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The Offspring “Rolls” to latest number-one single with new album title track

Credit: Daveed Benito

The Offspring‘s “Let the Bad Times Roll” has rolled all the way to the top of the Billboard charts.

The song, the lead single and title track off the SoCal punks’ new album, has hit number one on the Mainstream Rock Airplay ranking, making it the third Offspring tune to achieve that feat.

Reflecting on The Offspring’s continued radio success multiple decades into their career, guitarist Noodles tells ABC Audio that he and his band mates have never been too concerned with lighting up the charts.

“I mean, numbers are just numbers,” Noodles says. “But at the same time, when you make music, you hope it resonates with people. You hope it resonates with fans.”

“Unfortunately, that’s when you start putting numbers on things,” he continues. “But whenever you have something that connects with people, that’s something you should be proud of, I think.”

Noodles explains that The Offspring’s first priority is always to make a song that they themselves enjoy.

“When we’re in the studio making music, we don’t think about that, how do we attract listeners,” Noodles shares. “You want to just make a song that you feel strongly about [and] expresses your feelings at the time…Once it’s done, then you hope people will like it and connect with it.”

“That’s still important for us to feel like we’re making music that is relevant and that does reach an audience and connects with them,” he adds. “I guess that’s something we’re still hoping for.”

Let the Bad Times Roll the album was released in April. It’s the first new Offspring album in nine years.

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