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Rise Against releasing collection of ‘stripped down’ versions of songs


Photo by RiseAgainstVEVO via YouTube

Rise Against has announced the upcoming release of Ghost Note Symphonies, Vol. 1, a collection of reimagined versions of their songs in more stripped-back arrangements. The band has just shared a video for the first single from the set, a new version of “House On Fire” that places more emphasis on acoustic guitars and also features drummer Brandon Barnes playing his kit with brushes.

The Chicago-based act said in a statement, “You’ll find the songs stripped down, with alternate instrumentation, unique orchestration and a surprise or two.” The album is set to drop on July 27th.

Rise Against frontman, Tim McIlrath told us a while back that despite Rise Against’s success, the band’s mission has not changed from its early years: “The bands that I grew up listening to and watching, they would always take the stage with more in mind that just selling records and selling T-shirts. What we do today is just an extension of that. It’s really just giving back to the scene that gave so much to us, you know, and trying to carry on that torch to the next generation of punk rock so they can see and understand what this music is, and what our responsibilities and our obligations are.”

Rise Against has been touring in support of its eighth studio album, Wolves, which came out in June 2017. The set featured the Top 10 rock singles “The Violence” and “House On Fire.”

The outfit will spend the month of June in Europe, before returning for a summer North American trek with AFI that kicks off in late July.

Story source: Loudwire

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