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Paramore issues statement in support of LGBTQ+ community following Colorado Springs shooting

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Taylor Hill/Getty Images for Boston Calling

Paramore has shared a statement supporting the LGBTQ+ community following the mass shooting at the Club Q nightclub in Colorado Springs last Saturday, which killed at least five people and injured many others.

The post begins with Hayley Williams and company taking issue with “when someone says to not politicize moments like the Club Q shooting in Colorado Springs,” declaring, “The hatred and the prejudice against any marginalized group is historically political.” 

“Anti-LGBTQ+ rhetoric is hatred, be it policy or a locker room conversation,” Paramore writes. “Politicians and other powerful people have a choice. Just like walking into a nightclub full of human beings and taking their lives was a choice in favor of hatred.”

“If you spew hate and it echoes, expect an infinite amount of potential outcomes,” the band continues. “Including people coming to the conclusion that maybe it’s time to start holding people accountable for the way they use their power to divide and normalize hatred. “

The statement concludes with Paramore writing that their “hearts go out to the entire community in Colorado Springs,” along with the “LGBTQ+ community and the families and friends who lost precious people who are more than just a statistic or a headline.”

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