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Welcome to Cannons World: Rising trio turns "in-the-moment situation" into hit single, "Fire for You"

Credit: Pooneh Ghana

Rising trio Cannons currently sits in the top five of Billboard’s Alternative Airplay chart with the single “Fire for You.” As guitarist Ryan Clapham tells ABC Audio, the catchy tune had a humble beginning.

“I made the riff, and usually when I write a riff, I’ll try to think of some top-line melody for it,” Clapham explains. “To be honest, that just came out. There wasn’t much thought into it, it was one of those in-the-moment situations where ‘I was on fire for you’ just sounded really cool.”

The rest of the song came together with to some “extra sauce and toppings” from drummer/keyboardist Paul Davis and lyrics and vocals from singer Michelle Joy, who channeled the experience of a recent breakup into its longing feel.

“[‘Fire for You’] just kind of envelopes all of the sound that we try to make as a band into one,” Clapham says. “I think it’s a good song that showcase[s] what Cannons is as a whole. It being neon, we’re being funky, dreamy and dance-y all in one.”

Cannons is certainly influenced that ’80s sound that often pops in alternative music nowadays, but the band’s style is also driven by the steady presence of guitar beneath a glitzy synth.

“It’s my main writing tool, so it’s what I gravitate towards the most when I’m writing songs,” Clapham says of the guitar. “Adding the guitar, and then Paul accompanying with synths and keyboard whatnot, I think adds a warmer feel, because it’s that organic kind of aspect coming out in the music.”

He adds, “I think it’s something we always want to do, is just blend every world to our own world, which is our Cannons world.”

“Fire for You” appears on Cannons’ 2019 album, Shadows.

By Josh Johnson
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