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Rage Against The Machine drummer would love to see band reunite

Photo by Scott Dudelson/WireImage/Getty Images

Rage Against The Machine drummer Brad Wilk told the Let There Be Talk podcast that he would love to see the band get back together again after last performing in 2011. Wilk explained, “Nothing would make me happier than to be able to f**k s**t up right now with Rage Against The Machine,” adding, “It’s just really a matter of getting us all on the same page.”

Rage originally split in 2000, before reuniting in 2007 and performing a string of shows through 2011. The band has not issued any new music in 18 years. Regarding a reunion, Wilk said, “If that will happen again or not, I have no idea, but I know at least the four of us are amicable and can talk to each other, and actually even go hang out on occasion, so I think more we just want to be friends first more than anything.”

Asked why the band hasn’t reunited since 2011, Wilk responded, “It’s always been something different. It’s always been somebody different. It’s always something.”

He continued, “I feel like a politician right now because I’m kind of skipping specifics, but that’s just kind of the best way I can answer it.”

Rage Against The Machine’s last show to date was at the Los Angeles Coliseum in the summer of 2011. Wilk told us a while back that he had accepted the possibility that Rage may never play together again: “Well, as far as I know, we played our last show in 2011 at the Coliseum, and if that was our last show, that’s a good way to go out. I sort of had to put it in my head that that band is over in order for me to just move on with my life, to be honest with you, so that’s kind of where that lies. The Coliseum — awesome way to go out.”

Of course, Wilk, Rage guitarist Tom Morello and bassist Tim Commerford have continued playing together since Rage first split in 2000 — first in Audioslave, then in Rage again and more recently in Prophets Of Rage.

As for Rage frontman Zack de la Rocha, Wilk said the singer is “working on music constantly,” yet he has released very little new music since 2000.

Story source: NME