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Muse assembling box set of early, rare recordings


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Muse has revealed that the band is in the process of assembling a vinyl box set titled Origin Of Muse that will collect early material including unreleased songs and demos, as well as photos and videos. The package will cover the era from the trio’s formation through its first two albums, 1999’s Showbiz and 2001’s Origin Of Symmetry.

Speaking on Beats One, the band members admitted that the set was “still in progress,” with drummer Dominic Howard saying, “There’s some really early versions of some of the Showbiz tracks and a really early version of ‘Plug In Baby’ which is actually quite an old song and it didn’t make the first album.”

  • Howard added, “There was some really old live recordings that we found as well from the early days. We’re still just debating whether they’re actually listenable or not! I think it will happen eventually . . . it’s a big old wormhole of old footage and music and cuttings and ridiculous pictures of us at school and stuff.”
  • Muse officially began in 1997 in Teignmouth, England, and Howard explained a while back that the three band members have always had a strong bond: “We’ve known each other for so many years, you know, so we’ve grown up together. We’ve seen lots of different changes in each other and seen lots of different, you know, physical, personality changes — this whole thing about growing up, you know. But we’ve always stuck together, which is quite unique, really, because not too many people have friends from when they were, like, 10.”
  • Frontman Matt Bellamy explained that there were unreleased songs from later albums in the vault as well, saying, “There’s a track called ‘Soaked’ we did that was going to be on the (2004) Absolution album but it felt like an Elton John tune . . . Everyone sort of agreed that even though it was a good song it wasn’t really right for Muse. We recorded it. That’s buried somewhere.”
  • Muse released a new single and video on February 15th called “Thought Contagion.” The track follows “Dig Down,” which was released last year. The band intends to issue two more singles in the coming months, with the full album arriving either in the fall or early 2019.

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