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Rivers Cuomo wonders if Weezer’s released “too much” music

2023 Innings Festival
Tim Mosenfelder/WireImage

The world certainly hasn’t been hurting for new Weezer music lately. Rivers Cuomo and company put out four EPs last year as part of their SZNZ project, which followed their two 2021 albums, OK Human and Van Weezer. If you’ve ever thought that Weezer may be putting out too much music, well, you and Cuomo have wondered the same thing.

During an interview with Flea on the Red Hot Chili Peppers bassist’s This Little Light podcast, Cuomo muses, “I think if I were to go back and plan out an ideal artist’s career, I don’t know, maybe there’s too much quantity.”

“Maybe the whole thing would’ve been more impactful if you could go back in time and just release the very best stuff … cherry-pick and release it in a very strategic way,” Cuomo continues. “But hindsight’s 20/20. Hopefully future generations will sort it all out and they’ll focus on the best stuff.”

Even still, Cuomo’s been forging ahead with new Weezer music — in April, he shared a tweet asking for help in writing a musical to form the band’s next album.

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