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Rumor: Pearl Jam playing Fenway Park this summer


Photo by Kevin Mazur/WireImage for Rock and Roll Hall of Fame | Getty Images

With European and South American tours confirmed, it’s rumored that Pearl Jam may hit the road in North America next summer as well. According to Alternative Nation, a user posted in a forum at the official website for Pearl Jam’s Ten Club that a “friend” on the ground crew for the Boston Red Sox passed along that Pearl Jam had asked Fenway Park for a hold on three nights next summer.

Pearl Jam last played at Fenway Park on August 5th and 7th in 2016. The group took most of 2017 off, getting together only to perform at their induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame last April. A documentary chronicling their two-night August 2016 stand at Chicago’s Wrigley Field, titled Let’s Play Two, came out in September.

  • Pearl Jam changes its set list for each show, which works especially well for multiple night stands. Bassist Jeff Ament had said a while back that it also keeps things fresh for the band: “Probably 30 of the songs, or 20 of the songs that we end up playing, like, maybe we got to rehearse them once or, maybe we were, like, backstage right before the show, like, ‘OK, what’s the bridge to that song?’ Like, that just makes it more exciting, you know? You’re out there going, like, ‘OK (chuckles), that song we haven’t played in three years is coming up,’ you know, and everybody’s kind of excited and on the edge a little bit.”
  • There has also been speculation that Pearl Jam will record a new studio LP in early 2018, the band’s first since 2013’s Lightning Bolt.
  • Last month, a new Pearl Jam song called “Obey The Law Of The Heart” appeared on the soundtrack of an upcoming film called Basmati Blues, starring Brie Larson.


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