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QotSA’s Michael Shuman reflects on working with Mark Ronson on ‘Villains’ album

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As the wait for new Queens of the Stone Age music continues, we’ll see if the “No One Knows” outfit picks another unexpected producer this time around.

The group’s last album, 2017’s Villains, was produced by Mark Ronson, who’s known for his work with artists including Bruno Mars, Lady Gaga and Amy Winehouse. If you ask bassist Michael Shuman, you can thank him for recruiting such a surprising collaborator.

“I think the argument’s still in play, but I’m pretty sure it was my idea to bring [Ronson] in to do something different for us,” Shuman tells ABC Audio.

As different as Ronson’s style may seem to be from QotSA’s, Shuman felt that the producer’s approach to working with the band helped bridge that sonic gap.

“‘I want you guys to make the record that feels like my favorite Queens record,'” Shuman recalls Ronson telling him. “I thought that was a great way to come in. He didn’t try and change us or make us do things that are out of our comfort zone too much, he just wanted to make sure that we were making the best Queens of the Stone Age record, and I thought that was a brilliant way to produce.”

While new music remains unannounced, Queens seems to be ramping up again, having announced festival sets for this year.

“There’s stuff coming,” Shuman teases. “We’ve started to announce a bunch of festivals for the summer, so if that’s any indication — without saying too much — that things are coming.”

Shuman, meanwhile, recently released a new EP, My Demons, with his solo project, GLU.

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