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Reunited The Mars Volta announces another new song, “Graveyard Love”

Clouds Hill

The Mars Volta reunion marches on with another new song dropping this week.

The track, titled “Graveyard Love,” is set to premiere this Friday, July 8. It’s available to presave now.

In a statement about the inspiration of “Graveyard Love,” vocalist Cedric Bixler-Zavala says, “They will seek your ruin, and burn your lands, because if they can’t have you, no one can.”

“Graveyard Love” follows June’s “Blacklight Shine,” which officially ended The Mars Volta’s decade-long hiatus. Like “Blacklight Shine,” “Graveyard Love” will be accompanied by a short film.

In teasing their reunion, The Mars Volta directed fans through a mysterious art installation of a giant cube in Los Angeles’ Grand Park. They’ve since shared a digital version of the installation, which you can check out via

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