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St. Louis man accused of stealing woman’s cellphone while she lay dying on Soulard sidewalk – STLToday

Florida Man Accused of Stealing Bulldozer to Dig Up Biden Signs – BayNews9

The mystery of the Bermuda Triangle may finally be solved – BigThink

Texas Fire Chief Under Review After Photos Surface Of Him Eating Sushi Displayed On Naked Woman – KWTX

Half of Parents Have Argued with Their Child’s Grandparents About Parenting Techniques – StudyFinds

Before You Get Your Flu Shot, Get a Good Night’s Sleep – CNN

Walmart changing store hours – AL

No indoor dining or bar service in Metro East as virus restrictions return Wednesday – STLToday

 Some rich people are apparently buying waterfront homes just for a place to park their yachts in Florida.  That’s because boat sales have surged during the pandemic, so there’s a shortage of slips.  This is clearly a problem we all can relate to.

Guitar Center Mulls Restructuring With Creditors Taking Control – Bloomberg

“My heart is shattered into a million pieces,” “My beautiful loving sister Deondra has transitioned… I say transitioned because she will always be alive…anyone who knew my sis…knew that she was a bright light… That was the post on social media as Jamie Foxx announced the passing of his sister Deondra Dixon. She was just 36. She was a human with Down’s Syndrome. The pair have lived together in Jamie’s 40 acre estate property in Hidden Valley, California since 2002. She served as a global ambassador for the Global Down Syndrome Foundation. She danced in his videos and live on stage with him over the years as well.

Who is the first solo artist from the 1990s to join Youtube’s 1 billion view club? Originally written in 1973 by a country artist. It gained massive appeal once it was recorded in 1992 for a movie soundtrack… Originally written by Dolly Parton in 1973, it exploded in popularity when Houston recorded her version for the film The Bodyguard.   Whitney Houston’s 1992 hit “I Will Always Love You”  Others in the club are from groups, including Guns N’ Roses’ “November Rain,” Nirvana’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit” and The Cranberries’ “Zombie.”  

The days when a single person could write a #1 song are over.  For some reason, you need a gaggle of writers to produce a hit these days. According to “Billboard“, in the ’70s, 44% of the songs that reached #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 were written by just one writer. In the ’80s it was 42% . . . in the ’90s it dipped down to 24% . . . in the 2000s, it plummeted to 6% . . . and in the 2010s it was just 4%. And this year, NOT ONE SONG written by a solo writer has reached #1. The last song written by just one person to reach #1 was . . . ED SHEERAN’s “Perfect”, which he wrote.  It reached #1 in December of 2017. And get this:  The last song written by a solitary female songwriter to reach #1 was. ALICIA KEYS’ “Fallin'”, which she wrote.  It hit #1 way back in August of 2001.

Rob Zombie has announced that his first new single in four years, “The Triumph of King Freak: A Crypt of Preservation and Superstition” drops this Friday. Zombie’s trailer teaser doesn’t actually tease with any bits of new music but it does give off the same vibes as his video for 1998’s “Living Dead Girl”. Zombie told NME earlier this year that his new album is “a very big, complex and crazy record that I’m really excited to finally able to release.”

There’s a rumor going around that VAN HALEN is reforming with Sammy Hagar on vocals, Alex Van Halen on drums, Michael Anthony returning to play bass, and Wolfgang Van Halen replacing his father Eddie on guitar. It’s obviously not true, and Wolfie says it’s actually hurtful.  He Tweeted, quote, “This is just a [crappy] lie attempting to capitalize on these awful times. “Please stop with this.  Anyone peddling this [stuff] is not only hurting the fans, but hurting me and my family.” 

