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Muse prepping new single for early 2018 release


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Muse frontman Matt Bellamy has revealed that the British trio has nearly finished a new track called “Thought Contagion,” which he expects to surface within the next two months. The song will follow up last May’s “Dig Down,” with Bellamy adding that the band is considering a full LP release in late 2018 or early 2019.

Bellamy explained, “I think next year we’ll do like two or three more songs like this, and then the album might be like later next year or early ’19, something like that.”

  • Bellamy described “Thought Contagion” as “a great track — rocking, heavy.”
  • He explained a while back that it’s always difficult to describe what the band’s new music sounds like: “It really is difficult to answer, for us, I think, because there’s so many varied, extremely different types of influences that creep in there and I think that’s always been there on all the albums. And it sounds, I suppose, a little over the top to say what the different influences are, ’cause they’re so random.”
  • Muse’s last album was 2015’s Drones. The band does not have any North American dates on its current schedule until next May.


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