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Zack de la Rocha performs at Rage Against the Machine show while seated due to apparent leg injury

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Zack de la Rocha channeled his inner Dave Grohl during Rage Against the Machine‘s concert in Chicago Monday after suffering an apparent leg injury.

According to, de la Rocha left the stage with the help of a few crew members toward the beginning of the show. When he returned, he spent the rest of the concert seated on an onstage monitor.

Consequence also posted a video of the very end of the show, which sees de la Rocha hugging each of his bandmates while still sitting down. Eventually, two crew members arrived and literally swept him off his feet, carrying him backstage while he gave the peace sign to the crowd.

Rage hasn’t made any public statements about de la Rocha’s condition, but if it’s serious enough, maybe he’ll be the latest artist to make use of Grohl’s throne. The Foo Fighters frontman brought the giant, guitar-adorned structure on tour in 2015 after breaking his leg during a show in Sweden earlier that year, which he finished despite the gruesome injury.

Grohl has previously lent the throne to Guns N’ Roses frontman Axl Rose during his tour with AC/DC.

Rage’s Chicago show was just the second date on the band’s much-anticipated reunion tour, which kicked off last weekend following a two-year pandemic delay. The outing, which marks the “Killing in the Name” outfit’s first live shows in 11 years, continues Tuesday with another show in Chicago.

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