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After years away from Hollywood, RICK MORANIS finally returned in a Mint Mobile commercial with RYAN REYNOLDS.  And this is what he gets for stepping back into the spotlight: At about 7:30 on Thursday morning, Rick was walking down the sidewalk in New York City, when some guy randomly SUCKER-PUNCHED him.  Rick went down hard, and the guy just walked away. The attack was caught by a surveillance camera, and the cops have a pretty clear picture of the A-HOLE too.  They’re offering a $2,500 reward for information that leads to his arrest. Rick was treated at a local hospital, but he’s back home.  His rep says, quote, “He is fine but grateful for everyone’s thoughts and well wishes.” So Rick is doing okay, but Ryan Reynolds isn’t.  He Tweeted, quote, “Should have known not to subject Rick to the year 2020.  Glad to hear he’s okay.” And CHRIS EVANS Tweeted, quote, “My blood is boiling.  Find this man.  You don’t touch Rick Moranis.”

How bad is it for movie theaters right now? A re-release of Hocus Pocus almost beat the latest first run movie Tenet at the box office. What’s worse, huge-theater chain Cineworld says it is closing down again, including many of its Regal locations in the U.S.  1993 Halloween cult classic Hocus Pocus was almost able to beat Tenet and take the top spot at the weekend box office with a mere $2 million. That’s no good considering this was to have been the weekend that Wonder Woman 1984 debuted.   Over the weekend Tenet took in an estimated $14.2 million globally as it crossed the $300 million mark worldwide. That included a domestic weekend of $2.7 million. Because of its hefty $200 million production budget before marketing, Tenet will need to do $400 million or more to break even. Now  Cineworld revealed it could close its European locations and Regal Cinemas in the U.S. as early as this week. Its just not financially feasible. This after news that 007’s No Time to Die is moving from November to April of 2021.

 (Cineworld is the second-largest exhibitor in the world and U.S. behind AMC Theatres. So far, neither AMC nor Cinemark have said how they’ll respond to the Bond move (both had already reduced their hours of operation at many U.S. locations. Sources say it could be difficult to release new movies without Regal in play.)

The final season of the award winning sitcom, Schitt’s Creek just dropped early on Netflix. Co-creator and star Dan Levy announced the news on Twitter Saturday morning. Along with the final season, a documentary about the making of the show is one to check out! The doc follows the show’s early development, and takes a look into the making of the final season.

Amazon Studios is doing The Second Age of Lord of the Rings. Yes it was already a successful film franchise. Many are wondering what the Game of Thrones affect will be. Game of Thrones is the king of book to TV adaptation.  The show had sex, nudity and incest from the very first episode. Will they take that road with Lord of the Rings?  Lord of the Rings fansite shows that a new casting call has gone out for Amazon’s Lord of the Rings series by BGT Casting. The casting call mentions “actors must be comfortable with nudity”.  Lord of the Rings was never written in the way to overtly specify sexual scenes. All relationships within the books were monogamous within marriage to further bloodlines.  A woman who bills herself as an intimacy coordinator says she has been hired on a project called Amazon’s UAP which is the working title of the show. It is widely believed it will be rated a hard R.

The home of serial killer Buffalo Bill in “Silence of the Lambs” is up for sale.  It’s in Perryopolis, Pennsylvania, and it’s on the market for $298,500.  It was previously sold in 2016 to a “Silence of the Lambs” fan for $195,000. (AUDIO)

Matthew McConaughey, Ben Affleck and everyone from the original Dazed and Confused are getting together for a table read next weekend to raise money for get out the vote in Texas. In Texas covid 19 is NOT a good enough reason for mail in ballots. Patton Oswald will moderate a Q and A following the reading. 

We talked about how scientifically spot on astrological signs are right? Totally based in fact. MADONNA once refused to work with a producer because of his astrological sign. DJ DAVID GUETTA won a Grammy for a remix he did of the Madonna song “Revolver”.  After that, she called him and said he should produce her next album.  So they arranged a meeting. He says, quote, “It’s just her and me.  Very relaxed, very cool.  We have lunch.  It’s happening . . .”She asks me for my astrological sign.  I answer her Scorpio.  Suddenly, she makes a face and she says to me, ‘I’m sorry, we’re not going to be able to work together.  It was a pleasure to know you.  Goodbye.'” Madonna is a Leo, and both signs are very stubborn, passionate, and dramatic.

Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee says he was sucking down TWO GALLONS of vodka every single day before he realized he needed some help. Lee had been sober for four years but got “really bored” once Motley Crue wrapped up their 2015 farewell tour.  He decided to ease the boredom with alcohol.  Over time he built a bad habit with vodka, knocking back two gallons a day.Lee gives his wife credit for “waking him up” from his boozy boredom.  She told him “I don’t think I’ve ever seen anybody drink that much before and it worries me.”  Once the 58-year-old realized how “insane” his life had become, he entered rehab for treatment.  Tommy Lee is nearly one year sober this month. 

Linkin Park has announced another celebration to commemorate the 20th anniversary of their debut album, ‘Hybrid Theory’. The band will stream one of their favorite concert performances, from 2002’s ‘Projekt Revolution Tour’, this Friday, October 9th at 11am.  Get there early so you don’t miss a fan Q&A with the band before the stream starts. Tickets for this Friday’s party are on sale now at

LL Cool J was not happy with Kanye West urinating on a Grammy.  He said, quote, “With all due respect, I think Kanye should just . . . maybe he should just [pee] in a Yeezy or something instead of [peeing] on a Grammy.” (AUDIO)

Friday morning Trump admitted to testing positive for the Covid 19. It didn’t take SNL long to get in on the goodness. Here’s Jim Carrey’s Joe Biden wondering what it would be like if karma and science teamed up to give the coronavirus to President Trump. (AUDIO)

YouTube star Tana Mongeau has about 5.5 million subscribers. That will get you verified and you can make some sserious money on Youtube with that many followers and your verify check mark. She lost her verification recently. Why? Nott totally sure but…recently she offered to send one nude pic from her OnlyFans account to anyone who proves they voted for Biden. You got a platform and an opinion go for it right? It is also a possible violation of U.S. electoral law. Making an expenditure for a vote or buying a vote is a no no. Its technically a felony under federal law. But the hashtag bootyforbiden was working apparently.

Here’s an example of how time flies.  Yesterday was the 30th anniversary of the premiere of what tv show…(AUDIO) “Beverly Hills 90210“, which starred Luke Perry, Shannen Doherty, Jason Priestley, Ian Ziering, Jennie Garth, Brian Austin Green, Gabrielle Carteris, and Tori Spelling

“Forbes” has put out their list of the World’s Highest Paid Actresses, and since the box office has been virtually non-existent for more than six months, the Top 10 features more streaming and TV actresses than usual.  

Here are the world’s 10 highest-paid actresses:

1.  Sofia Vergara, $43 million

2.  Angelina Jolie, $35.5 million

3.  Gal Gadot, $31.5 million

4.  Melissa McCarthy, $25 million

5.  Meryl Streep, $24 million

6.  Emily Blunt, $22.5 million

7.  Nicole Kidman, $22 million

8.  Ellen Pompeo, $19 million

9.  Elisabeth Moss, $16 million

10.  Viola Davis, $15.5 million.

These 10 women made a combined $254 million, which is down 20% from last year’s list. 

For what it’s worth, SCARLETT JOHANSSON was #1 the previous two years, thanks to all that Marvel money.  Without that, her earnings over the past year are down more than $40 million, dropping her out of the Top 10. But she should be back up next year, thanks to the pandemic-delayed “Black Widow” movie.


Jesse Eisenberg is 37.

Kate Winslet is 45

Guy Pearce is 53

Mario Lemieux is 55

Brian Johnson is 73.  AC/DC lead screamer. 

Today’s BURTON BIRTHDAY OF THE DAY….he and his band have put out many a-hits.  You’ve actually probably seen them live if you’ve gone to any summer concert that featured Doobie Brothers, Chicago, Joe Cocker, or anyone of the likes….songs like The Joker, Fly Like An Eagle, and Abracadabra….Steve Miller is 77 years young. 




