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Oasis feud gets nastier as Liam drags Noel’s wife into it


Photo by Sergione Infuso/Corbis via Getty Images

**Please note the following story contains language that could be considered offensive.**

The feud between estranged brothers and former Oasis members Noel and Liam Gallagher has taken a decidedly ugly turn, with Liam dragging Noel’s wife, publicist Sara MacDonald, into the fray. It started last week when Liam lashed out at MacDonald in comments to the Guardian, saying, “I don’t give a f**k if his missus gets a bit of s**t on Twitter, or his f**king kid — welcome to my f**king world. I was getting s**t when you threw me under the bus and split the band up. My kids get s**t, too. Get off Twitter if you can’t f**king handle it.”

MacDonald responded on Instagram, calling Liam a “deplorable wanker” and chastising him for calling his “gorgeous niece” Anaïs Gallagher “(Noel’s) fucking kid.” She added, “Please god (you) have dropped dead by the time my kids are on social media.”

Now Liam has counter-attacked on Twitter, blaming MacDonald for the break-up of Oasis and accusing her of blocking a reunion. He also called her a “witch” and compared her to the devil.

Liam wrote, “Think it’s time to address the witch you want me to drop dead you have a screw loose and know the world knows.”

He continued, “She’s the reason Oasis is no longer have to put it out there she’s DARK,” adding, “We were about to go on tour to USA she robbed noels passport f**ked with his head for a Wk he come crying at my door she’s proper dark.”

Seemingly comparing MacDonald to Satan, Liam then wrote, “My mams got your number darling it’s not hard to forget 666.”

The Gallagher brothers have not been on speaking terms since August 2009, when a backstage altercation between the siblings led to Noel leaving Oasis and effectively ending the band’s career.

Since then Noel has recorded and toured with his own band, High Flying Birds, while Liam initially formed a group called Beady Eye with other former members of Oasis. He recently released his first solo album, As You Were, to critical and fan acclaim.

Story source: Exclaim