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Weezer’s 2020s #1 Billboard streak continues with “Records”

Crush Music/Atlantic

If there’s one thing to be sure of in this new decade, it’s that Weezer will have a #1 hit on Billboard‘s Alternative Airplay chart.

Rivers Cuomo and company have once again reached the top of the ranking, this time with their single “Records.” They’ve now had a #1 Alternative Airplay song in each year of the 2020s: “Hero” in 2020, “All My Favorite Songs” in 2021, “A Little Bit of Love” in 2022 and now “Records” in 2023.

Overall, “Records” is the eighth Weezer song to hit #1 on Alternative Airplay, tying them with U2 for seventh most since the chart began in 1988. Red Hot Chili Peppers have the most, with 15.

“Records” appears on Weezer’s SZNZ: Summer release, one of four seasonally themed EPs they put out in 2022.

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