The cover of Van Halen’s “Eruption” you didn’t know you needed, on a Stylophone

I read on, a small tribute to Eddie Van Halen will air as part of Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame’s 2020 Induction Ceremony Special. It will be “multiple guitar gods paying homage to the VAN HALEN guitarist,” It will be included in the in memoriam section. This past May, the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame Foundation announced that due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, it was replacing its annual live induction ceremony with an exclusive special honoring this year’s inductees. The program will be available on HBO and to stream on HBO Max November 7. The Rock And Roll Hall of Fame 2020 inductee class includes DEPECHE MODE, THE DOOBIE BROTHERS, Whitney Houston, NINE INCH NAILS, The Notorious B.I.G., T. REX

DRAKE had a birthday party for himself over the weekend, and someone got a hold of the menu and posted it online.  And I think we’re about to have one of those “pineapple on pizza” discussions. Because one of the items on the menu was Mac & Cheese, with sun dried tomato, capers, parsley, and . . . RAISINS???  Fans are kinda losing their minds over it. I mean, the tomato, capers, and parsley are a little off-kilter . . . but I think you can make a case for them.  Raisins, though?  It hurts just thinking about it.

The nominees for this year’s “American Music Awards” were announced yesterday, and THE WEEKND and RODDY RICCH lead the way with eight each. Both are up for Artist of the Year . . . alongside Justin Bieber, Post Malone, and Taylor Swift. Taylor has already won Artist of the Year FIVE times:  In 2009, 2011, 2013, 2018, and last year.  Justin got it in 2010 and 2012.  None of the others have won it yet, but Post Malone has been nominated before. ABC will air the ceremony live from Los Angeles on Sunday, November 22nd.  There’s no word on a host yet.  You can find ALL the nominees at As usual, YOU will choose the winners.  Voting is open now at, and you can submit up to 10 votes per category per day.

Conan O’Brien returned from vacation, to start doing shows in the historic Largo Theater in L.A. again, only to find that some of their equipment had been stolen.  Here’s Conan kicking off his show last night, trying to make light of yet another setback for the show.

Let’s Make A Deal is coming back to production all though a bit different. Wanye Brady will still host. It’s a bit virtual and a bit in person. They have done around 40 online at-home episodes, Let’s Make A Deal: At Home, with simple, quick games. But they put together a hybrid that includes two walls of virtual audience members with 18 people on them and 12 contestants in the audience, all in their own pods. All 12 contestants in the audience will be selected to play at some point and each episode will also feature a contestant from home. All of the usual COVID-19 protocols are in place and the set was redesigned so that the contestants remain distanced from each other and Brady. Let’s Make A Deal’s first two primetime specials will air tonight and Monday December 21.

British game show called Family Fortune…Family Fued rip off Here is the audio. Why did they even bleep it? Can you guess what they lady answered?

Kazakhstan isn’t fighting the whole “Borat” thing anymore.  They’re actually using Borat’s catchphrase, “Very Nice,” in tourism ads.  One official says, quote, “In COVID times, when tourism spending is on hold, it was good to see the country mentioned in the media.”  (The ads are mostly visual with the catchphrase being used after tasting something, taking in the beauty and having a picture taken.  Here’s a rapid-fire clip.

Remember when “Cake Boss” star BUDDY VALASTRO mangled his hand in a bizarre bowling injury?  He stuck it into the broken pinsetter at his home bowling alley last month and IMPALED IT. Well, TLC is doing a two-hour special on his recovery.  It’ll air on December 23rd. TLC says, quote, “As business deadlines loom, commitments for over-the-top cakes stack up, and the holiday season around the corner, the stakes couldn’t be higher. “But above all, Buddy faces the ultimate question:  Can you still be the Cake Boss if you can’t make cakes?”

Halloween is just a few days away, so a website put together a list of the 10 scariest G-rated movies in modern history. For the most part, they stuck with movies that came out after the PG-13 rating was established in 1984, but there are a few exceptions. Interesting Fact:  The first PG-13 movie was “Red Dawn” with Patrick Swayze. Here’s the list, along with some of the rationale:

1.  “The Secret of Nimh”, 1982 . . . Haunting imagery, near-death experiences, and a darkness that can stay with you.

2.  “Monsters, Inc.”, 2001 . . . It relies on the concept that the monsters under your bed are real, and they terrify you in your sleep because it’s the sole thing that keeps their economy going.

