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Shinedown offers new album update: "We never rush the creative process"

Credit: Sanjay Parikh

Shinedown has shared an update on the status of the band’s next album.

In an Instagram post, frontman Brent Smith writes that he and his band mates are “primarily focusing on writing at this point.”

“We never rush the creative process, especially when it comes to writing the songs as they are constantly being revised,” Smith explains. “Lyrics will change, melodies can change until we are fundamentally all in the right place with one another, before the actual recording of the album begins.”

Smith adds that Shinedown began writing for the record in June 2020, and they are “currently still in that process.”

“We never want to make the same album twice,” Smith says. “It’s not in our nature, and quite frankly it’s not who we are.”

“Certain artist have a very specific style that works for them, and they will focus primarily on that style, and we say more power to them, and if it ain’t broke don’t fix it,” he continues. “That being said we as a band must constantly embark on the next level.”

The new Shinedown record will be the follow-up to 2018’s ATTENTION ATTENTION, which includes the singles “DEVIL,” “GET UP” and “MONSTERS.”

By Josh Johnson
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