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Cartwheeling Orlando Man Attempts to Evade Arrest – Yahoo

Driver ‘huffing’ inhalants lost control of SUV, struck and killed clinic worker in Ballwin, police say – STLToday

13 horses killed in crash on I-44; others survived – Fox2Now

Debate Commission To Mute Candidates’ Mics At Start Of Each Segment – NPR

Oh, great: NASA says an asteroid is headed our way right before Election Day – CNN

A Million-Dollar Flying Squirrel Trafficking Ring in Florida Has Been Busted – Fox13News

 Only 46% of people say they’ll definitely go back to shaking hands once the pandemic is over.  26% will not, and the rest aren’t sure.  Men are almost three times more likely than women to say they’ll go back to handshakes.

Halloween shops say they’re seeing a lower demand for adult costumes this year because of the pandemic.  And overall, Halloween spending is projected to drop 8% this year.

Here’s a woman at a school board meeting in Virginia giving a short heartfelt speech about how hard the pandemic has been on her cats.

Kraft cancels ‘send noods’ campaign after backlash – NYPost

This really sucks but 84 year old retired actor Robert Redford has to bury his son. 58 year old James Redford died from bile duct cancer in his kidney. He was a documentary filmmaker and an activist. He had two liver transplants in 1993. After surviving the transplants, he launched the James Redford Institute for Transplant Awareness and produced The Kindness of Strangers, a documentary film exploring the sacrifices made by organ donor families. This is the second son Robert has lost; his first, Scott, died of sudden infant death syndrome at 2 1/2 months in 1959. Redford has two surviving daughters, Shauna and Amy. James is survived by his wife, Kyle, and their children, Dylan and Lena.

JEFF BRIDGES has cancer. “As the Dude would say, new [S-word] has come to light . . .”I have been diagnosed with Lymphoma.  Although it is a serious disease, I feel fortunate that I have a great team of doctors and the prognosis is good.  I’m starting treatment and will keep you posted on my recovery.” He added, quote, “I’m profoundly grateful for the love and support from my family and friends. “Thank you for your prayers and well wishes.  And, while I have you, please remember to go vote.  Because we are all in this together.  Love, Jeff.” Jeff turns 71 in December. Lymphoma is a cancer of part of the immune system, and there are several types.  It’s unclear which one Jeff was diagnosed with.

Chadwick Boseman’s last movie is coming to Netflix’s December 18th.  It explores race, art, religion, and the exploitation of Black recording artists by white producers through the eyes of Black blues singer Ma Rainey. Production on Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom wrapped in early August — just weeks before Boseman would pass away from colon cancer.

Two of Eddie Van Halen’s guitars are going up for auction December 4th and 5th at Juiien’s Auctions in Beverly Hills. Estimated value of $40,00 to $80,000. Did you know the signature line designs on his guitars he did with tape? Like striping for a car. One guitar comes with pics showing Van Halen putting the tape on. Also, a cigarette burn from a night in 2004 when he played the guitar in San Antonio, Texas. The other guitar was built by Van Halen and his tech and it has his signature and a note to that tech. It comes with Van Halen’s guitar pick and two backstage passes. They may go for a lot more. The last rock ‘n’ roll auction, they had a guitar of Kurt Cobain’s sell for $6 million.  

Former Skid Row vocalist Sebastian Bach said in a recent interview that he once had a shot at joining Van Halen when Sammy Hagar left  in 1996. He didn’t get the audition, though. He didnt think his manager was into him leaving Skid Row.”  Van Halen would later choose Gary Cherone of Extreme for vocals. Bach says his name came up again for the Van Halen gig when the band parted ways with Cherone in 1999.  However, Bach shot down those rumors when he told MTV that same year “There’s only one singer for Van Halen, and that’s David Lee Roth.”

Over the weekend, there was a Tweet thing about the WORST Chris in Hollywood, choices being Chris Hemsworth, Chris Evans, Chris Pratt, and Chris Pine. One has to go. With over 7,000 comments and 13,000 re-Tweets they voted out Chris Pratt, making him the WORST Hollywood Chris. Let’s do more shall we?

Kate Hudson or Kate Beckensale

Michael Douglas or Michael Keaton

Amy Poehler or Amy Adams

Steve Carrell or Steve Harvery

Tom Hanks or Tom Cruise

Jeff Bridges or Jeff Goldblum

This one needed 3 Jennifer Lopez, Anniston or Lawrence?

MARTHA STEWART did five months in prison 16 years ago for insider trading, and ROSIE O’DONNELL visited her behind bars.  In a new interview, Rosie said that when she saw Martha, she asked what she missed most . . . and expected her to say “my daughter” or “my dogs.” But instead, she said . . . “THE FLAVOR OF LEMON.” Rosie said she joked, quote, “[If] I would’ve known that, I would have shoved one up my hooter, I could’ve got one in for you!” She did eventually cover her lemon craving.  She arranged for a Capri lemon tree from Italy to be waiting on Martha’s front porch on the day she returned home. Rosie also said that it was surprising that Martha had asked for her to come visit, because they weren’t really friends.  They knew each other as celebrities, but they’d never gone to dinner or hung out. She said, quote, “It kind of broke my heart to think that of ALL the people she knew she had to invite someone she sort of didn’t know to come all the way to Lynchburg, Virginia.  I had to get a plane and go there.” 

