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BAD OMENS: Noah Sebastian on creating “The Death Of Peace Of Mind” without instruments & more!

Noah Sebastian from BAD OMENS stopped by to chat with The Point’s Liv Maddix backstage at POINTFEST on May 27, 2023. Noah shares some background on how “The Death Of Peace Of Mind” started as an instrumental track recorded with no actual instruments, how “Just Pretend” started as sort of a joke to fit a certain “song” formula, and how almost every song on the album has an interesting backstory. Liv asks Noah about throwing out signed Uncrustables and marshmallows to the crowd. Liv brings out her coworker, Rian, who is a HUGE Bad Omens fan to ask Noah a couple of questions from a fan perspective. Thanks to Noah from @badomens666 for putting on a great show for #StLouis! #STL #Pointfest