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Tom Morello reveals abandoned Audioslave reunion plans


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Prophets Of Rage guitarist Tom Morello revealed in an interview with Music Feeds that he and late singer Chris Cornell — with whom Morello recorded and toured in Audioslave — had discussed an innovative way to stage a reunion of the latter band before Cornell died last May. The idea came up after Audioslave reunited for a brief three-song set last January, with Morello explaining, “We started talking about maybe doing some sort of similar thing where maybe it would be a Prophets Of Rage show and then we would drop an Audioslave set into the middle of it, and we’d have a ball.”

As for that show last January — the last time all four members of Audioslave played together — Morello said, “I just say ‘Thank god we played it,’ you know? Audioslave hadn’t played in 12 years, although I’d played another show with Chris about a year before that. And it was wonderful to be close friends and to rock again and to play some Audioslave songs and stand next to him onstage with his – you know – his rock god powerful self, and his amazing voice and his amazing hair and his amazing whole thing, you know? It was wonderful.”

  • Morello also recently revealed the existence of unreleased Audioslave music from the sessions for the three studio albums the band released. But he admitted that at this point he doesn’t know what will happen with it: “You know, we recorded music for Audioslave records, and then we recorded more songs than made those records, and I’m certain at some point it will come out but there’s no plans for it. We had talked about it when, you know, Chris was alive and we thought at some point there will be the right time to put it out. Now I don’t know that there’s ever a right time to put it out, but there’s no reason that it shouldn’t come out at some point.”
  • Morello, Audioslave bassist Tim Commerford and Audioslave drummer Brad Wilk — who were also bandmates in Rage Against The Machine — are now in Prophets Of Rage, who just released their debut LP.
  • Cornell committed suicide last May, following a show with his primary act Soundgarden. He recorded three studio efforts and one live album with Audioslave from 2002 to 2007 before leaving the group.


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