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Rockers share their Thanksgiving food hot takes & what they’re thankful for


Gavin Rossdale may be British, but he thinks Thanksgiving is amazing.

Speaking with ABC Audio, the Bush frontman shares he’s looking forward to turkey day because “you have all the fun and friends coming ’round, I have my boys, 14 people for dinner, and no pressure of any gifts, so that’s cool.”

As an Englishman, Rossdale’s Thanksgivings include Yorkshire puddings and an English roast. He’s also adopted a few American food traditions, even if they confuse him.

“I gotta do the weird candied yams for the Americans,” Rossdale says. “I don’t get it! … I don’t like it, I don’t get it. Sweet potato with marshmallows and sugar on top — wow.”

The members of Imagine Dragons are also looking forward to spending time with their families this Thanksgiving, including frontman Dan Reynolds, who shares that he’s thankful for his kids. Guitarist Wayne Sermon‘s adds that he’s thankful for his “bros” in the band.

“A lot of things have changed over the years, but we’ve stayed close,” Sermon notes. “Bros remain bros,” agrees Reynolds.

Meanwhile, 2022 breakout star GAYLE is thankful for the fans that made her single “abcdefu” such a hit.

“I wouldn’t be here if people didn’t add the song to their playlist,” GAYLE says. “I wouldn’t be here if they didn’t watch the music video.

“Human beings got me to where I am today,” she adds. “I did not do this by myself. It’d be literally impossible to do it by myself. So that’s what I’m the most thankful for.”

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