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Muse issues new single from upcoming album


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Muse released a new single on Thursday (February 15th) called “Thought Contagion.” The track follows “Dig Down,” which was released last year. Frontman Matt Bellamy said, “The meaning of the song ‘Thought Contagion’ is about how other people’s thoughts, ideas and beliefs can sometimes infect your mind, get into your head and change the way you think yourself.” The song was accompanied by a music video described as an “’80s infectious neon love story.”

Bassist Chris Wolstenholme had said a while back that Muse continually likes to challenge itself musically: “I think every band on the planet has their comfort zone and a lot of people prefer to stay in that, but I think we’re one of the bands that actually like going outside of it. You know, there’s nothing more pleasing than making a piece of music that is really, really challenging, and almost something that you feel like you couldn’t have done, you know. ‘Cause when you’ve actually achieved that, it’s like, wow, you know, it’s almost like learning to play instruments again for the first time.”

  • Bellamy told Rolling Stone on Thursday that the British trio is “halfway through” the recording of its eighth album, and is releasing songs as they are completed. He explained, “For us, it’s really refreshing to just work on one song at a time and take each song to completion. We’re doing the writing, recording and mixing process and even the video in this occasion before moving onto the next song.”
  • The band intends to issue two more singles in the coming months, with the full album arriving either in the fall or early 2019.
  • Muse will take a break from the studio to headline a few North American festivals this spring and summer. They’re slated to headline BonnarooBottleRock Napa Valley, Carolina Rebellion, and Mexico’s Pal’Norte Music Festival.

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