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TIGERCUB on PERFUME OF DECAY, getting trolled by CHICAGO fans & big sound from a 3-piece band!

The Point’s Donny Fandango sits down with TIGERCUB backstage at #Pointfest on May 27th, 2023. The guys from Tigercub discuss their new album ‘The Perfume Of Decay,’ what it takes to make the most out of a 3-piece band, touring with Dinosaur Pile-Up, how they connected with Stone Gossard and Loose Groove Records, getting trolled by their Chicago fans, and much more! Thanks to Jamie Stephen Hall, James Allix, and Jimi Wheelwright from @tigercubtigercub for putting on a great show and spending some time with us backstage at Pointfest! #Tigercub #PerfumeOfDecay