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Royal Blood wanted to break from the "rules of our genre" with first-ever remix

Credit: Dean Martindale

It seems safe to say that Royal Blood‘s New Year’s resolution for 2021 is to continue to try new things.

In 2020, the U.K. rock duo released their first-ever remix when they teamed up with with DJ and producer Purple Disco Machine to put a new spin on their dance-inspired single, “Trouble’s Coming.”

As for why they wanted to put out a remix, frontman Mike Kerr tells ABC Audio, “I think it was about doing things we’ve never done before, and not feeling confined to the rules of our genre.”

“It’s a liberating experience to hand your song over to someone else, and be, like, ‘Do what the f*** you want with it,'” he says. “Because it’s not yours anymore, it’s theirs.”

Kerr adds that you shouldn’t be surprised if even more Royal Blood remixes arrive in the future.

“I like the idea that the same idea can be reinterpreted in a completely different way,” Kerr explains. “I hope that there’s more remixes of the same song that all sound completely different. I like the idea of it being reimagined.”

Putting a philosophical spin on a the concept of a remix, Kerr muses that “every final recording of any idea is a failed attempt.”

“The idea was far more perfect and beautiful until you f***ing documented it,” he says. “So I think the more versions of it, the kind of clearer the image is.” 

“Trouble’s Coming” is the lead single off the upcoming third Royal Blood album, due out in the spring.

By Josh Johnson
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