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In a new article published online by MTV News, Paramore singer Hayley Williams addresses the longstanding rumor given new strength by accusations from exguitarist Josh Farro that the band was manufactured around Williams by her management and label. Williams says, “We’re not a manufactured band. We’ve dealt with that rumor for a long time . . . That’s the kind of music that I love, and that’s the kind of music we’ve all shared interest in since day one, and we wanted to be that kind of band, we wanted to be those kind of people that worked for whatever they were going to get. We didn’t know it would turn into this.”

Williams also addresses Farro’s claim that she was the only band member signed to the record label, with the rest of the group’s members treated as little more than hired help.

Williams doesn’t deny Farro’s comment about the contract, but says, “We are a band, and, to me, it doesn’t matter if there’s a name on a contract. I hate business, it’s the last thing I ever want to talk about. So when that was brought up in the blog, I just felt like, ‘Man, fans shouldn’t care or need to hear about this stuff,’ because all that does is get in the way of music.”

Williams told us a while back that she was never interested in being the center of attention in a band: “Growing up I always wanted to be in a band, but I never thought about being a lead singer. I was like, ‘Oh, I’ll do something like play the drums so I can be behind everyone.’ ‘Cause I don’t care about the attention and it’s a little bit overwhelming at times.”

Farro and his brother Zac, the band’s former drummer, both exited Paramore at the end of last month, six years after starting the group. The remaining three members vow to carry on.

MTV News‘ entire interview with Paramore will be featured on Paramore: The Last Word, a live stream that will launch on on Friday (January 7th) at 4:00 p.m. ET.

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