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Scott Stapp tackles near-death experience with new solo single, “Higher Power”

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Scott Stapp‘s new solo single, “Higher Power,” finds the Creed frontman revisiting his 2006 near-death experience.

As Stapp tells ABC Audio, what he went through that day has been “touched on in a lot of songs over the years,” but it was longtime collaborator and co-writer Scott Stevens who had the idea to finally dedicate a song to it.

“He’s a brilliant artist,” Stapp says of Stevens. “Our relationship and our friendship and our conversations, he really took in, he really listened. And so when we got together, he had the idea and we ran with it.”

While obviously a very personal song, Stapp feels that “Higher Power” carries a universal message.

“We’re all faced with challenging times, with struggles, with adversity, with loss, with betrayal, with hurt, with pain, with self-inflicted pain,” Stapp says. “Guilt, shame, all kinds of things that we face as human beings. And this song is really speaking to those struggles, speaking to the adversities in life.”

Of course, Stapp used a similar song title before, with the Creed hit “Higher.” So does he feel that the two tracks are connected in any way?

“It does in a sense that it’s searching for something greater than yourself,” Stapp says. “For me, that’s my quest and my search for Christ and search for God and making that a reality in my life and making that something that I live every day.”

“And, man, I fall short all the time,” he adds. “But it’s a goal.”

“Higher Power” is out now. Stapp is also working on a new solo album, the follow-up to 2019’s The Space Between the Shadows.

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