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Stone Temple Pilots release previously unheard track


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Stone Temple Pilots have released a previously unheard song called “Only Dying,” a track that the band recorded in demo form early in its career but never officially issued. The band had considered contributing the tune to the soundtrack for the 1994 film The Crow, but decided it would be in poor taste to include it after the film’s star, Brandon Lee, was accidentally shot dead on set during filming.

The tune was shelved for more than two decades before STP dusted it off for inclusion on the 25th anniversary edition of the bands debut album, Core, which will come out on September 29th. Bassist Robert DeLeo told Rolling Stone about the track, “That song was a little bit of a different direction for us. It was based more off jazz-type chordings. As a songwriter, I wanted to spark people into different directions.”

  • DeLeo added, “I remember Scott (Weiland, late vocalist) really wanted to redo the song . . . It’s a song where I don’t think we reached our full potential as songwriters quite yet. But honestly, it really is a beautiful song.”
  • The bassist not long ago said that STP never stuck to one formula when it came to creating new songs: “There’s no rules to writing music and that’s what I enjoy about it, you know. You’ve always got ideas stored away somewhere, you know. There’s those ideas and there’s also ones that hit you at the moment and you realize that this could be something that we could all dig into and bite into, and that’s really exciting when it’s one of those.”
  • Drummer Eric Kretz recalled, “We wrote it maybe nine months after Dean (DeLeo, guitar) joined the band . . . It’s cool to hear it now. You can hear all the STP elements in there.”
  • Instead of “Only Dying,” STP recorded “Big Empty” for The Crow soundtrack, with the latter song later becoming the first single from their sophomore effort Purple.
  • The Core reissue will be available in multiple formats, ranging from a two-CD version to a Super Deluxe package boasting a vinyl copy of the original album, a DVD and more. All editions will feature the remastered album, along with rare B-sides and other previously unreleased material.
  • The Super Deluxe Edition includes nine demos, with four dating between 1987 and 1990 when the band was known as Mighty Joe Young. One of those is “Only Dying.”
  • Scott Weiland died in December 2015, and his replacement from 2013 to 2015, Linkin Park‘s Chester Bennington, committed suicide in July. STP held open auditions last year for a vocalist and are rumored to have made a selection, but have to officially announce a new singer.


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