Here’s something you didn’t know about “Tiger King” star CAROLE BASKIN: Close your eyes, unless you are driving or on public transportation or cooking breakfast or wlaking on a tight rope… She even thinks she may have been born into the wrong body . . . Quote, “I was always very male-oriented in the things I did . . . I never had any mothering instincts or anything, you know, I never played with dolls. “And so I always thought that there was something off there,  that I couldn’t quite put my finger on.”

WWE will celebrate the Undertaker’s 30-year career over five weeks, airing a new special or documentary on the wrestling icon every Sunday. The WWE Network’s ’30 Days of The Deadman’ celebration kicks off this Sunday, October 25th with ‘WWE Untold: The Phenom and The Legend Killer’, a doc about the Undertaker’s 2005 rivalry with Randy Orton. Other specials will arrive every Sunday, including ‘Meeting Mark Calaway’, giving fans a look into the real life man behind the Undertaker’s persona.

Here’s What’s Coming to Disney+ This November. ‘The Mandolorian’s second season yes but they also have a Marvel anthology planned for next month. Beginning November 20th, Disney+ will feature the new ‘Marvel’s 616’ series, which will dive deep into Marvel’s pioneering characters, story-telling and legacy.  The eight-episode series will also highlight the storylines told within the Marvel Cinematic Universe….but back to ‘Star Wars’.  Disney Plus and LEGO will also have a holiday story on hand featuring characters from the Skywalker Saga.  ‘The LEGO Star Wars Holiday Special’ will debut on Disney Plus November 17th.

Adidas has a new Star Wars collaboration honoring Chewbacca. It is a limited edition drop covered in wook brown fur and Chewie’s signature Rebel Alliance belt. According to the listing on, the adidas Chewbacca sneakers drop this week on Thursday. Looks like they will cost $150.00

“Space Jam 2: A New Legacy” won’t be released until next year, but the movie’s plot is online.  The leaked synopsis says, “During a trip to the Warner Bros. studio, NBA Superstar LeBron James and his son accidentally get trapped within a world that contains all of Warner Bros.’ stories and characters, under the control of a malfunctioning, all-powerful force named Al G (played by Don Cheadle).”   It continues, “With the help of Bugs Bunny, LeBron must navigate through a never-before-imagined world filled with iconic movie scenes and characters as they re-assemble the Looney Tunes to rescue his lost son. Now to get back home, Lebron and the Tunes have to unravel Al G’s mysterious plan and win an epic basketball game against digital gamified super-versions of the NBA and WNBA’s biggest stars as the entire world watches.”

Safe to say fans of Stranger Things and fans of Stephen King cross over. The Duffer Brothers, creators of the Netflix series Stranger Things, admit their series is like a love letter to King and all things 80s. “Growing up, he was such an inspiration,” the brothers reveal. “He’s like a god to us.” Both involve a group of outcasts in middle school. Each group of friends has one girl in the group (at least before Max shows up.) And both IT and Stranger Things can’t get enough of the kids using their bicycles by all means of transportation. In a recent interview, King was asked about the show.  “I like [Stranger Things] a lot, but it does owe something to IT,” the author says. “That’s another book about kids who are weak and helpless by themselves — but together can make something that is very strong.” Production is underway now for Stranger Things season 4 and fans around the world can’t wait! 

What’s the scariest movie you’ve ever seen?  Someone chose 50 horror movies, then had 50 people sit down and watch them all . . . and their heart rates were monitored the whole time. Fifty movies isn’t exactly a comprehensive overview of the horror genre, but they chose them based on their ratings on IMDB and Rotten Tomatoes.  And the list did include many of the supposedly scariest films of all time.

Here are the Top 20 scariest movies, and the average heart rates they generated:

1.  (tie) “Sinister” and “Insidious”, 86 beats per minute. “Insidious” came in second.  The test subjects reacted to both of the top movies with an average heart rate of 86 beats per minute.  “Sinister” won for keeping their hearts pounding for the entire movie, while “Insidious” got the biggest jump scare

3.  “The Conjuring”,  85 bpm.

4.  “Hereditary”,  83 bpm.

5.  “Paranormal Activity”,  82 bpm.

6.  “It Follows”,  81 bpm.

7.  (tie) “The Conjuring 2” and “The Babadook”,  80 bpm.

9.  (tie) “The Descent”, “The Visit”, and “The Ring”,  79 bpm.

12.  (tie) “A Quiet Place” and “A Nightmare on Elm Street”,  78 bpm.

14.  (tie) “Halloween”, “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre”, “28 Days Later”, and “The Exorcist”,  77 bpm.

18.  “Hush”, 76 bpm.

19.  “It”, 75 bpm.

20.  “Scream”, 73 bpm.

