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Weezer announces launch of their own Roomba, the Wroomba: “The w is silent”

Credit: Brendan Walter

While Weezer won’t physically come to your house and clean it for you, should you even ask — fans will finally get to enjoy the next best thing.  The “All My Favorite Songs” singers are teaming with iRobot and are coming out with their very own Roomba.

The band announced Monday via a tongue-in-cheek announcement that they are going to launch their own autonomous cleaner, named the Wroomba.  The circular cleaning machine offers a custom Weezer-skin that flaunts a shiny silver CD-like top and the Weezer insignia.

Note, as the band remarks, “this is not a real compact disc.”

“Studies show that 9/10 humans have dreamed of weezer cleaning their house.  But it simply isn’t possible,” the rockers joked. “…Until now.”

Stressing that the “W” in their new invention “is silent,” the Grammy-winning band admitted to fans that using their iRobot is “like having weezer clean your home, but it actually gets clean!”

Including fake reviews of their product, the band highlighted one that declares, “[It’s] so much better at cleaning than human Rivers [Cuomo].”

Fans can enter to win a Wroomba with a silent “W” on, where five lucky winners will get hooked up with their “new friend.”

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