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Slipknot officially confirms identity of “Tortilla Man”

Katja Ogrin/Redferns

Slipknot‘s “Tortilla Man” has finally been unmasked.

The mystery percussionist, who joined the Knot in 2019 following the departure of longtime member Chris Fehn, has been officially identified as Michael Pfaff. Slipknot confirmed the news in an Instagram post announcing a Reddit AMA with Pfaff.

Pfaff had long been rumored to be person behind Tortilla Man — a nickname earned thanks to his mask’s golden hue — with fans pointing out that he previously played in M. Shawn “Clown” Crahan‘s Dirty Little Rabbits side project. That theory seemed to be proven true when a photo of Clown, drummer Jay Weinberg and someone who looked a lot like Pfaff were spotted at Slovenia’s Postojna Cave tourist attraction during Slipknot’s 2020 European tour.

Even with all the rumors, Slipknot never officially revealed Pfaff’s identity until today. When Kerrang! asked Clown about who Tortilla Man was during a 2019 interview, Clown responded, “The position you may or may not be talking about is nobody’s f***ing business.”

As for what caused Slipknot’s change of heart, we may never know. Perhaps not so coincidentally, the band’s Knotfest Roadshow tour kicks off tonight in Fargo, North Dakota.

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