running on some online channel called    Apparently, the creator of the hologram dusted it off and let Storch use it WITHOUT the permission of Whitney’s estate.  And he thinks that’s okay, since it’s HIS work.  What he seems to have overlooked is that Whitney’s IMAGE is owned by her estate . . . and they’re currently exploring their legal options.Maybe this is nothing.  But it could also be a HUGE SOMETHING.  JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE and JUSTIN BIEBER could be teaming up to become, like, some sort of huge SUPER-JUSTIN. “Billboard” pointed out that Timberlake posted a video of himself and producer TIMBALAND grooving to a beat in the studio.  He captioned it “Back together again.” Then Timbaland posted a video of Justin Bieber at the piano, and he tagged Justin Timberlake.  But it looks like he took it down.  Obviously, there’s nothing official at this point.

Sports was JUST starting to feel normal again . . . if you didn’t look too closely at the stands . . . but now, COVID-19 is reminding us that we’re still in the middle of a pandemic.

 The NFL has its first team outbreak.  At least nine members of the Tennessee Titans have tested positive this week:  Three players, at least one coach, and five other employees.

And it’s possible that it could’ve spread to the Minnesota Vikings, who played the Titans on Sunday.

The Titans have closed their practice facility until at least Saturday . . . and the Vikings have closed theirs until they conduct more testing.

For now, BOTH teams’ Week Four games are in doubt, but the NFL hasn’t announced anything yet.  The Titans are supposed to play the Pittsburgh Steelers at home, and the Vikings are scheduled play the Houston Texans in Houston.

Titans linebackers coach Shane Bowen was the first to test positive.  This was BEFORE the team’s trip to Minnesota.  Bowen was held back . . . and everyone else in the traveling party was tested.  All the results came back negative.

So the game went on . . . but on Monday, the eight others tested positive.  Their names have not been released.  As far as we know, no members of the Vikings have tested positive yet.

The Titans shut everything down until Saturday because it can take up to five to seven days for an infection to register in a test.

If the virus is contained, it’s POSSIBLE that the Titans / Steelers game could be moved to Monday . . . and there are more complicated scenarios if the schedule is juggled to squeeze the games in later, using future Bye Weeks.

The Minnesota Twins lost to the Houston Astros last night, 4-1.  Which serves as a reminder that the Twins are NOT good at postseason baseball.

 In fact, in their last 17 postseason games, the Twins are now 0-17.  That’s right . . . they haven’t won a playoff game since October of 2004.  And they haven’t won a playoff series since beating the Oakland As in five games in 2002.

 The Twins now have the record for the longest stretch of playoff losses in MLB . . . the NFL . . . the NBA . . . AND the NHL.  They surpassed the previous record of 16 by hockey’s Chicago Blackhawks from 1975 to 1979.

The first round of the 2020 MLB playoffs will feature a best-of-three NL Wild Card Series between the San Diego Padres and St. Louis Cardinals. The series will take place at Petco Park Stadium in San Diego, California. In the MLB Wild Card round the first of that series is today at 4:08pm

Then again Friday at 9:08 pm

The Miami heat and Los angeles lakers start the NBA finals off tonight at 8pm which is the beginning of the end of the longest NBA season in history.

Brittany Matthews and fiancé Patrick Mahomes are expecting so congratulations to the VERY HAPPY couple.