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Rage Against the Machine won a Grammy with Tom Morello playing a guitar costing “40 Canadian dollars”

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As Tom Morello proves, it’s not the make of the guitar that matters, but the make of the player.

In an Instagram post this week celebrating the recent 25th anniversary of Rage Against the Machine‘s Evil Empire, Morello revealed that the guitar he played on the song “Tire Me,” which won the band their first Grammy, cost only “40 Canadian dollars.”

“The guitar, which I’m not even sure is made out of wood (plywood?) cost 40 Canadian dollars at a Toronto pawn shop and the amp is a 20 watt solid state practice amp I had in my apartment,” Morello wrote alongside a photo of the Grammy-winning axe.

Given the current exchange rate, you only need about $32 USD and some attitude for you yourself to rage against the machine.

Evil Empire, Rage’s second album, was released April 16, 1996. It also spawned the classic single “Bulls on Parade.”


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