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The Revivalists focused on what’s “more meaningful in our lives” with new “Kid” single

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You probably have your own story about what you were doing on January 6, 2021, when you heard about the attack on the U.S. Capitol. The Revivalists were writing what would become the lead single off their next album.

As the “Wish I Knew You” outfit tells ABC Audio, they had been working on their new song, “Kid,” when they learned the news about the insurrection.

“I think the chorus we already had, and we were working on the other parts and we were well in the flow of it — really a great writing day,” recalls guitarist Zack Feinberg. “And we started hearing this news about this crazy stuff that was going on.”

In that moment, the group decided the best course of action was to just keep writing.

“I don’t want to let this news distract what we’re working on right now,” Feinberg remembers thinking. “Because what we’re working on right now is more meaningful in our lives, I think, and we can learn about this situation later this evening or something.”

“I remember you said, you were, like, ‘Get out of there! We’re not looking at this right now,'” laughs frontman David Shaw.

While “Kid” certainly isn’t about January 6, it does deal with the idea of holding on to what’s important in your life and not drowning in the negativity of the ever-noisy modern world — a sentiment reflected in the lyric “With all the chatter/ Where’s the truth?/ I find it hard to listen.”

“Honestly, that’s kinda another point to just bring it back to the tune,” Shaw says. “Maybe that’s one of the reasons that that line just popped out.” 

“Kid” is out now. It’ll appear on the upcoming The Revivalists album Pour It Out Into the Night, due out June 2.

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