3.  “The Brave Little Toaster”, 1987 . . . It’s about a group of derelict appliances seeking to find purpose by finding the person who abandoned them decades ago.  Along the way, they almost get crushed at a scrap yard.

4.  “A Little Princess”, 1995 . . . A morality tale about a privileged girl who’s forced into a life of indentured service after her father dies in World War One.  Her story is bleak and laden with trauma until the last five minutes.

5.  “Pinocchio”, 1940 . . . Mostly for the “Pleasure Island” sequence, where young boys are transformed into donkeys and sold into slavery.

6.  “The Princess and the Frog”, 2009 . . . One of the most traumatic villain deaths in Disney history.  Dr. Facilier is dragged clawing and screaming to the depths of, well, something.

7.  “The Andromeda Strain”, 1971  (???) . . . It’s about a biological weapon (with extraterrestrial origins) that kills everyone in its path.  Of course, that hits especially close to home in 2020.

8.  “The Hunchback of Notre Dame”, 1996 . . . It explores the evils of fanaticism, persecution, and obsession . . . and is, quote, “one of the darkest animated films in history.”

9.  “Toy Story 3”, 2010 . . . The toys outgrow their usefulness . . . and it comes to a point where they’re all on the brink of destruction, so they hold hands and welcome the end.

10.  “The Adventures of Milo and Otis”, 1986 . . . This one is apparently tongue-in-cheek.  The site says, quote, “The scariest thing about this movie is that it exists in the first place.”

Its not like you haven’t seen her naked before but a then very pregnant Chloë Sevigny got naked for a magazine. 21 pages spread as a matter of fact. This was back in March. It was the relaunch of Playgirl magazine the print edition.  This was  just weeks before she gave birth to son Vanja on May 2 with boyfriend Sinisa Mackovic. She says she struggled to get pregnant until one night they went out dancing and drinking and then had the intercourse.Cindy the TikTok star, known as @_sincindy, also works at LAX. Airport in Los Angeles California. She meets big time stars all the time. She has taken to tik tok and rated a bunch of them based on how nice or not nice they are on a regular basis.  She based the ranking on a scale of 1-10 with some celebrities like Kendall Jenner earning a low 2  “Every time she flew out, she was not really friendly to anybody and walked around really arrogant.” Nicki Minaj also had a low score of 2/10 because she “wouldn’t get off the aircraft until everybody else got off,” which she claimed was a disruption to flight attendants.  She gave Cameron Dallas the lowest score with a 1/10. She claimed the YouTube star held up his flight because he was running late and thought it was funny when he was reprimanded by staff for his tardiness. “Avengers” star Chris Evans was ranked an 8/10 whereas his co-star Chris Hemsworth scored a 10/10 because he was “always” polite and “on a first-name basis with some of the staff.”  Gaten Matarazzo from “Stranger Things” scored a 10/10 and his co-stars Natalia Dyer and Charlie Heaton received a joint 9/10. Orlando Bloom was a 10/10  saying he was “hilarious,” and also claimed actress Rebel Wilson “didn’t expect special treatment.” Cindy also rated Anna Faris a 12/10 for being “amazing” and “super f–king humble.”  “I felt like I was checking in my friend. I’ve never met a better person in my life,” she said of Faris. Lastly, despite missing her flight, Dakota Johnson scored a 9/10 for being able to joke about the incident afterward.


Troy Gentile is 27.  Barry Goldberg on ABC’s “The Goldbergs”.

Kelly Osbourne is 36

Ted Wass is 68.  Blossom’s Dad on “Blossom”

Ivan Reitman is 74.  Director of “Stripes”,“Meatballs” and “Ghostbusters” in the ’80s . . . and “Twins”“Junior”“Kindergarten Cop” and “Dave” in the ‘90s.

Lee Greenwood is 78.  God Bless the USA.AND TODAY’S BURTON BIRTHDAY OF THE DAY….The man is a comedic legend…perhaps the most popular member from the Monty Python group….he’s a trailblazer and one of the funniest people on the planet….John Cleese is 81 years old today.