It’s interesting that everything in the Top 10 came out within the last 20 years.  THEN you start seeing more classic stuff. It’s kind of amazing that legendary flicks like “Halloween”, “Chainsaw”, and “The Exorcist” don’t even make the Top 10, but tastes change.  I mean, people were terrified of the old “Frankenstein” and “Dracula” movies when they first came out in the ’30s and ’40s. Some other classic movies that appear further down the list include “The Omen”, “The Shining”, “Alien”, “The Thing”, and “Friday the 13th”.

Someone is FINALLY filling the void that MTV left when it forgot what the “M” stood for, and ditched the music videos for pregnant teens and STD-riddled beachgoers. Yesterday, Apple launched Apple Music TV, a 24-hour livestream of videos. And it’s FREE on the Apple Music and Apple TV apps. Apple says its Music TV offers, quote, “exclusive new music videos and premieres, special curated music video blocks, and live shows and events as well as chart countdowns and guests.”

GARTH BROOKS finally announced that his new album “Fun” will be out November 20th.  This is around two years later than originally anticipated.  The lead single, “All Day Long”, came out in June of 2018. Seven of the 14 tracks have already been released, including “Dive Bar” with Blake Shelton . . . and “Stronger Than Me”, which he sang to Trisha Yearwood at the 2018 CMAs.  The album also has his duet with Trisha on “Shallow” from “A Star Is Born”.

During an interview last week, MILEY CYRUS  said that one of her other dogs got electrocuted on the set of “The Voice”, after chewing on some wires. The Flaming Lips Performed their First Bubble Concert and it looks pretty ridiculous by which I mean it looks like  Flaming Lips show. The lead singer has played shows in the past in a bubble but this time everyone was in one. It was in Oklahoma City. Flaming Lips are trying to determine if the bubbles could safely protect concert goers from spreading COVID-19 and thus allow concerts to resume during the pandemic. The crowd seemed cool with it.




Today’s birthday girl has had her fair share of scares…but then the tests results came back fine… in 122 fine films including:

  • Victory of De-Feet
  • Tramp Champs
  • All You Can Eat Volume 3
  • Great Big Ole Boobies Volume 3
  • Sex Hospital Volume 2
  • Evil Anal
  • Anal Dancing
  • And who could forget…her unforgettable role in…Get Over Here Twinkle Toes


The L.A. Dodgers made post-season baseball history yesterday.  Being down two games to none in their championship series with the Braves, they came out swinging, scoring ELEVEN runs in the top of the FIRST.  Here’s Joe Buck with the call, when the bases were loaded.  AUDIO

The Houston Astros have NOT been popular with baseball fans in the aftermath of their cheating scandal . . . and THIS won’t help. Astros pitcher ZACK GREINKE was asked if he missed the fans this year, which seems like a dumb question.  But surprisingly, Zack said he PREFERS pitching in empty stadiums.  And he wasn’t being sarcastic.

And no, it’s not because loud fans make it harder to hear the trash can banging they’re using to cheat.  It’s because fans are . . . ANNOYING.  (???) Well, at least he’s being HONEST.  Which is something we’re not used to getting from Astros players. 

Legendary University of Alabama coach NICK SABAN has contracted the coronavirus, but thankfully he’s been asymptomatic and feels fine. Here’s Nick on how he’s feeling, and the precautions they were taking. AUDIO

Alabama is ranked #2, and they have a HUGE game this Saturday against #3 Georgia.  Saban coached practice over Zoom from home, but it’s unclear what will happen for the game.

Obviously, Saban won’t be on the sidelines UNLESS he’s able to log a series of negative tests in the coming days to prove that this was a false positive.

But that’s unlikely, because Alabama’s athletic director also tested positive.  As of last night, no one else at Alabama has returned a positive test.  But if it turns out that others were infected, it’s possible the game could be postponed.

This isn’t the only COVID-19 disruption in college football.  The SEC postponed Florida’s game this weekend against the defending national champion LSU because of positive tests . . . and this weekend’s Missouri / Vanderbilt game was also postponed

St. Louis will be the site of the NCAA Division I hockey championships in 2025 after hosting a regional in 2024, the NCAA announced Wednesday along with hundreds of other championship sites. The regionals will be held at the Centene Community Ice Center and the championships the following year at Enterprise Center. It will be the third time the event has been held in St. Louis and the first since 2007. (The other was 1975.) St. Louis also was named as a first- and second-round site for the 2026 men’s NCAA basketball tournament at Enterprise Center after having the same event canceled this year due to the coronavirus. The host institution for hockey will be the University of Vermont, which on its surface seems unusual until you consider that the Blues president, Chris Zimmerman, played hockey at Vermont. The city did not make the cut for the NCAA soccer championships, which the St. Louis Sport Commission had hoped to land for the new MLS stadium. The sports commission made bids on 51 events. 

All winter athletes in NCAA Division I sports will be given an additional year of eligibility, and all football programs will be allowed to compete in bowl games — regardless of their records — as part of one-time rule changes in response to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. The NCAA’s Division I Council voted to approve both measures this week during its annual meetings. Council chair Grace Calhoun, the athletic director at Penn, said the council wanted to provide as much opportunity and flexibility to athletes as possible amid the uncertainty hanging over this year of college sports.