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Queens of the Stone Age tracks accidentally pressed on to different LP

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Three previously unheard Queens Of The Stone Age songs were accidentally included on advance vinyl pressings of an album called Reservoir by Australian electro-folk singer Gordi, according to Exclaim. The mistake was due to a manufacturing defect and was limited to Australia. The Queens songs were supposed to be contained on a vinyl edition of the band’s new album Villains.

Chris Swanson, co-founder of the vinyl subscription club Secretly Society, explained to Pitchfork, “This is a pressing defect that we’re working diligently to resolve as quickly as possible. It’s not the first time this sort of thing has happened, but we’re all hoping it’s the last.”

  • The Queens tracks that showed up on Gordi’s album were “Fortress,” “Haunted House” and “Un-Reborn.” There is no word on whether the defect was limited to Gordi LPs pressed just for the subscription club or copies pressed for general release.
  • With the company ceasing to manufacture the LPs to fix the mistake, it won’t be unusual to see copies of the defective pressing going for good money on the collector’s circuit.
  • Villains is the seventh studio album from the Queens and is due out this Friday (August 25th). It features the Top 15 rock radio track “The Way You Used To Do,” for which the band has just issued a video.
  • Frontman Josh Homme told us a while back that once an album is finished, he can’t wait to get out there and tour it. Homme has said he can’t wait to get back on the road again: “I think any time you have a bunch of new songs, you’re leaning on a gate waiting for someone to open it, you know. And so I’m just gonna lean on the gate until they open that sucker, and then I’m gonna do everything I have to do.”
  • Queens Of The Stone Age begin a lengthy North American tour with Royal Blood on September 6th in Port Chester, New York, wrapping up on October 24th in New York City.


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