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These are Hayley Williams' five favorite Paramore songs

Credit: Lindsey Byrnes
Credit: Lindsey Byrnes

Over the weekend, Paramore started trending on Twitter after someone started a viral thread asking what everyone’s favorite five songs by the band are, and Hayley Williams herself decided to join in on the fun.

Initially, Williams stated that her five top Paramore tunes were “Told You So,” “Hard Times,” “Pool,” “Rose-Colored Boy” and the live version of “I Caught Myself.”

With the exception of “I Caught Myself,” which was originally recorded for the Twilight soundtrack, all the tracks Williams listed are off the latest Paramore album, 2017’s After Laughter.

After a fan asked her to list her top-five non-After Laughter Paramore songs, Williams chose five selections from the group’s self-titled 2013 album: the live version of “Future,” “(One of Those) Crazy Girls,” “Fast in My Car,” “Last Hope,” and “Ain’t It Fun.”

“Basically, the last 2 Paramore albums are our best,” Williams said. “Nooo contest.”

Meanwhile, Williams just released her debut solo album, Petals for Armor, in May.

By Josh Johnson
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