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Twenty One Pilots' "never-ending" "Level of Concern" video comes to an end

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Everything must end, even things that are explicitly described as “never-ending.”

That’s what Twenty One Pilots learned when the “never-ending” video for their single “Level of Concern” did indeed come to an end.

The video, which first premiered back in June, used fan-submitted content to continually and, supposedly, indefinitely upload new footage. It ended up with over 10 million views on YouTube.

Twenty One Pilots announced the end of the never-ending “Level of Concern” video with a skit in which drummer Josh Dun watches over a “mini server” that keeps the footage going. However, it accidentally turns off when Dun unplugs it so that he can light up his Christmas tree.

“For the last 178 days fans have been generating a never-ending music video for ‘Level of Concern,'” the “Stressed Out” duo tweeted. “Well, we thought it was never going to end.”

Twenty One Pilots first released “Level of Concern” in April. Just last week, they dropped their second new track of 2020, the original holiday tune “Christmas Saves the Year.”

By Josh Johnson
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