Today’s birthday girl has been on her back more than a vampire in a coffin during the day in 144 fine films including: 

  • It’s OK…She’s My Stepsister
  • Diesel Dongs Volume 15
  • Face Wash
  • Wanna Bang My Daughter?  Gotta Bang Me 1st
  • Hot Sauce Volume 9
  • Unplanned Orgies
  • And who could forget…her unforgettable role in…Real Young Toes Before Hoes


The Rams dominated the Bears last night on Monday Night Football.  The final score was 24-10.  As you know, both myself and Moon picked 44 points, the total points was 34 points…but…it doesn’t matter…Moon finished higher than myself and I have 9 shots coming my way next week when I get back into the studio. 

Tonight, the Dodgers have the chance to win the World Series as they take on the Rays in Game 6.  After the Rays tied things up in a wild game 4, the Dodgers came back and got the win in game 5.  Tonight – first pitch is scheduled for 7:08PM.

On Sunday, Baker Mayfield threw an interception.  The ball was intended for Odel Beckham Jr.  Well, after the interception, Odel tried to tackle the defender who caught the ball and…it didn’t go as planned.  Odel injured his knee and yesterday, it was confirmed, torn ACL and he is done for the year. 

PATRICK MAHOMES and the 6-1 Kansas City Chiefs play the lowly 0-7 New York Jets this Sunday in Kansas City . . . and the Jets have virtually NO chance.But some people are actually betting on the Jets because the spread is so wild.A major sportsbook had the Jets as 21.5 point underdogs, which means the Chiefs could win by THREE TOUCHDOWNS, and the Jets would still cover.Naturally, that line attracted bets, and it got tighter.  But as of yesterday, the Jets were still 20.5-point underdogs.  And if YOU want to bet on the Jets, get it in soon.  The spread is expected to drop a bit as the week goes along.The Jets have been underdogs of 20 points or more twice in the past 13 years.  In Week 15 of 2007, they were 20.5-point underdogs at New England and they covered the spread in a 20-10 loss.And last season in Week 3, the Jets were +21 at New England and they covered in a 30-14 loss.  It was close though . . . they were behind 30-0 before scoring on a special teams fumble recovery and an interception.

Yesterday, it came out that the starting QB for Wisconsin football had tested positive for Covid.  That sucks but what an opportunity for the back up – right?  Well – late yesterday it came out that he too has tested positive for Covid.  The protocol for the Big 10 is that you must sit out 21 days if you are positive so that means that if both the starter and the backup are positive, the third stringer will start and the 4th string QB will be the backup.  For a team that is ranked 9th in the country, that’s brutal. 

So what’s up with the NBA?  When will it start?  When will training camp get started?  We are starting to hear some rumblings of it all….With a plan to begin the 2020-21 season Dec. 22, the NBA will “likely” open training camps Dec. 1. The league is considering a 72-game season that would close before the Tokyo Olympics, which are scheduled for July 23-Aug. 8.

Nearly two weeks after the Florida Gators were forced to pause football activities following an outbreak of COVID-19, the team returned to practice on Monday. When the program came to a halt on Oct. 13, head coach Dan Mullen and two assistant coaches had tested positive, in addition to 26 players. Mullen said Monday the team has not had a positive test since Saturday and will be able to produce an SEC-minimum 53 players for Saturday’s game against Missouri.

Despite being an exhibition bout, there will be a championship belt on the line when Mike Tyson returns to the ring to battle fellow former champion Roy Jones Jr. The WBC has created a “Frontline championship” that will be awarded to the winner of the fight, which has been titled the “Frontline Battle.” Tyson, 54, and Jones, 51, are set to meet on Nov. 28 on pay-per-view. While the fight will be overseen by the California State Athletic Commission, the bout will be scored by a panel of three champions using the WBC’s remote scoring program. Officials have insisted that the fight will be stopped if either man suffers a cut and that both Tyson and Jones should not be looking to score a knockout.