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Rock Quick Hits: Pearl Jam, Marilyn Manson, Evanescence, Fall Out Boy


Photo by Justin K. Aller | Getty Images

  • Pearl Jam‘s Eddie Vedder joined a pair of street musicians for an impromptu jam outside Chicago’s Wrigley Field following the Cubs’ Friday night (September 15th) game. Vedder came upon the buskers while exiting the game and borrowed the guitarist’s axe to perform instrumental versions of Pearl Jam’s “Corduroy” and the Who‘s “The Seeker.” Vedder returned to sit behind the drumkit for the duo as well. The Pearl Jam concert film shot at the famous ball field, Let’s Play Two, comes out later this month. (Rolling Stone)

CHECK IT OUT: Watch Eddie Vedder busking outside of Wrigley Field

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  • Marilyn Manson has released the definitely Not Safe For Work (NSFW) video for his new song, “We Know Where You F**king Live.” The gruesome, disturbing clip features Manson accompanied by gun-wielding nuns as they rampage through suburbia, torch a van and break into the home of an unsuspecting family to torment them. The song is taken from Manson’s new album, Heaven Upside Down, which will be released on October 6th. (Exclaim!)

WATCH: Marilyn Manson’s new, very NSFW video (WARNING: language and imagery is not safe for work and may be offensive)

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  • Evanescence has released a new single called “Imperfection,” one of two new tracks featured on the band’s upcoming album Synthesis, due out November 10th. The tune features full orchestration by arranger and composer David Campbell, who also helped the band create electronic/orchestral versions of many of its most popular songs for the album. Evanescence will head out on tour with a full orchestra behind them to support the LP, starting on October 14th in Las Vegas. (Blabbermouth)

LISTEN:​ Check out Evanescene’s new song 

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  • Fall Out Boy has announced the launch of the Fall Out Boy Fund, a charitable effort aimed as way to “give back to Chicago.” The band tweeted that it is kicking things off for the fund by “donating and teaming up with Back To The Roots to provide 20,000 elementary school kids in the Chicago area with food education.” In addition, the band will utilize its upcoming Mania Tour to “honor local champions” in each city as a “Champion Of The Mania Tour,” described as kind, generous, brave people who are helping change the world for the better.” (Alternative Press)

CHECK IT OUT: Nominate someone in your city to be a Champion of Fall Out Boy’s tour here

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