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Rock Quick Hits: AWOLNation, Foster the People, My Chemical Romance


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  • AWOLNation has released a video for the song “Passion” that focuses on disabled skater Og De Souza as he leaves his home, gets about and travels via skateboard. After taking a bus to the beach in Recife, Brazil, De Souza heads to the skatepark to enjoy skateboarding with his fellow skaters. AWOLNation frontman Aaron Bruno said, “Og has a such an amazing passion for life, positivity and, of course, skating. It’s an inspiration to me and what he does is a great example of how to overcome obstacles in life through your passion.” “Passion” is the lead single off the band’s new album, Here Come the Runts, due out February 2nd. (Loudwire)

CHECK IT OUT: Watch the video for AWOLNation’s “Passion”

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  • Foster The People has released the music video for the song “Sit Next To Me.” The clip features 100 posts from Instagram influencers and celebrities and also includes submissions from Foster The People fans all over the world. Director Fourclops said, “It was fun to play with the premise of a music video that hijacks your social feed . . . We asked ourselves, what would it look like if all of the accounts within Instagram become transformed by a song?” The track is from the band’s third studio album, Sacred Hearts Club, which came out in July.

WATCH: Check out the video for Foster The People’s “Sit Next To Me”

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  • Casting is underway for Netflix’s live-action adaptation of former My Chemical Romance frontman Gerard Way‘s comic book The Umbrella AcademyEllen Page has been cast in the role of Vanya, the only member of the dysfunctional family of superheroes who doesn’t have supernatural powers. Way will be a co-executive producer on the project, which will debut later in 2018. (Loudwire)

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