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Radiohead’s manager defended on U.K. web site Gigwise the decision to stop a planned remix version of the band’s new In Rainbows album from going forward. DJ and producer Amplive announced that his remix of the record, titled Rainydayz Remixes, would be released for free in January. But Radiohead’s publishing company, Warner/Chappell Music, sent Amplive a “cease and desist” notice that halted the project.

Manager Bryce Edge explained, “A main problem was that he (Amplive) did a cut and paste of a photo of Thom (Yorke, Radiohead singer) and put it on his website which inferred he was involved in the project…he was suggesting that the band were involved and that’s why the publishers decided to take this action. Amplive had never even come to the band telling them about his idea, which would have been nice. I know he had good intentions, but I just think he’s misled people.”

Edge added that Amplive should post a statement on his web site indicating that Radiohead is not involved with the project.

Amplive agreed to suspend the project after receiving the publisher’s letter, admitting that the remixes he had already posted online were technically illegal. He said in a statement, “I really feel if Radiohead’s team was able to hear these…remixed songs, they would feel differently.”

Meanwhile, according to, the latest digital version of In Rainbows is the Number Two best-seller at the iTunes store, despite costing $9.99 and being copy-protected. Fans could have downloaded a protection-free version of the album for whatever amount they wanted to pay just two months ago from the band itself.