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Toadies drop new EP, ’Damn You All to Hell’

M Toadies 091322
Kirtland Records/Toadies

Toadies have released a new EP called Damn You All to Hell.

The four-track collection includes three previously unreleased originals, as well as a cover of the David Bowie song “Sound and Vision.” Two of the originals, and the Bowie cover, were first recorded during the sessions for the latest Toadies album, 2017’s The Lower Side of Uptown, while the other dates back to sessions for 2008’s No Deliverance.

Damn You All to Hell arrives just as Toadies are finally set to launch their 25th anniversary Rubberneck tour, which had originally been scheduled for 2020 before getting pushed back two years due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The outing kicks off Tuesday in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Rubberneck, of course, features the signature Toadies song “Possum Kingdom.” The 1994 record is certified Platinum by the RIAA.

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