Today’s birthday girl has been on her back more than Sleeping Beauty in 205 fine films including:

  • Milli Vanilla
  • Brassiere To Enternity
  • Clockwork Orgy
  • Confessions of a Slutty Nurse
  • Hispanic Hooter Ho Down
  • The Sex Circus
  • Show & Tell
  • And who could forget…her unforgettable role in….We’re Puttin The Old Dog To Sleep


Welp, the Cardinals blew it.  After a win in Game 1 against the Padres, they lost back to back games and were eliminated from the Post Season. On Thursday after the Cards blew it and the Padres mounted a 11-9 comeback win, on Friday they shutout the Cardinals and picked up the 4-0 win. And, in addition to the bad news of being bounced from the playoffs…Cardinals Nation also got some bad news off the field… Hall of Famer Bob Gibson passed away.  Gibson passed away from pancreatic cancer.  He was 84 years old.

So how does the postseason look now?  The Rays take on the Yankees, the Astros play the As, the Dodgers play the Padres, and the Marlins take on the Braves.   Today it’s Houston vs Oakland and New York vs. Tampa.

Tonight there is a double header in the NFL for Monday Night Football.  The Packers and Falcons are the originally scheduled game, but the Patriots and Chiefs will also play their rescheduled game from this weekend after players on both teams tested positive for COVID 19. 

Lamar Jackson is setting the standard for young, dual-threat quarterbacks. During the Ravens’ 31-17 victory over Washington on Sunday, the signal-caller reached 5,000 career passing yards and 2,000 career rushing yards faster than any player in NFL history. It was Jackson’s 35th game, while Michael Vick held the previous record at 39 games. As he led the Buccaneers out of a 17-point halftime hole to a 38-31 victory over the Chargers, quarterback Tom Brady earned his 222nd regular-season victory—a league record.  Brady also became the oldest player in NFL history to throw for five touchdowns in a single game. Brady was 30-of-46 for 369 yards, five touchdowns and one interception in the victory. Brady broke the record previously held by his former teammate, kicker Adam Vinatieri. Vinatieri collected 221 career wins through 24 seasons in the league

The Patriots will reportedly use two planes as they fly to Missouri for tonights game against the Chiefs. One plane will carry those who were in close contact with quarterback Cam Newton and the other will have the rest of the team. Newton tested positive for COVID-19 on Saturday. The plan was to fly to and from Missouri today as long as there were no more positive tests. Following news of his positive test, Newton said on Instagram he would “never question God’s reasoning” and will take the time to “get healthy and self reflect.”

The New Orleans Saints had an undisclosed player test positive for COVID-19 after arriving in Detroit for a Week 4 game against the Lions. New Orleans is reportedly in the midst of testing the people who were in contact with him. This is the fourth NFL team to produce positive test results this week following the Titans, Chiefs and Patriots. The team didn’t learn of the positive test until after arriving in Detroit.

Jimmy Butler had triple-double last night as the Heat avoided going down 3-0 and picked up the big 115-104 win against the Lakers last night.  The series now sits at 2-1 and Game 4 is scheduled for tomorrow night.

Denny Hamlin claimed the checkered flag in a third overtime period in the YellaWood 500 at Talladega Superspeedway on Sunday. Fans are calling the race a wreck-fest as Hamlin picked up the win in the longest race in Talladega Superspeedway history.

The Mizzou Tigers lost to Tennessee over the weekend 35-12.  It’s their second loss in a row.  Next up for the Tigers…a game against 17th ranked LSU on the road on Saturday night. 

Former MLB pitcher Charles Haeger took his own life less than a day after police said he shot and killed his ex-girlfriend in Arizona. Haeger’s unoccupied vehicle was found Saturday. Authorities had probable cause to arrest Haeger on suspicion of murder and aggravated assault in the fatal shooting Friday. Haeger was a pitcher drafted by the White Sox in 2001, and he recorded a 6.40 ERA in 83 major-league innings while being one of the few players to rely on the knuckleball. His career included stints with the Red Sox, Mariners and Dodgers organizations.