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Stone Temple Pilots singer won’t use megaphone in live show


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New Stone Temple Pilots vocalist Jeff Gutt said in an interview with Detroit News that one of late STP singer Scott Weiland‘s signature stage props — a megaphone — will not find its way into Gutt’s act. Gutt explained that the megaphone was “sacred” with Weiland, adding, “There’s nothing preconceived, and I don’t go up there to do an impression of Scott. I try to feel the music as best I can, and if there’s little hints of Scott here or there, then I see that as a good thing.”

But Gutt admitted that a megaphone did play a role in his getting the job with STP, revealing that on the day he received a phone call that he got the gig, he ducked into a shared laundry room to take the call in private. As he was hearing the news, he glanced down at the floor and saw a megaphone sitting next to the washing machine. Gutt remarked, “I felt like that was Scott’s way of giving me a little nod.”

Gutt, a one-time X Factor contestant, said about landing the job, “I was incredibly proud and honored that they chose and trusted in me. I came in at the end of their search. It was a process of us becoming comfortable with each other and getting to know each other. It was just as much about relationships as what I can bring to the table. Things like that take time and are important.”

The now 41-year-old Gutt said that he was 16 years old when STP’s debut album, Core, came out.

STP’s self-titled seventh studio effort and first with Gutt came out last Friday (March 16th).

Gutt made his live debut with the band last November in Los Angeles. The band recently did its first round of dates in support of the new album and next plays on April 14th in Tucson, Arizona.

Story source: Detroit News

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